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{ sarah + mitch } - racv resort torquay

Posted By lavanphotography 892 days ago on Photography - Melbourne Wedding Photography & Videography - Sarah & Mitch - RACV Torquay Resort

Photographer: Lavan PhotographyVideographer: Lavan PhotographyVenue: RACV Resort Torquay 

Married on the ever-elusive February 29th leap day in 2020 – one that only occurs every four years, in front of views over the Surf Coast, the wedding of Sarah and Mitch was filled with joy and laughter. The wedding was held at RACV Resort Torquay, one of the perfect venues in Melbourne that every wedding photographer could ever dream of. The newlyweds stood in front of their family and friends as they know they have found true love in each other. They chose to marry because they trust in their love, their friendship, and their commitment to one another.  They know they will be there for each other, to grow and learn from one another and bring out the best in each other.  This ceremony today gives formal recognition, to the commitment they have already made to each other. It is a celebration of their love and of the experience encompassed by that time.  The ceremony marks neither a beginning nor an end in their relationship but one step in their continuous process of change and growth. Best moments of the day Father-Daughter First Look That moment just melted our hearts. Sarah fought for tears even before her dad entered the room. And when he did, everyone cried. He was wowed by his little girl. “Oh god.” He kept shaking his head and could not believe how amazing Sarah looked in her designer dress. Walking Down the Aisle Mitch is a big and chilled man. It doesn’t look like an emotional person. However, as soon as Sarah showed up on the other side of the aisle, he took a long, deep breath. And his eyes were instantly red. He was truly blown him away with how beautiful she looked. When Sarah’s dad handed her to Mitch, they couldn’t even wait for the ceremony to finish and kissed straightway.  Reception Entrance The bridal introduction of the reception was nothing but stellar. Each bridesmaid and groomsman showed off some special funky dance moves and ignited the whole crowd. The newlyweds made a toss at the door before they walked to the cake which is also quite different. And then they poured a champagne tower which was a WOW factor for the night. All the guests squeezed to the front to get a chance to take gorgeous photos of that moment. Details of the day Sarah’s personalized denim jackets from Elle.C with a WIFEY at the back. Sum up of the day“We literally couldn’t of been happier & we could’ve caught 1 million flies being laughing all day long!”

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