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Dear Jake Tapper: What do you Know About Teachers' Feelings?

Posted By LaurelLit 87 days ago on Writing - Dear Jake Tapper,I feel betrayed. I tweeted but you didn’t respond. Rarely do I have time to watch your show, but I’d worked ahead on my lesson plans and grading, so I could finish early to make a birthday cake for my son. I had on "The Beat" while I was in the kitchen, and you did this segment about “Do Teachers Need to be Vaccinated for Schools to Safely Reopen?” Dr. Paul Offit was your guest, and you asked him if there was any reason why a “normal, he [...]

A Girl's Guide to Turning 50

Posted By LaurelLit 87 days ago on Writing - First, a disclaimer: I realize using the word “girl” in regards to turning 50 is both inaccurate and a bit diminishing. I am a woman and I should be proud of my wisdom, sophistication, and life experience. I am proud. However, using “girl” in regards to my 50th birthday slaps a bit of youthfulness onto the occasion, and if I can’t be young anymore, I can at least feel youthful.So, how do I celebrate turning 50? I’ll be honest; I’d really rather no [...]

Shonda Rhimes, Master Class, and Bridgerton

Posted By LaurelLit 82 days ago on Writing - For my birthday, I was given a subscription to Master Class, which is great, because I am the sort of person who reads course catalogs for fun.  When I first logged on to Master Class, I was asked to click on the courses I was interested in, and, well… if Master Class was a dating site, I’d be that gal who right swipes for anyone who has a pulse & doesn’t appear to be a serial killer.I was especially eager about the cooking courses and the writing courses. I&rs [...]

Homeric Hymns: Why You Should Read Them Now

Posted By booksnbackpacks 35 days ago on Literature - Do you love Greek mythology? Or does it at least intrigue you? Then you should definitely check out the Homeric Hymns. In this post, I’ll tell you all about the hymns and why you should read them now. Many people get most or all of their knowledge of Greek myths from children’s books, and that …
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The Rabbit and The Fox Book Store – Featured Product – Wooden Puzzle Mechanical Treasure Box

Posted By Sybrina 6 days ago on Writing - The Rabbit And The Fox Book Store - Featured Gift of the Day - Wooden Puzzle Mechanical Treasure Box