Writer’s block is a terrible condition. It is a feeling of being stuck, like nothing can come out of your pen, no matter how hard you try. The blank document will keep starring at you until you give up and get yourself occupied with something else.

This condition might last for months and sometimes even after trying everything, you still might not be able to get out of it. Even the best of the authors has to go through this at some point in their lives. However, if you keep at time, it will eventually go away and you will have your writing fluency back once more.

Here are some of the ideas that you can try to get rid of writer’s block.

1. Write something else: Sometimes when we keep writing on a particular niche, we run out of creative ideas. At times like this, it is best to start writing about something else. Such content might not be a good fit for the niche blog, but to get ones writing flow back, changes in niche is important. Guest posting on various other niches might be an option to try out this tip.

2. Take a vacation: Too much hard work can exhaust anyone. If you have been planning on a vacation then it might just be the right time to take one. Staying out of the regular work schedule will allow charging of your batteries and your creative juices will start to flowing ones again.

3. Drink Tea or Coffee: One needs to get some caffeine to open up the brain doors. With a fresh cup of tea or coffee, new and creative ideas will start to flow which allows us to write something new.

4. Change your writing corner: Often times, we keep sitting at the same place, on the same chair, starring at the same background of the desk and it starts to seem boring. Change your place; get a new corner, preferably one with a window and a good outdoor view.

5. Use offline notebook: This is a common habit of online writers to open up the notepad or wordpad and start scribbling down notes and ideas. However, when you are fighting writers block, try using an off line notepad and rather sitting on your computer desk, roam around while jotting down points and ideas.

6. Get up early in the morning: Most of the good ideas and creative outbreaks happen in the morning. If you get up late, you get the same old dull day and nothing new happens. Try setting up the alarm a bit earlier in the morning, at first it might seem difficult and getting up early is a habit and if you are able to keep it going, it will soon become a part of your live.

7. Read books: Not everyone’s favorite book is Harry Potter, so whatever you like to read, be it friction, cartoons, action, just get a book that you like and start reading.

8. Talk to a Friend: Off line connections are important in life. It helps to keep you away from the cyber world and get a real conversation going in the real world. Talk to your old friends and talk about something other than online business and stuff.

9. Join an offline Course: It is good to be among people and the best way to get you busy and get surrounded by plenty of people is to join an institute and start a course. This will keep yourself busy and you won’t have to worry about writer’s block. Talking and staying active and getting yourself occupied with something else will trigger the removal of writer’s block.

10. Get out of your comfort zone: If your daily routine is to get up, get ready and sit on a computer and start writing, then it is time to change this monotonous life and do something different that gives you a challenge.

11. Read your old blog posts: If you have been a writer for sometime then chances are that you might have written some good content that you are proud of. Take out some time and start reading those articles. The best way to get motivated is to read something that you have written yourself and you are proud of it.

12. Use Quora: Look for random questions on topics that you are comfortable giving advices. This feeling of being an expert allows you to write on various topics and the more you write, the easier it becomes to get rid of your mental block.

13. Stop worrying about perfection: Thinking too much about the way the article is shaping up is a bad idea when you want to get rid of the block. Just keep writing without worrying too much about perfection. One can always proof-read at a later time; the important thing is to get the writing flow back again.

14. Don’t let the document be blank: Sometimes, even a few words matters. The blank document is a curse in itself; don’t let it be blank, type down a few words. The title, the opening, a few points, let it be anything except blank.

15. Listen to Music: Good music helps recharge your brain. When you feel good, you are able to write more freely. This helps to release pressure and the thinking process becomes creative ones again.

16. Write on a deadline: Take up some freelancing content writing work which is on a deadline. This pressure to deliver content on time helps to push yourself further and in the process the writer’s block dies down and your shackles are finally broken and your block is lifted.

Writers Block

17. Yoga and Meditation: Writing is a creative work and for that a healthy and peaceful mind is the number one thing that is needed. Yoga and meditation helps keep your brain healthy and boost creative thoughts in your mind. This way, slowly and steadily, the mind starts to work more freely and creative ideas start to flow once more.

18. Just Keep Writing: When you are fighting a block, it is important to keep writing as much as possible, without worrying about grammar, sentence structure and other details. Such content might require more editing at a later time, but for the time being, it is a good idea to get the blocks lifted.

Writer’s block can be cured by various methods. One needs to get his own writing flow back and for that one has to keep trying every tip and trick in the book until it works.

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