Not all days are the same, sometimes you feel just good. Ready to write articles, outreach and post guest posts, add comments and share stuff on the social media. On some other days, you are unwell, you have an emergency tour or some other unforeseen event comes up that renders you incapable of working on your blogging business.

Even if you are unwell or have only a few minutes of time left in your urgent event, you can still complete an article if you have an outline ready. Same goes pretty much for all social media content scheduling. If you have planned things well in advance, your rainy day will pass, just like any other day.

Here, in this article, we will cover some tips to plan your blogging activities in advance.

1. Prepare blog posts titles: Having some post titles ready always helps to get things started off quickly. As a blogger, you should always have 50+ post titles ready at any point of time. This will help you to choose a title that best suits your mood for the day.

On some days, we feel like writing on social media, on other days we take up some blogging related titles, but such luxury in choosing titles can only happen if you have a good amount of titles ready.

2. Create some Outlines ready: Basically an outline is the opening of the article, and then followed by the points or the sub-heads and finally the conclusion. If outlines like these are ready, then it will only take a few minutes time to finalize the articles and publish it.

While writing the outlines, make sure to write a few words about every point. Sometimes we write the points and move on but later when it comes to expanding on the point, it becomes difficult because the ideas that we had knotted against that point, might be hard to recall later.

3. Have a few fully written articles: When it comes to scheduling articles, it is important that you have at least a few readymade articles waiting for you in your publishing queue. These draft articles are really important because there might come a time when you don’t even have the time to finish the outlines, so in a condition like this, a draft article can be used to quickly schedule and get done with it.

4. Accept Guest Posts: If you had accepted guest posts in the past then you will have a few very good guest blogging connections that are reliable enough to take up your content posting work when you are unavailable. If you trust your guest blogging connections then you can give them author permissions where they can write the articles and publish it themselves.

It is ultimately all about trust. If your trust is strong with your fellow guest bloggers then you can give them author permissions and tell them exactly on which days to publish and they will take up your content schedule seriously.

5. Hire freelance writers: There are many disadvantages with guest blogging, surely it is a way to get free content but you have to give away backlinks from within the article. The given content is not really purchased and even if the guest bloggers keep their words mostly, at the end of the day, you still don’t own the content.

If you hire freelance writers, whatever content that you get will be under your ownership. You can easily scale this content because there are no ends to how many freelancers you can hire.

6. Out Source social media management work: Social media is another side of your online business. Just like blog posts, one needs to schedule content for the social media sites as well. Keep your queue longer for social media sites, that way when you have an emergency situation coming up, you will have enough content in your pipelines to take care of your posting requirements.

7. Use social media management tools: Having content ready for socials and micro blogging sites is only one part of the coin. You still need to schedule them to keep your posting queues running. There are many social media management tools that allow free content scheduling. Use those tools to schedule content in advance of time.

Rainy Day

8. Plan content for Events and Festivals in Advance: There are many events that take place from time to time. The bigger events and festivals might include Christmas, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, New Year, Easter etc. However, there are many events that keep happening almost every month but most people always miss out on those because no content is prepared in advance for such events.

One might remember the even on the very last day, but if the article is ready for the event, then even on the very last day, you can still make good use of the event by posting the article.

9. Keep some Canva images ready: When it comes to blogging content, titles, outlines and articles aren’t enough. You still need some good quality images to go along with the article. Fortunately, Canva make things easy, all you need to do is to upload your stock images and use the amazing features of Canva to make great images.

Having some images ready on broad topics like social media, blogging, content writing etc. will be helpful when you want to quickly finish an article on a related topic.

Every day is different and when you work for day in and day out for years and years, there’s bound to come some days when you are just not well. However, business does not stop for anyone and that is why it is important that you stay well prepared for all situations.

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