Top 10 Twitter Tips to Follow in 2022

Twitter is still a great platform for bloggers. If you are having a good following, people interact with your tweets, they reply or comment on your updates, it basically means that they will follow you back to your blog posts.

Out of the several popular and top tier social networks, for example, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, YouTube, Pinterest etc. Twitter is the best site to get a response from someone. If you tweet out to anyone, they will quickly get a notification and they will revert back to you. People like to be quoted, tweeted and they like followers. If you use twitter to your advantage, this network will help you to grow a strong following.

Here in this article, we are going to share some actionable twitter marketing tips that you can implement right away and get good results.

1. Follow people from your niche – The easiest way to grow a following on Twitter is still the same old and proven method of following and un-following people. One can easily follow about a thousand people on twitter daily and in a few days time when they don’t follow back, start to unfollow that lot and start following back some more. Keep repeating this process and you will see a good following growing up.

Some people have consistently followed this practice and now they have several thousand followers.

2. Make a tweeting schedule – Twitter is a busy platform and unless you are tweeting out 8 or more tweets a day, you won’t be able to reach your audience properly. However, tweeting more won’t help if your tweets aren’t spaced up properly. Use a twitter scheduling tool and start a posting queue. Schedule tweets in advance, for weeks if you have to and make sure to keep working on your queue so that it does not run dry.

3. Tweet out the good things – Twitter is best when you use it to send out notifications, that way others especially influencers can notice your presence in a good way. Search and tweet useful content, make sure to tag the site owners, authors and even people who are mentioned in the article. Make sure to include the post link, a relevant hashtag and if there’s no good image then create one from Canva. All this might take time and you might want to hire a social media VA just for this, but that’s a different story.

4. Do the Follow Friday – This is a very popular twitter trend and over the years it has gained a lot of recognition. Many people actively tweet out follow Friday tweets. All you need to do is to search for these tweets and then copy down the people mentioned on these tweets. Then just copy and paste. However, like anything else, this can be improved as well. Try to find influencers from your niche doing this kind of follow Friday tweets. Then when you copy down the mentioned names, they become a lot more targeted and valuable.

5. Do some engagement tweets – Ask questions to your following. Follow the 40-60 rule here and ask 40% general questions and 60% of the time, ask questions that are strictly on your niche. You need engagement so some of your questions has to be tough, but understand that you don’t want angry followers, so just keep things normal and happy.

6. Check the Trends – Social media is about following trends and giving your opinion on it. Keep an eye open on trends that are happening on your niche, they might be small compared to other ground breaking news but as long as they are relevant, they will bring more value. Always keep a neutral view on the trends and post naturally. Look for authority sites that are covering that trend, if possible create a relevant image if it isn’t present and then tweet it out.

7. Twitter Chats – Many sites, influencers and organizations hosts twitter chat. They are public chat and if you search for it, you might find a twitter chat on your niche. Check the date and time for the next twitter chat, they are mostly on schedule so it won’t be difficult to participate in the next one.

Taking part in twitter chat is easy, there will be questions on any relevant topic. Simply tweet out the answers and make sure to mention the hashtag and the usernames who are hosting the chat. Follow and mention the people who have taken part in the chat, that way you will make a good connection with the participants.

8. Always check mentions – We discussed earlier about sending out notifications by tweeting about them, but that is only one part of the thing. Some of your strongest and most active connections will tweet and mention about you in their tweets and it will reach you in the form of mentions and notifications. Make sure to check them several times a day so that when ever such an activity happens, you can quickly respond to it. Thank them and in return, tweet and like their content and make sure to follow them if you aren’t already.

9. Edit your profile – Some of the best Twitter profiles are those that have a good profile image, catchy header image, a short bio with a link and a hashtag and preferably some username mentions back to your company and other relevant handles. These details are the very first thing that a user sees when they land on your tweets, messages or profile. If you can keep this relevant, catchy and informative then you will get a lot of follows.

22 Top Twitter Tips For Beginners

10. Make your own hashtag – Your name, domain or your brand must have a hashtag of its own. If you don’t create it, someone else will create it and tag you from time to time. It is best that you use this hashtag yourself so that people can look up the good things while browsing such hashtags.

