A business needs to sell. It needs to build a customer base, a recurring income and ultimately make money from the various activities it does.

But there is a personal side to every business. A side that connects well with the customers on an emotional level. It works because a business is raw and robot like that does its job and that is about it. The customers of the business get their work done but as soon as there is an alternative, they make their shift because there is no connect. All that changes if the customers are loyal and they stick to their brand. For this to happen, the business has to show their personal side and connect with their customers emotionally.

Here, we will cover several ways in which a business can build and develop their personal brand.

1. Personal Social Media Accounts: For a business, it is important to secure your brand’s exact term social accounts on all top-tier social sites. In the same way, it is equally important to register personal social handles and keep them unique across all social sites.

Even if you aren’t as active on the social media on a personal level, you still need to register on all social sites and check once in a while so that others can’t make fake profiles of you on social sites.

2. Share everyday work: Now that you have your personal social accounts, feel free to share your every day’s routine on the social media. This way, you don’t have to create content specifically for the sharing purpose, rather you can simply post your daily activity and keep your profiles active.

Posting your work on your business profile is relevant to your audience. This gives them transparent insights into your business and your followers like to keep checking these details daily, which increase engagement.

3. Post pics of family and vacations: Being personal with your audience helps in building long term trust and loyalty. However, posting the same pics daily does not adds much value. This is the reason why, once in a while when you are on a vacation, you should share your pics and videos on the social media. This not only tells them that you are away from business and should be returning shortly, but at the same time, they understand that you value the relations with family and friends which builds stronger bonds with your customers.

4. Run an office party and share it online: Any business likes to share their office pics and videos online. This is a great marketing tool as content travels faster than ads.

However, you need a reason to post those pics. Office birthday parties or any other event can be a great excuse for sharing office pics.

5. Do something good: Don’t limit your pics and videos to parties and fun activities only. You can do a lot more than just party. Take for example a road side plantation drive.

Personal Brand

If you do something good, it will not only be helpful towards your community but you will have a lot of content that you can share on your social profiles. Depending on the nature of such an event you can further share these same pics and videos on relevant social media groups and get further visibility.

6. Help a YouTuber Out: Look for YouTubers in your town and do a collab. This way, your business and your personal brand will get the power of the YouTuber’s reach and your content will spread faster on the social media.

YouTubers are powerful influencers who are not just active on YouTube as the same suggest but are pretty much active throughout all the social media networks. If a picture says a thousand words, a video says a million.

7. Join Facebook Groups: There are several groups on the social media. Every network like Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest have their own groups and boards where there are plenty of active members who are interested in a specific niche. Look for such groups that interest you and share relevant content and grow your personal brand.

8. Always Reply on Social Media: When you bring in your personal face on the social media, there will be a lot of followers who will comment and try to know more about you. This communication cannot be one sided and you have to respond to their comments and questions to keep this connection going.

9. Questions and Quiz: From time to time, make sure to ask questions and polls and quizzes to your followers. These questions need to be relevant so that your readers can respond and in the process make a stronger bond with you.

10. Connect with Influencers: There are a number of influencers who ignores the brand profiles and keep their distance. But when you bring in your personal voice, you will see that many of these influencers change their ways and starts to respond to your messages and questions. It is easy to connect with influencers if you are keeping your personal side up.

11. Build a Story around your Brand: If your story as a business, how you started and reached to where you are – is already an inspirational journey then everything is already set. All you have to do is to write it down and make it a great story.

If this isn’t the condition for you then you have to research a bit. Not everyone has a story but still you can write it by applying some creativity. Think about it, how you started and what challenges you faced. How you tackled your issues and grew with time and persistence. Your hard work will surely have a story of its own. If it is too difficult for you to craft your story then take the help of writers and get yourself a story written.

12. Automate and Schedule: Now that everything is set and going well, it is time to get serious. On social media one needs to be consistent with their updates. Use a scheduling tool and queue up enough updates and make a social media calendar with discipline and consistency.

Being personal on the social media help in leveraging the human side of your business. This is an easy way to build real and emotional connection with your audience. As a business, you should always keep your personal brand to propel your entire business forward.

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