Viral content does not really need to be accidental; they can be created on purpose.

Over the years, with the rise of social media, going viral is rather rampant. There are algorithms to make sure what type of content goes viral, what content is promoted and what needs to be buried. However, everything ultimately depends on what users are sharing and if the readers like certain content, they will share it and it will go viral.

Several factors will determine the spread of your content, many of which can be used in your favor and many others can be tweaked to make it work.

Here, in this article, we will cover several tips to make your content go viral.

1. Google Hot Trends: Google trends has always been a great feature from Google. With the passing of time, new upgrades have been done for the trends section. Hot Trends was one such feature introduction which was very helpful. At this moment, hot trends can also be seen as a visual display where text is displayed in a more visual and eye catching way.

2. News Search: Most bloggers don’t realize that there is a search section which is totally dedicated to the news search. Not all content reaches the news search and even relevant content from unlisted news blogs don’t reach the news section. For your content to be displayed in the news search, you have to get your site listed in Google News. This step is difficult but not impossible. With hard work and some luck, one can get their sites added to the news search section.

3. Twitter Trending hashtags: On Twitter, if any hashtag is getting mentioned a lot, it starts to trend. In such cases, if you tweet something relevant and mention the viral hashtag in your tweet, then your tweet will be visible on the hashtags thread. From there, your tweet and any links in the tweet has a great chance of going viral.

4. Shorts: Times are changing and TicTok is growing. Shorts have suddenly become the most favorite of content types for a wide variety of people. Most people who are going to consume video content on their cell phones mostly open their timelines and start scrolling the shorts.

This, small thirty seconds video format is now everywhere, from Instagram to YouTube, you will find shorts being watched on all popular platforms. TicTok might have been the original short video platform, but the format has grown way bigger and now it is everywhere.

5. Utilize Niche Social Sites: While going viral, one cannot go outside their niche or the benefits of going viral might not come. If you want to stay on your niche and become viral at the same time, you need to expand your presence on the various niche social media sites. Every niche has some social sites where you can build your profile and your following. These followers will help you to boost your chances of going viral and staying on the niche at the same time.

6. Infographics and Catchy Images: Visual content grabs more attention and reduces bounce rate. More people consuming content will result in more social media shares which will raise the chances of going viral. With tools like Canva around, creating a self designed infographics and catchy images is easy.

There are social media sites like Pinterest that values images far more than text. If you have good images of Pinterest friendly sizes then this social media site has the capability of making your content viral on its own.

7. Influencer Marketing: Some people have more followers than others. When such people share your content, it spreads quickly. When you write good content, tag relevant hashtags and promote it well, chances are that some influencers will share your content organically and it will get more views.

This process of getting influencers to share your content on a regular basis is possible via. two ways. The easier option is to look for influencers who charges money and pay your way to virality. The other option is to make genuine relation with niche influencers and get your content shared for free.

8. The Quality of your Content: One of the biggest factors for becoming viral is the quality of your content. List based posts are shared more, catchy titles matters, relevant keywords and hashtags need to be integrated in the post to improve the quality of the content.

The article body needs to be easily scanable, so lose the large paragraph chunks and write in small and catchy sentences only.

9. Make the site load faster: The content pages needs to be in-depth, image heavy and yet load fast. The easiest way to fulfill this requirement is to lose the unwanted java scripts and get a programmer to fix the site loading issues. If you get rid of some of the plugins that you no longer need then the loading speed will improve greatly.

10. Invest in YouTube: This video platform has the userbase to make any video go viral. However, one needs to trend on YouTube first, so that the video is seen by more people. Build a strong profile on YouTube, get as many subscribers as you can manage. Once the basics are doing, focus on creating really good videos and add them consistently on your channel.

Once your channel becomes popular, most videos from your channel will start to go viral.

Viral Content

11. Make Sharing Easy: Content sharing is normal part of browsing and consuming content. However, this sharing that should happen anyway, does not really work that way. Put some social media sharing buttons on your website, add tweetable quotes, add pin-it buttons on images etc. to make sharing easy for your readers

12. Keep an eye out for festivals: Not all festivals or events fall on your niche. However, there are plenty of events that can be utilized by creating content that covers the festival in such a way that you’re content stays on its niche.

Viral content, if done properly, can bring in all sorts of benefits like traffic, revenue, email subscribers, social media shares etc. With consistent hard work, such content can be created and utilized.

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