Twitter is an amazing social network and it continues to grow every day. Huge news and media publications, world leaders, influencers and plenty of your blog readers use Twitter everyday to catch up on trends and information. If you aren’t using Twitter yourself then you are missing out on a huge audience. Just like any other social media site, it won’t matter if you aren’t on it, other people will discuss about you and your brand even if you aren’t there to defend and answer. The only way to protect your brand is to make sure that you have a representative on Twitter who is able to respond to questions and direct angry customers in the right direction.

Top 6 Tips to Promote your Blog in 2022

Every blogger wants to build a stronger blog. Those of us who have built a successful blog might tell a story that is unique to them. The reason is in the approach, as each blogger has a different and unique way in which they have grown their blogging success.

You need traffic, social media subscribers and followers, email list and hopefully some buyers because all of this following needs to convert into something.

One thing you might find in common between several popular blogs is that they have a lot of traffic sources. It is not just about keywords or rankings or utilizing a specific social channel, but rather it is the combination of a lot of sources. This is something that might not happen overnight but if you keep at it then there will come a time when you can look back and see that you have promoted your blog well and achieved several streams of incoming traffic and business.

1. Pinterest – This isn’t just a social site, it is a visual search engine and a real gift if you are in the niche of home improvement and interior decoration.

The secret is in using this site and most people do it wrong. The first step is to make sure that you have enough high quality images on your site and with a preferable image size of taller rather than wider images. Now that you have added relevant and catchy images, hopefully by using Canva or a similar tool to make it look better, it is time to start sharing your images to Pinterest. Before you get into this second step, it is important to start searching for public pinterest groups where you can share your image. These public group boards already have the followers and the activity, all you need is permission to pin your images to these boards – the more the better, just keep looking for more of these boards every day.

How to Promote Your Blog in 2022

2. Quora – This is the biggest question and answer site on the internet today. But like any other useful website, Quora too isn’t a website, it is a social network for information sharing.

If you want to make good use of Quora, the first step is to answer as many relevant questions as possible, follow people who are in your niche and even ask a few question. Work on your profile and make it valuable. Before you start making good use of the targeted traffic Quora can provide, it is important that you make your profile valuable and reputed. Once you feel that your profile is old and strong enough, start answering some questions with a link back to your blog posts. Make sure to keep the 80-20 rule where you need to answer 80% of your answers organically and link to popular resources, and only 20% of the time you should look to promote your own content.

3. YouTube – Ever thought about making videos on topics that you have written on your blog. The future is about videos and shorts, people want to listen rather than read.

Videos can help in driving relevant traffic from sites like YouTube. This step isn’t all that easy though as YouTube needs consistency. Assuming that you already have plenty of blog posts that you can convert into videos, it is best that you follow a video making and posting schedule. Pick your dates – be it Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday or just about any day but make sure to follow this schedule strictly. This will help even more if you can follow a particular time and match it every time, right on the clock. You already have the content, just make simple videos and keep it regular.

4. Forum Marketing – This is perhaps the least used method on this list. Forum marketing is a very popular strategy of the past but somehow people have stopped to use this effective marketing strategy.

Just like any platform, forums too expect a strong and reputed profile before you can even talk a little bit about self-promotions. It is important to track down several forums that are on your niche and they allow a forum signature or atleast allow posting links to relevant sites. Even if you manage to find a few forums that allow this, it is good to go. The secret here is to make sure that you spend enough time to build up your profile and make good connections with all forum members. In a forum, your content and your reputation is everything.

5. FlipBoard – When it comes to content sharing, FlipBoard is a great place to do so. The users of FlipBoard like to read content directly from the site, thus if you share your content on FlipBoard, it will be read by many people.

FlipBoard has a huge user base, 100 Million active user as of 2021. That is a great number if you are looking for a motivation to join this network. The best part is that it isn’t like Reddit or Quora where you have to build a really powerful profile to start using it. From day 1, you can start sharing your content on FlipBoard and make the most out of it. Still, users like to see quality, so it is better to first share some of your really good content before you start sharing every single post that you have ever written.

6. Discord – One of those things that I never find bloggers do is to get their followers connected through discord or skype. This is a great way to not just communicate with your readers but let them also communicate with each other.

There are several ways to let this happen, for example – whattsapp group, telegram group, discord, skype chat etc. You just need one and thus let’s suggest discord here. Discord is free and has way too many options to setup chat rooms with various levels of privileges. This is all about setting things right but the real challenge is to bring your readers to discord and make the space active. Start with creating chat rooms in discord, making threads and discussions and finally talk about it in a blog post. Once your readers start to get the basic idea, some of them will surely join up.

