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10 Awesome Sustainable Garden Hacks and Tips

Posted By planetnatural on Home - AUTHOR: Amaka Chukwuma   Growing chemical-free vegetables, fruits, and herbs without using pesticides or other chemicals that are harmful to you and the environment can pose a challenge. There are garden hacks to help you give nature a high five and save you considerable costs. These gardening hacks will help you. 1. Put Old Bricks To Use You can use recycled bricks, stones, tiles, or even concrete blocks to create pathways through your garden. In addition, you may create fascinating patterns and mosaics by combining several geometric forms and color palettes. 2. Combine Your Plants (Companion Planting Method) During the expansion phase, plants can aid each other to thrive. If you plant two different kinds of vegetables next to each other, you might be able to trick or even scare away pests. Tomatoes and basil, useful in the kitchen and the yard, are a great example of a plant pair that benefits from being planted together. Tomato hornworm moths are repelled by basil because it confuses them with another plant, and basil also deters thrips, another insect issue. 3. Barrels For Water Collection Putting a few barrels in your yard to catch any rainfall will help you save a lot... Read more

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