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A Rant - "in pursuit of a photo"

Posted By alanranger 1612 days ago on Photography - "Is it just me or ..?"Over the last few years, I have witnessed a sad and declining, respect forthe countryside/nature.  I know this post will probably only be read bythose who are already on my wavelength and share my sense of respect forthe "the countryside code" and appreciate the delicate balance betweenenjoying and destroying nature's wonderful spectre.  

{ josie + eric } - the stones of yarra valley

Posted By lavanphotography 467 days ago on Photography - YARRA VALLEY WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY - JOSIE & ERIC, STONES OF YARRA VALLEYWedding photography: Lavan PhotographyWedding Venue: Stones of the Yarra ValleyA simply perfect wedding at the amazing winery in the heart of yarra valley:

{ isabelle + glenn } - kerrie, macedon ranges

Posted By lavanphotography 462 days ago on Photography - Natural Wedding Photography at Kerrie Hall

Photographer: Lavan PhotographyVideographer: Lavan PhotographyThis beautiful couple is nature lovers. They love the countryside, forest, hiking, and camping in a tent.Their love story started 9 years ago. And today surrounded by their family and friends, they tied the knot at the rustic rural site in Kerrie.Venue: Kerrie Hall Inc

{ tori + tom } - the terrace botanical gardens

Posted By lavanphotography 461 days ago on Photography - MELBOURNE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY - THE TERRACE, ROYAL BOTANIC GARDENSWedding photography: Lavan PhotographyWedding videography: Lavan PhotographyWedding Venue: The Terrace - Royal Botanic Gardens.A beautiful Italian wedding held at The Terrace - Royal Botanic Gardens.WEDDING VIDEOWEDDING GALLERY