Blog promotion is about being creative and unique. There’s no limit to tips and ideas that tells us more about promoting our blogs and here too we have tried to come up with new and unique ideas which are both easy to implement and are actionable. Give the ideas a try and if it works, let us know about your feedback in the comments section.

Top 10 Onpage SEO Tips for 2022

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short, is a method by which we make our website search engine friendly so that it can rank better in search engine ranking pages.

There are several ways to optimize for SEO for example, link building, speeding up site loading, making a user friendly UI, adding quality content etc. Out of these ways, on-site optimization is perhaps the most easy and economical method to start your SEO journey.

Here, we are going to give you the Top 10 ways in which you can improve your on-site SEO.

1. Speed up your Website – The very first thing that one should do for on-page optimization is to speed up your website. This step alone will give you an SEO boost. Start with the images, even a basic and free version of image compression plugin can fix this issue.

Look for plugins that are installed into your wordpress system. If there is a plugin that you can remove, there’s always plenty of plugins that you don’t need but somehow they are ignored and they remain in the system. Look for those and get them removed as soon as possible. Next, if there are things in your sidebars that you don’t need, anything fancy that can be removed, get rid of them. If there is javascript then they should be in your top priority removal list.

2. Improve your Content – When we talk about content, they might not be just blog posts. It can be your FAQ pages or your white papers, anything that has content in it should be updated with more text from time to time. Information always becomes outdated with time which is why one should keep updating old content.

Look for old blog posts and update them with more content. If those posts have ten point checklist then make them 25, that way you don’t have to write fresh articles, your old content will become more valuable and current.

Pro-Tip: Bounce rate is perhaps the biggest SEO metric that can affect your on-page SEO. If your article starts with a huge paragraph at the very top – chances are that most people will just bounce off your website. No one bothers to read as much. Make sure to keep your opening paragraphs as small and as catchy as possible. Always remember that the purpose of your article’s first sentence is to make sure that the reader reads the second sentence and so on.

3. Fix the Headings – Every page should have a heading structure. The main heading of your document should always be the title tag, followed by H1 heading tags and H2 sub-headings. There’s as many as 6 heading tags from H1 to H6, it might not be necessary to include all of those but the more you use the better.

Always break down your longer articles into headings and sub-headings. Further break them down into bullets and quotes. It is best to have your content as structured and as readable as possible.

4. Check for 404 pages – Overtime, some pages are bound to be missing. Perhaps it is a post that you have deleted in the past but have forgotten to re-direct. Sometimes we delete images and forget to re-direct their links. Human mistakes happens in all forms, it is possible that someone has tried to link to your post but did a typo on the link which is resulting in a 404 page. Even that 404 page, which you never made in the first place, needs to be re-directed. The best idea is always to have the link URL fixed from the site that is linking to you – which if often difficult, and if that fails, re-direct is the only option left.

5. Improve Internal Links – This is one of the easiest thing to do. Start going through your old posts, edit them and add relevant internal links to those posts. You can do this skillfully if you wish, look for keywords that you want to rank for and edit the article to include those keywords and link to your other posts using those keywords. This is still easy to do and the benefits are always tenfolds.

12 Ways to Have SEO Success With Google in 2022
12 Ways to Have SEO Success With Google in 2022

6. Fix and Improve About Us page – About page is the most important page of a blog. Any visitor who has landed on your site wants to know more about the owner of the website. This information is the basis for the trust you are going to develop with your reader. Update this page with as much information as possible and keep this info relevant to the purpose of your site and the SEO benefits will follow.

7. Make sure you have important pages – Some pages of your site are really important, for example: About us page, Contact us page, Privacy and Disclaimer, White paper etc. If such pages are missing from your site then the search engines do not trust your site as much. If you don’t want to add a lot of personal info then add some basic information and atleast create these pages.

8. Check for Dead Outgoing links – Dead links aren’t your fault but if you keep them then your articles will lose value because the last thing the search spiders want are dead links to follow. Regularly check for outgoing links that does bring a 404 page. Edit and replace them with relevant content pages from authority sites.

9. Include authority outgoing links – Outgoing links are good for onpage SEO and search engines values outgoing links if they are relevant, organic and goes to an authority content-based website. If done correctly, this simple step can help a lot.

