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12 Best Premium WordPress Magazine Theme in 2021

Posted By Webnus on Blogging - The partial democratization of the internet has made it much easier to reach a vaster audience without having to invest in paperback printing. Most online magazines operate as a blogpost front to cover the latest events in their domain while selling subscriptions for the electronic version of the curated editorials that can only be found in the monthly issue. While we have covered some of the best premium WordPress themes in general previously, a magazine has more specific needs that are either addressed in specific themes or comprehensive ones.   What Is a Magazine Theme? A premium WordPress magazine theme is a theme designed to offer a solution to the old publishing structure via ad revenue and subscriptions. Aside from the financial aspect to keep your contributors and business model afloat the website needs to appear less cluttered and eye-catching to bring in extra traffic and new readers once you eventually get that viral piece that travels the cyberspace. Because of the sleek design and the focus it brings to the content, premium WordPress magazine themes are often popular with publishers and independent writers to use especially due to the monetization focus contrary to blog themes. Key features that you should be looking for in a magazine WordPress theme are SEO Optimization, exceptional editing options, GDPR Compliancy, Advertiser Friendly, Light and Dark mode, Fast Performance, Responsive on any device. Lastly, it is important that your WordPress magazine theme comes bundled with various popular plugins to ease customization and SEO. If you are deciding on a WordPress magazine theme then make sure to go over our recommended list of magazine themes.   How Do I Choose a Theme for My Website? Choosing the right theme to install on your website usually comes down to what team sparks a vision of your...

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