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10 Powerful Keys to Securing Your WordPress Website in 2022

Posted By Webnus on Blogging - All too often, WordPress website owners find their sites have been compromised. Given its popularity as a CMS, WordPress is the most targeted platform by hackers and as a result, it gets a bad name as being insecure. But this is not really the case. WordPress' open source nature means that anyone can use it, and the large majority of those using it are not well versed in basic cyber security practices. This is what creates an illusion that WordPress is somehow less secure than other website building options. Those individuals who utilize sound security practices rarely have issues with sites being hacked. So what makes a WordPress website secure?   Securing Your WordPress Website Here are 10 things to keep in mind when it comes to securing your WordPress website.   Use a Secure Host If you come away with nothing else from this post, at least pay attention to this one. Your WordPress website is only as secure as the server it lives on. Most WordPress websites are built on shared hosting, meaning your site lives on the same server as other customers' websites. Choose a hosting company that properly cages account permissions on their servers. Check this out: Best WordPress Hosting Services Compared It's not uncommon for one compromised website to infect others on the same server. If you choose a host where permissions are properly separated for each account, the risk of cross-site contamination is minimized. Contrary to popular opinion, VPS hosting is also susceptible to malware propagation. VMescape attacks, where malware utilizes vulnerabilities in virtualization platforms, can allow the malware to escape one VPS and move to another VPS that lives on the same physical hardware. Secure hosts will also have other mitigations in place. These include utilizing mod-security in their web server configuration, anti-malware...

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