10. Check Keyword Density – Whether you are writing a new article or editing an old article, if you include your keywords, both the direct keyword and some of the meanings of the same keyword and yet keep your article perfectly readable then your keyword density is perfect. Just read the post once you have completed and if it does not seem stuffed with keywords and its varieties then you are good to go.

It is true that internal SEO is an easy thing and if done correctly, it can help your over all SEO in a big way. It is cheap compared to buying links to authority sites that can cost several hundred dollars. It is like working with the things that you already have and with little effort day by day, you can keep improving your website, not just for its SEO needs but in the process you get a site that is reader friendly and makes your end user happy.

Earn Passive Income with Affiliate Lights

Meet Bob, Bob owns and runs a blog about fishing. It’s pretty much the best blog because “Bob” thinks he’s the best at fishing. Bob has a lot of blogging friends, and had recently starting sharing his blog posts to Blog Engage, it’s a cool social networking community specifically for bloggers, and only bloggers.

Bob decided to join Affiliate Lights. “an affiliate program created by the owner of Blog Engage” Bob joined so he can try to earn some passive income from referring his blogging friends to Blog Engage. Bob feels good about this because heck, Bob loves Blog Engage and so will his friends!

When Bob gets a new sign up he gets %50 of that sale! Even cooler; Bob gets %50 of that sale every month his referral remains a customer! Bob is over the moon excited because he wants to make passive recurring income from his blog. Bob has come up with a full proof plan where with a little hard work he can ensure all his referrals will be happy, just like Bob is happy using Blog Engage.

Affiliate Marketing, Affiliate Lights

Check Your Statistics

One of Bobs most enjoyable features of Affiliate Lights is being able to track clicks and traffic daily, Bob really loves analytics so this is pretty exciting for Bob. I’m not sure how much time Bob spends here but I’m gathering it’s lot of time!

Affiliate Dashboard View

Daily Traffic Logs

$10 Sign up Bonus

Everyone is welcomed to join the Blog Engage Affiliate Program, it’s free to join and if you ask Bob, he would make sure to remind you, $10.00 is given as a bonus on sign up. That’s right, you heard Bob right, when you sign up you get a $10 bonus to start you off in the right direction.

Affiliate Marketing, Affiliate Lights

Top 10 Tips to get more Blog Comments

Blogging is not a solo activity. There is no fun in blogging if the community around your blog is passive and non-responsive. Inactive blog readers don’t engage with your content, they don’t comment or share which naturally follows that they won’t take any buying decision or help to grow your blog in any way possible.

With effort and hard work not only a blogger can make the inactives take active role in growing our blogs but slowly and steadily a crowd of active and loyal blog readers can be nurtured. This is the basis of growing a community and every blog needs this to become popular and achieve authority status.

Here, we are going to explore the various ways in which a blog can create an active community around one’s blog and increase the comments they get in their community section.

Note: This process isn’t difficult, it just takes time and one needs only patience and consistency to achieve this. Set aside three to five hours a day to carry out these tips that are mentioned below and follow it religiously without missing a single day. The results will follow soon.

1. Share content on the Social Media – You might already have old blog posts and if they are evergreen content then they might already be as useful as they were once, when they had been written. It is time to revive them and what can be better than to start sharing them on your social channels. When sharing old posts, customize your tweets and shares in a way that people get attracted to them and in the process they might actually drop some comments on it.

2. Write articles that people want to genuinely read and interact with – Chasing keywords and hunting down long-tails are all right and if getting traffic from the search engines are a priority then surely it is worth it. We just need to make sure that some content needs to be written to build a connection with your loyal and consistent readers. People who are looking for specific information might take that information and bounce away but the loyal readers will stick around. This is the reason that once in a while, say two posts a month or so must be written for these loyal readers so that they can easily connect with your content and give their feedback.

3. Comment on other blogs – This is perhaps the most difficult and time consuming task we have on our list. Yes, blog commenting is a hard work but it is ultimately the most effective way to build an active commenting hub in your own blog. Any blogger that does this thing properly has several hundred comments in their blog section; every post of their blog has as many comments.

Blog commenting is the best way to make strong and lasting connections with fellow bloggers and it carves the way for other type of blogging collaborations like guest posting, link building, link exchange and many other activities.

