As a blogger, one of your constant worry is to come up with new and fresh content. The blog posts you write are the actual heart and soul of your blog, if you fail to deliver a new and interesting post on the next deadline, your blog will stagnate and you will lose instant readership.

It is a challenge to write blog content on a regular basic. However, there are some blog posts that every blog can make good use of, such type of content works flawlessly on every blog on the internet.

Here, in this article, we will cover several such blog post ideas which will add value to your blog and boost content as well.

1. Your Life Story about how it all began: Chances are that you have written something about your life and your business on you’re about us page. Generally, the about page contains details about yourself and it is most likely left as-is after you initially wrote something on it.

Write a blog post about how you started blogging. Something must have clicked somewhere. How you came to know about your niche, the circumstances under which you made this choice. There can be life events that might have forced you into blogging. If there is a story, you can polish it and deliver.

2. Share Your Routine: Every online blogger and marketer has a unique routine. Not everyone is productive at the same times during the day or even throughout the night. As a blogger, there are several things that you need to do like write post for your blog, do guest blogging, comment on other blogs etc. All of these activities have to be done everyday which makes it important to have a daily routine.

Talk about your daily routine in details; start with how and when you start your day. What are the most productive times of your day and how you utilize it? Break it down on an hourly basic and explain in details how you spend every waking hour of your day.

3. Write a post explaining your goals for the year: If you have already made a post like this last year then you can follow it up with a post explaining how many of those targets you have achieved so far. If this is a new topic then start writing your goals and targets for the year in details and mention then in points.

When doing these goal settings, explain in details about how you are going to achieve these goals so that your process is clear from the start.

4. Start an Interview Series: Interviews are always catchy and they drive a lot of interest. If you are able to interview industry leaders then not only you are coming up with fresh content and perspective, these influencers you interview will also help you to share and promote their interview on the social media.

5. Discuss in detail about a Successful Marketing Campaign: Over the year you must have had some pretty successful marketing campaigns. In most cases, your clients must have heavily benefited from your service. If you have kept a record on how you have driven traffic, sales and conversions for your clients then it might be the right time to start discussing their marketing campaign in detail in an upcoming blog post.

6. Mention a successful client case study: Case studies are exciting and they bring in a lot of insights about the relevant niche or industry. Ultimately, both the client and you as a service provider will gain a lot of publicity from such posts which will benefit both of you.

7. Share your Zero to Million roadmap: Surely, such roadmaps are only possible if you have earned a million from your business already. But in case you haven’t then take smaller targets like how you achieved your first 1000 Youtube subscribers, your 10k organic uniques on your blog posts, etc.

This is a blog post series in itself and the ideas are limitless. Feel free to dedicate a day of the week for such posts and cover many more posts like these in detail.

8. Share your favorite online tools: As a blogger you might already be using several popular online tools like Canva, SemRush, Ahreaf, Mailchimp, Buffer etc. Feel free to do a roundup post for the tools that you use. Every tool can be reviewed individually and then linked from your tools roundup. There are other post opportunities like the top ten alternatives to a popular tool etc.

9. Do a skill roundup: Talk about the skills which will be most in-demand in your industry. For example, if you are a blogger then having graphic and logo designing talents can be helpful. Similarly, the ability to write better, edit and make fresh themes and plugins for popular content management systems etc. are all important skills.

Blog Post Ideas

10. Embed YouTube videos on a popular topic on your niche: Check your analytics and see what type of posts has worked well for you. Write a similar post and mention a YouTube video in every point you mention in your post. This way, this post will become a Youtube video roundup and after publishing it, try to tweet out to all the YouTube influencers who are mentioned on this post for additional exposure.

11. Compile an Infographic Roundup: Similar to the YouTube roundup above, do a roundup for infographic on a popular topic. Infographics are powerhouse for information as they contain a lot of detail on any topic. Having multiple such infographics linked and mentioned in a post will greatly enrich the post’s content and the topic will be thoroughly covered.

When you write regularly on a specific topic or niche, it is normal to run out of blog post ideas. At times like these, you can brainstorm new topics, check on the competition or take up a popular topic like the ones mentioned above and start writing in detail.

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