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Death Is Only Another Portal: Mortal Kombat (2021) - Reviewed

Posted By themoviesleuth 18 days ago on Entertainment -  Video games are notoriously hard to adapt to the screen. The type of story works in short bursts or as cut-scenes, or depending on how old the game is in a paragraph in an instruction manual, is hard to expand on. Conversely, story-heavy games often have 30-40 hours to use to flesh out characters and narrative and this has to be condensed onto a feature length film. Either way, filmmakers have their work cut out for them.Mortal Kombat is a franchise that started out as a campy and ultra-violent Western alternative to Japan's Street Fighter series, that over the course of eleven mainline games (and various spin-offs) has started to take itself comparatively more serious. For whatever reason, this newest adaptation for the most part ignores this evolution and plants the majority of th

Peace Is Nothing But A Result of War: Jordan Vogt-Roberts To Direct Live Action Gundam For Netflix

Posted By themoviesleuth 29 days ago on Entertainment -  It's Monday and you know what that means! A lot of interesting news is hitting the web. This afternoon, it's been announced that Jordan Vogt-Roberts will be helming the live action film adaptation of Gundam for the streaming monolith, Netflix. His last film for Legendary was 2017's Monsterverse hit Kong:Skull Island and now he'll move on to the futuristic universe of Mecha in a brand new movie that's being readied for production. Legendary and Netflix recently worked on Enola Holmes, Pacific Rim: Uprising and Spectral together before re-teaming for this new iteration of Gundam. While there are no story or plot details announced yet, the script is being written by Brian K. Vaughan. Initially announced way back in 2018, the film has been on the back burner for three years now. Gu

I'll Give You War You Won't Believe: Rambo Coming to Call Of Duty: Warzone

Posted By themoviesleuth 1 day 13 hours ago on Entertainment -  Every time we think Rambo has left the scene, he makes another dramatic entrance. After decades and five movies, Sylvester Stallone is actively pursuing a live action television prequel for the character he made an action legend. But now it looks like John Rambo will be making another video game appearance very soon. It's just been announced that the special forces screen icon will be coming to Call of Duty: Warzone. According to a tweet earlier today, it's been officially teased that a brand new Rambo skin is coming to the long running video game franchise. It includes a release date of May 20th. Fans of the character will definitely be interested in playing as their favorite character. And it will add a new and refreshing twist to the game. Personally, I can't wait to play as

Rock Docs: Mean Man - The Story of Chris Holmes (2021) - Reviewed

Posted By themoviesleuth 8 days ago on Entertainment - Most viewers/listeners will remember heavy-metal guitarist Chris Holmes from the second installment of Penelope Spheeris’ legendary music documentary series The Decline of Western Civilization.  Featuring a notorious episode with the former lead W.A.S.P. guitarist splayed out fully clothed on an inflatable chair before his mother in the swimming pool in a drunken stupor as he pours bottles of vodka down his throat.  The scene people remember over others in the film represents a moment cloaked in heavy metal rock music urban legend mystique with many calling bluff to an “act” while others say he really was downing booze like no tomorrow.  It spoke heavily to Chris Holmes’ own struggles with addiction and in a telling scene of Holmes rewatching the scene years later we s

Movie Review – Late Shift

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Late Shift movie review. A Choose-Your-Own-Adventure interactive movie that is great fun to “watch,” even if you’re unlikely to get the ending you want.
The post Movie Review – Late Shift appeared first on The Scribbling Geek.

Back from the Undead: George A. Romero's Wife Resuscitating Twilight Of The Dead

Posted By themoviesleuth 11 days ago on Entertainment -  Before his death, George A. Romero was working on another entry in his long line of zombie movies. His final chapter would have been called Twilight of the Dead. Today it's been announced that the director's wife has been secretly working on polishing his script for the unfilmed project and is now meeting with directors to complete her husband's life work as a master of the zombie genre. The Hollywood Reporter says that Suzanne Romero is actively seeking directors for the movie and is attempting to get the movie into production. Her husband passed in 2017 and left behind an amazing career of horror works. Before his death, Romero had developed a treatment with Paolo Zelati, who is now working on the screenplay with Joe Knetter and Robert L. Lucas to complete the draft. Rom

Games Are Fun: Basic Instinct 4K Restoration Coming To Theaters and Home Video This Summer

Posted By themoviesleuth 17 days ago on Entertainment -  After nearly 30 years, Basic Instinct will be reintroduced to theaters this coming summer as a brand new 4K restoration will be released. The film will be back in theaters and will also be getting a home video release in a brand new UHD package. StudioCanal is heading the remaster in partnership with the director himself, Paul Verhoeven. It will include a brand new 52 minute documentary on the making of the film as well as amazing new packaging. Upon its release, the film was criticized for its overt sexuality and eroticism. Now fans will get to experience the entire thing again when it sees a restoration from the original 35mm negative. It will be releasing theatrically in Australia, New Zealand and then the U.S. as it sees a tiered roll out in June. 14 years after the or

New Releases: Sharks of the Corn (2021) - Reviewed

Posted By themoviesleuth 28 days ago on Entertainment - Trash cinema is a blessed genre unto itself.  Tom Ritter's absolutely insane opus, Sharks of the Corn is a pinnacle of low budget horror.  It's impossible not to be reminded of Wes Craven's horror epic Shocker when viewing, the film is over two hours and weaves not so complex threads together to create a wonderfully putrid amalgam of sex, spies, cultists, corn, and sharks.  Featuring a plethora of hilarious kill scenes, basement level special effects, and an undeniable love for all things horror, this is a charming homage to the many reasons we love movies.  Sharks are manifesting in the corn fields of Druid Hills, killing man, woman, and child.  A police chief, a shady criminal, a journalist, and a serial killer converge on the fields in a race against

First Look Trailer for Werewolves Within from Ubisoft Studios and based on Ubisoft game

Posted By BlazingMinds 11 days ago on Entertainment - We have some brilliant news for fans of the UBISoft game Werewolves Within as we bring you the first look trailer for the upcoming movie of the same name which is based on the game along with some stills from the release. Werewolves Within is a whodunnit comedy horror directed by Josh Ruben (Scare Me) […]
The post First Look Trailer for Werewolves Within from Ubisoft Studios and based on Ubisoft game appeared first on Blazing Minds by Karen Woodham