Google: Removing Blog Comments May Impact Search Rankings

4. Link out to active and reputed bloggers – As a blogger you might already know the names of several other active and popular bloggers in your niche. If that is the case then start linking out to those bloggers. When you write a new post, make sure to mention atleast ten different bloggers and whenever you see a blogger return the favor, mark that blogger and make sure to link to him more often. Once your post is live, make sure to tweet out to the blogger and tell them that they were mentioned and if they still fail to see it then take out a moment and email them some times, letting them know that you have linked to them.

5. Stick to a posting schedule – A lot happens when you are consistent. Part of the search engine algorithm sees posting consistency in a positive way and as such, if a blog posts at the right date and at the set hours, every day, months after months – their rankings start to improve. But it is not all about search engines only because the readers too value consistency and some even start to expect a new post on the scheduled date. Keep this consistency going and you will find a positive growth in your blog.

6. Share content on popular blogging websites – There are some blogging websites on the internet, BlogEngage for example where plenty of bloggers hangout. It is a great place to start networking with fellow bloggers, share their content and comment on their posts and in return, some of them start to do the same for you. Look for such sites on the net and utilize their communities to grow your own.

7. Share other people’s content – Sharing is caring and most other bloggers think in the same way. That way, when you share someone else’s content and then tag them – that sends them a notification which is how they know that someone is sharing their content. Bloggers like their content being shared and most of them like to return the favor. You might see much more in return than just a tweet as some of them will even take the effort to post a comment on your posts and actively look out for your future posts.

8. Set up an email newsletter – Emails are still one of the best ways to reach your audience in a way that no other channel of communication can. If you have an email subscription base of your readers then utilize it to your best possible advantage. To make this work you need to set up a quality auto-responder and build that connection before you can utilize it further. We will cover email marketing in much detail in future posts, so stay tuned.

9. Guest post on other blogs – Guest blogging is an art and if done correctly it can bring in blog traffic, sales, social media shares, links and much more. There are all sizes of blogs in the internet and some of them can be much larger than your own. If you can manage to post on such blogs, part of that audience might like your content and follow you back to your own blog. If you do this process consistently, soon enough you will have a great following on your own blog.

10. Host and participate in roundups – Roundups are another way to make yourself visible in the circle of bloggers. Most bloggers who take part in the roundups also check out the other bloggers mentioned along side them. This is a quick way to get yourself known among several other bloggers and thus build lasting connections.

The biggest tip here is to do good and expect the same from others as bloggers are some of the people on the internet who likes to reciprocate in a much bigger way. You once share something and in return people will continue sharing your stuff for as long as they are around. The same selfless act of helping out other bloggers is going to be your biggest asset while building a blogging community in your blog section.

Bloggers Guide: Make the most of Black Friday 2022

Successful bloggers usually have more than one channel of online income. For most bloggers, the basic income channels are ads, link selling, providing services, selling affiliate and referral offers. While most things related to blogging revolve around these channels, the smart bloggers also look for greater opportunities to make more money from the same proven ways of income.

One such opportunity is known as the Black Friday and the Cyber Monday sales.

Most new bloggers always come to know about this huge online sale when the sale is already running and like most others, they start buying rather than selling. To make things easy for the new people and perhaps a gentle reminder to the old folks that Black Friday 2022 is almost 40+ days away, enough time to plan for it, write content and perhaps even start making some landing pages for the extra sales.

Before getting into it further, here’s a quick overview of what Black Friday is all about. So Black Friday is considered a shopping festival that happens once in a year, usually towards the end of November and lasts for almost a week. During this time most online retailers gives the deepest discounts to attract a lot of sales.

Now, think of it as a marketer and a blogger where you can offer these discounts to your own audience and earn referral and affiliate sales? If this idea gives you the positive vibes then read on as this article will guide you to set up an income channel out of this upcoming Black Friday.

Look for products in your niche

You already have a small audience, be it blog readers, social media followers, email lists or YouTube subscribers. All you need to get started is the products. If you choose your black Friday affiliate products wisely, some of your existing following base might just buy it before you even get started with your marketing.

Plan your social calendars

It is all about planning much in advance because when you are in the moment, you just won’t have enough time. Set up tweets, make them ready but don’t send them out. Set them to go live during the black Friday, but here is the catch. The discounts won’t be visible until the last few days and that is why you have to edit those tweets and shares with the actual link and discount codes. Still, having the catchy images and text ready make things easy.

