The biggest road block that can ever stop a speedy blogger is writers block.

As a blogger, if you haven’t faced writers block, then you are in luck and while it is going good for you, make sure to keep queuing more content. However, for those that have faced writers block or are still suffering from it, they know very well how difficult the situation is.

Getting out of writers block isn’t easy, the blank document will keep staring at you and you won’t have anything to offer to it. There is no one single golden bullet to beat this block. Every good writer has faced this at some point of time and they have found their own way to get over it.

Here, in this article, we will explore some ways in which you can get rid of this writer’s block.

1. Wake up early: As a blogger and a marketer, you will often find that you are working late into the night which is impacting your waking up time in a very negative way. The best time to wake up is about 4 Am to 6 Am. Anything later than this is a bad time. If you can’t walk up early, you will miss out on all the benefits that come with an early morning working shift.

To make the best of your morning time, try to wake up early and go for a morning walk. Then relax, take some rest and get back to writing. This will help your creative juices to flow once again and you will find new writing inspiration once again.

2. Yoga and Meditation: Our mental health impacts our writing. Meditation is a powerful method by which we can fix our mental well being. Add yoga to the mix and you will discover a new internal power.

This step helps a lot, but it will require discipline and consistency. Take a long term plan when you start yoga and don’t stop midway. Even when your block is lifted, keep the yoga going as this will ensure that you don’t ever face another block again.

3. Travel: Sometimes, all we need is a change of place. When we travel, plenty of things change. From the place we live in, to the water we drink to the food we eat, our daily routine, everything is different during travels. We see new places; interact with people who speak other languages. All this has an impact on our senses and we get to recharge ourselves.

4. Talk with friends and family: Humans are social creatures. When we are in the company of friends and family, we speak from our hearts. If there is something that bothers us, we talk about it freely and get rid of the pains and emotions that are hurting our sub-conscious mind.

This release of mental pressure allows us to reset many kinds of blocks and gives us fresh inspirations to start writing again.

5. Read something good: It is important to fill ourselves with good content. We are what we read.

Feel free to read whatever your heart desires. One does not need to read content related to their interests, or their areas of expertise. Read whatever you come across and don’t limit yourself to specific things. The more variety you read, the more ideas you can explore and the more blocks you will be able to unlock.

6. Just keep writing: One of the easiest ways to get rid of writers block is to keep writing. If writing on your assignment or the book which is nearing the deadline is difficult to write, then write on something else. Start writing something new, does not matters if it makes any sense. Once you get the habit of writing back, you will be able to get back to your proper writing work and finish your pending things.

7. Upgrade your Work Place: Having a neat and clean work space helps. If the space isn’t inspiring enough then perhaps it is time to change things around. Look for a different place to keep your table, like next to a window. De-clutter the area, keep things that you absolutely need and get rid of the rest. Get some plants in; let the sunshine enter the room from the windows.

8. Write short stories: When it comes to writing at a time when you are fighting writers block, it becomes difficult to concentrate on the assignments that are waiting for you. In times like this, it is best to take out a few hours and write stories. This will help your creative juices to flow once again and you will be able to write more freely. New stories and unique characters release fresh emotions which allow you to write easily. This will break your past blocks and you will be able to write with fresh ideas.

Writers Block

9. Do your everyday work: Sometimes the best of our inspirations comes when we are doing our everyday boring work. If we are mowing our lawn, looking after the plants and washing clothes – tasks like these are monotonous which make our brain blank. Our sub-conscious mind starts to race in various directions. This is where you will find new ideas coming to you and some of them will help you to complete your pending writing.

In case this point does not helps, at least you will be able to get more work done which will free up your time which can be utilized for more productive work.

10. Keep your notepad around: An idea can come anytime and there’s no fixed place where it might strike. Most good ideas come while we are in the bathroom and most people don’t carry their notepads in the toilet. If you want to catch your ideas then take a small piece of notepad everywhere with you. Make a habit of noting down good ideas, whenever and wherever they come from. This will look odd when you are with other people around but don’t let them stop you from scribbling down the small notes.

At a later time when you are free, start to expand on your ideas. Every idea can be expanded into sentences and then to paragraphs and finally into fully developed articles.

Writers block is a difficult thing to beat but if you keep at it, it will eventually go away. Since it is always different for different people, so a single solution won’t work here but if you keep trying all of these ideas then it is surely possible to get rid of this mental block.

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