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A Concise Guide of Money Management for Teenagers

Posted By WondermomWannab 171 days ago on Parenting - Learn how to teach your #teens the basics of personal finance so they're set up early for a lifetime of financial security and can avoid some of the critical mistakes many young adults make.

Tips for the Divorcing Parents: How to Tell Your Child You're Separating

Posted By harleenas 1910 days ago on Parenting - Are you divorced or separating from your partner? If you’re separating with kids involved, then you need to handle it with care. It may come as a shock to your kids and affect their lives. Therefore, as responsible divorcing parents, telling your kids about your separation has to be a process. Learn about how to tell your child you’re separating or getting divorced and help them deal with it using therapies.

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10 Essential Keys to Raising Happy Kids | Aha!NOW

Posted By harleenas 1680 days ago on Parenting - Do you have kids? You'll agree that raising happy kids is not an easy task. We all want true happiness and wish our kids to be truly happy too. But how do we raise happy kids, and why does it matter? Here are the reasons and tips for parents to successfully raise happy kids.

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Unique Anniversary Gift Ideas for Parents & Grandparents

Posted By harleenas 1637 days ago on Parenting - What could be the best anniversary gift ideas for parents or grandparents? It's a tricky question, isn't it? You should try to gift something that is enjoyable as well as memorable. It's advisable to choose a gift that has some emotional value attached to it. Here are such unique ideas for gifting your parents on their anniversary.

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5 Ways to Help Your Teen Transition Away From Home | Aha!NOW

Posted By harleenas 2163 days ago on Parenting - Are you a parent of a teenager and you want to prepare your teen to leave home? Even if not, do you remember your time as a teen? Ultimately, the bird has to fly out of the nest and every parent dreads that. The best you can do as a parent is use the ways suggested in this post to help your teens prepare for the eventuality of leaving home. Are you someone who left home in your teens? Do read this post and share your experiences and views!

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How to Raise Kids with a Husband Who's Always on the Move | Aha!NOW

Posted By harleenas 2037 days ago on Parenting - Are you a father who's mostly touring, or perhaps a mother whose husband has to be away from home for days and months? How do you cope with parenting and raising your kids? Though it's not easy, but if both parents team up, they can plan to raise happy kids and not let the distance have an adverse effect on them. Here are some wise tips of a parent from her real life experiences. Hope it helps you.

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Father’s day Special [Infographic] - When is Father's Day? International calendar

Posted By codemefy 1940 days ago on Parenting - When is Father's day? Find out here and save this handy infographic! Father's day is celebrated on different days across the world, it goes all throughout the year..