Make it Catchy

Whether it is a blog post or a landing page or even a social media status update, everything is in the copy. If you make it catchy, people will buy it. Think of it as a flash sale where people need to take a quick action. The offer might not be available tomorrow, the stocks might get all sold out if you take that moment to re-think you’re buying decision, and in all honesty, that is mostly the case.


While we already covered how a social media content planning can help you in the process of black Friday marketing, but this is just the basic idea. Most of the social media marketing that targets various products is done by chasing hashtags that are best suited to convert into sales. These hashtags needs to be product targeted and should cover the deep discounts the offer has to provide.

Write posts in advance

If you are planning to promote your black Friday offers by writing blog posts then prepare enough content in advance. Write posts targeting most items that you are trying to sell. Optimize your content with long-tail targeted products. Consider posting some content in advance because these articles needs to rank and you need some time to build some links to these posts.

Pre-Plan your AutoResponders

Usually, black Friday emails are short and up to the point. They have their links, their discounted rates and perhaps some coupons and other details. No point writing long emails when the user is looking for quick information about the product details and are hurrying to buy things before they are out of stock.

Always re-check availability

Since too much goes on during these shopping events that it becomes almost impossible to make sure that everything is going correctly. In these times, the biggest issues are 404 pages and products being out of stock. Since most content is already created, be it social media status updates, blog posts, landing pages or emails, everything has links to product pages and if these links fails and gives a 404, it is your loss. So always make sure to keep checking if the product page links are working and the products are still available. If something goes wrong, edit quickly and replace it with a relevant competitor.

Plan your promotions

As a blogger you always promote your content, be it social media shares and tweets, emails, commenting on other blogs and so on and this same process has to be done with black Friday content as well. Make sure to write down these promotion steps too so that you don’t find it difficult to do this process. Search for other blog posts that are related to your content and comment on them – that is a quick way to get attention directly from a targeted customer.

Tweak your site

Your website should look good during such an event. If you have distractions in your sidebars or your page loading is slow then it is time to fix those so that your buying customers have a good experience shopping on your website. While as blogger we don’t directly sell, but it is something that the targeted customer does not really understand – most people just think that they are still shopping on your site while they had already clicked on an affiliate offer and moved to a shopping portal to make that purchase.

Try a bit of PPC

Most blogger don’t try out too much of Pay per Click but at times like these when there is so much to sell, giving facebook ads a bit of a try does not really hurts. Start with a small budget and see how it goes. If you get good sales then give PPC a bit more room in your promotional channels.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are yearly events, they happen only once a year. If you make it well, you will get all the sales that you need – some people even make fortunes during these shopping events but if you fail to hit something big then you have to wait for a whole year to get this opportunity again.

Most new bloggers miss out on this opportunity because they realize this too late and they fail to act. Luckily, we still have time and as of today, we have as many as 40+ days to go into this black Friday 2022. Let’s make this happen!

Start Focusing on What’s Important

If you find yourself having difficulty completing daily tasks then perhaps it’s time to start focusing on whats truly important. We can all agree, keeping busy is not the same as being productive, meaning we all have tasks or activities our lives can do without. The end result is to ensure we make the most of our time.

As a blogger our daily or even weekly task first and foremost is creating new content for our readers. Tho our day may be filled with social media, email, web surfing, exercise, eating or family our most productive and demanding task is our blogs.

Stop Multitasking

You may take a second read over this statement but I’m not joking and I stand by this, we multitask way to much, find ourselves busy but hardly productive. Life doesn’t need to be busy, we need to find ourselves more productive. If you want to eat, take time and eat, do not eat and do research. Dedicate time to research and ensure it’s without distraction.

Start Focusing on What’s Important, Not What’s Immediate.

When we find ourselves “busy” we may also feel overwhelmed or high anxiety. Multitasking can cause much unneeded and unwanted life and work stress, stay focused on one task, become productive and efficient without distractions.

Tips To Avoid Distractions

  • Get organized with a to-do list
  • Put away or mute devices
  • Focus on one task only
  • Complete the task at hand

Blogging Momentum Takes Time

From the first post of the week to the last, nothing about blogging is fast. In fact some could say blogging moves at a snails pace. I personally find this to be very true! Mind you this can change drastically when we all have different expectations of what momentum may look like.


If we want to see a forward momentum from our blogs we need to provide some sort of longevity when it comes to our consistency. This can be broken down into two main elements, content creation and targeted topics. As humans we like things to be consistent, hence why some of the largest most successful restaurant food chains take pride on their consistency of food products, preparation and delivery.

