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10 Best WordPress Comment Plugins (2021)

Posted By Webnus on Blogging - In this article, I am going to introduce 10 best WordPress comment plugins for up and running advanced commenting systems and overwrite WordPress' default comment form. As you definitely know, WordPress came with a simple commenting feature from the beginning and it might have some enhancements but it still lacks a lot of functional and important features. Each of the WordPress advanced commenting plugins offers a lot of extra abilities like spam checking, customizing comment form, easy-to-use login with your favorite social media platform account, filtering comments based on predefined sorting options and sharing images through comments. These features cause more interaction by getting people to share and discuss their ideas more and eventually it makes a community of your site. And after all, the more people stay and interact with your site, the more benefit you'll earn. I wrote the most comprehensive article on WordPress translation plugins for you, so feel free to read it too: 10 Best Translation Plugins for WordPress Best Commenting Plugins for WordPress Let's take a look at 10 of the best WordPress commenting systems and plugins out there: 1 Deeper Comments Deeper Comments has eye-catching design & looks and according to the developer team (Webnus) they have used the latest UI/UX's methods designing this product and that's why it's the first choice in our best WordPress comment plugins list. Talking about the functionality, Deeper Comments offers outstanding features like interactive comments, limitation on where to show the comment form, on-the-flow Ajax loading forms, comment sorting filters, custom avatars for comments authors, customizability, word blacklist for spam or inappropriate comments, social login and WYSIWYG live editor. The sorting filters comes in forms of “Newest, Oldest, Popular & Trending” and let users to find their desired content in comments faster than ever. There is also voting...

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