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Checkout Whats Growing Here in TN, Even in Winter? Gotu Kola, Comfrey, and Immortality Plants

Posted By KateFreer 427 days ago on Health - Gotu Kola growing under the glow light of a special grow bulb.It's definitely a cold Winter but we have some plants growing in the house and in our converted basement.  The cold frame plants have buds but are otherwise still sleeping for a few weeks. In the cold frame we have lilacs, azaleas, pines, and an assortment of different shrubs growing.Our House Is Full Of Tender Plants Hanging out where its warmer!Gotu Kola is growing really well in our back room. We will take these plants when it warms up and start growing them in kiddie pools for sale and for us. This is one of the tubs growing.  Gotu Kola loves being wet so it should love the huge amount of rain we get in Spring. It is one herb that is hard to over water. You just pick the leaves and brew a nice hot cup of tea to wa

Herbs and Supplements That Work Effectively for Stress and Anxiety of 2020

Posted By KateFreer 426 days ago on Health - 2020- this whole year can be summed up in two words...stress and anxiety.  With everything from Covid to deadly wild fires and floods, it is not a year anyone will want to repeat. Once you have done your best to lower your stress with diet, exercise and other lifestyle changes, there is more help.  This is one of two  or three more  blogs I am writing on this issue. Today the blog will address supplements and the next one herbs. The subject is too important to hit lightly.  So many blogs have so little real content and it doesn't really help people who are unfamiliar with the subject.All the supplements in this blog will be gentle, not addicting, and do work for most people.  It beats the alternatives in prescriptions which are either addicting or have n

7 Satisfying and Healthy Lunch Salad Ideas

Posted By Fit4Motherhood 339 days ago on Health - Last Updated on 2 days by Eva In this post, I am going to share with you a few healthy lunch salad ideas, that will keep you full and energized the whole afternoon. Does the thought of having a salad for lunch make you cringe? Too healthy? “That won’t satisfy
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Learn How Our Food is Unsafe and Compromised Before the Shutdown! Facts You May Not Know.

Posted By KateFreer 425 days ago on Health - This important article will demonstrate why I grow my own gotu kola above in the middle of winter in our back room rather than buy it unless I have no choice. Why we went organic certified. The reasons I am growing lettuce and baby greens in our basement right now. In the Spring I will plant a  garden once more. The government shutdown is still on and that is beginning to impact all of us in one way or another. One area that it is now impacting is the food we feed ourselves and our family. This impact only makes the food safety situation worse but.............................................. What you don't realize is your food wasn't safe before the current political shutdown situation.Nationwide, the FDA said that last year it rejected nearly 16,000 food-related shipments out of m

11 Major Signs You’ve Met The Right Person At The Wrong Time

Posted By jronc23 380 days ago on Body and Mind - Meeting the right person should feel like an epiphany. You definitely felt something like that when you and your new love first met. The chemistry between you is undeniable — the kind rom-coms are made of. You can’t deny the attraction or your growing interest.  But the more time you spend around this person (amazing ...
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Moringa Seedlings -Will they die if the cat eats the top off them?

Posted By KateFreer 432 days ago on Health -         Our kitty culprit who ate the tops off the Moringa Seedlings.      My plant corner in our new living room with a huge sunny window. They are up on the table to help keep them safe from the cats with a see through green netting surrounding them as well. The other stand has some small Moringa seedlings and two gotu kola plants as well.  When they get tall, the tubs will be ground level. Here below in the first picture are the seedlings started first, not damaged by our cat. The next pictures are the damaged seedlings the cat ate the tops off. If you don't protect them well enough, they will get eaten to the ground. Cats seem to love Moringa and it is good for them. Later on in Spring, I will grow them some pl

STOP the Christmas Stress and the Overeating Today

Posted By KateFreer 421 days ago on Health - Our Christmas Corner. My father made the manger stable himself. It is a precious gift to remember both my father who came from Germany and my childhood memories. Christmas is about the love of God and family not the amount of money we spend.  I am a grandmother and to me just getting a card that says how much my kids love me or phone calls is enough.  The hand made ornaments my two youngest grand-daughters gave me are so very precious. We are retired and on a strict budget so I am not going to feel bad because we can't afford to give them fancy and expensive presents.  I am not going to stress over what we cannot do.  So be honest with your budget and give your time, your visits, you shoulder to talk to or cry on.  Buy several small things for presents from t

Online Vision Boards: The Nine Best Vision Board Apps and Sites for 2021

Posted By jronc23 368 days ago on Body and Mind - No matter your goals, an online vision board may help you achieve them. Vision boards are powerful tools for helping people visualize their ambitions. They are collages of images and words designed to help make your goals seem more achievable. When you have a clear picture of what you hope to achieve, your mind starts ...
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