Content Creation

It’s of most importance to create content with some form of consistency, in this case our example will be a specific day we write on, or days if you write more than once per week. For example, if you are going to create content every Monday, ensure the content is ready on this day every week, your audience will come to expect this from you.

Targeted Topics

Stay within a specific niche, give your audience what they want to read, not what you feel like writing. At times this can be most difficult and can even seem like a daunting task but it’s your responsibility to ensure the content your readers like is ready to read and is on topic! Over 400 million blog posts are written everyday.

Being Productive

The last 2 weeks have been a challenge for myself. Creating content with my kids being home is not easy. This requires me to be more productive and efficient with my time, I find scheduling is the only way to accomplish my daily tasks.

Gaining Blog Momentum: Never Assume Instant Success

Planning your tasks and scheduling your week can help you become very successful with accomplishing your daily and weekly tasks. Its not a full proof method of finishing your tasks but it sure helps you to stay organized and to be aware of what needs to be completed. Some of the tasks I schedule are as follows,

  • Content Creation
  • Social Media Sharing
  • Content Research
  • Blog Commenting
  • Blog Comment Replies

Not everything can be scheduled but trust me, if it can, make sure to start doing it! Make sure to read over one of my previous posts on increasing a bloggers productivity!

Make The Most Of Your Time

If you’re an online stay at home blogger with kids, you’re likely struggling right now to find time and write content. I’m just like you right now, and I’m reaching for any minute I can get to write my next blog post.

As humans we are creatures of habit, and like many I enjoy writing my posts first thing in the morning with a cup of coffee and a fresh mind. Mind you, being taken away from my WordPress dashboard to help the kids has brought some new and interesting ways to write fresh content.

One thing for sure, I get to step away from the post, allowing my mind to venture into many directions changing the feel and outcome of my actual posts. The distraction surprisingly also helps with writers block and allows me time to think. As I write this post, I have literally stepped away several times already!

To make the most of our time we have to schedule our day to the best of our ability. Setting mini daily goals is also a fun way to ensure you’re making progress. Ensure to open the dashboard so you’re inspired to actually post. If you can, write posts in advanced helping you avoid unforeseen busy times.

  • Schedule Your Day (social media and content creation)
  • Set Mini Goals
  • Open The Dashboard
  • Write in Advanced

If you’re looking to increase your productivity please make sure to read one of my previous posts where I discuss tips that can help you become more productive.

I’m not very productive during the evening but perhaps you are, you can always save your content creation time slots for the evening after the kids are in bed! Evening blogging may be the perfect option for some, but it’s simply not for me!

Morale of the story is, when you have a free moment, get to work! Don’t let it pass you by as the next moment of opportunity is not guaranteed to anyone, especially as a stay at home parent.

Move Outside Your Comfort Zone

Hello Blog Engage readers and welcome to another year of great opportunity! Happy New Years and Welcome to 2022! This year let’s do something great! Let’s do something different! Whatever we do, let’s move outside our personal comfort zone and obtain new goals we would had never before!

The magnitude of our discomfort can vary drastically with everyone. Some can be as simple as starting a blog, perhaps even writing within a niche that challenges you more intellectually. I want us all to set new goals that make us try harder to obtain new success.

New Success Awaits

When we reach for new ideas and opportunities we bring upon us new success. I understand change is difficult and at times the simple idea of change brings stress and self doubt. Tho this is true, we don’t want this feeling of self doubt to stop us from moving outside our comfort zone, we cannot be the demise of our own success.

Blogging Is Uncomfortable

Do what makes you uncomfortable with your blog

Content shared is easily content judged! The simple basic fact that what we write is open to ridicule from everyone on the internet, including our influencers. This makes most bloggers feel extremely uncomfortable. Perhaps even one of the reasons it took me so long to start blogging here on Blog Engage. Not everyone experiences being uncomfortable with blogging but we have to recognize for many its a real challenge.

The More You Write

Good news, the more we blog, the easier it gets! This is the positive news! So whatever you do, don’t give up. Surround yourself with positive people that have similar interests such as other bloggers. Join blogging communities that bring you close to these potential blogging friends!

I look forward to blogging in 2022 and reaching new goals myself! I hope we get to grow and have success together in this online journey. Please don’t be shy, say hello, subscribe to the blog and stick around! You will only find success sticking around these parts!