Every year bloggers start several niche blogs from time to time. Some of them become a profit generating asset and some just die away in silence.

Niche blogging, whether you are going too deep into the micro niche or you have simply chosen a broad topic, either way it is mostly a profitable venture. If you stay on your niche, add regular content, do basic link building etc. then in time, your blog will grow into a strong and authority site someday.

Here, in this article, we will cover the various ways in which you can start a profitable niche blog in 2022.

1. Choose your niche well: The best way to start a niche blog is to first discuss what you are truly passionate about. Your hobbies, your interests, what makes you happy, everything counts.

Surely, our main objective here is to make a profitable blog, so if your hobbies and interests are something that might not work out for blogging, then it is best to not pursue, but that is mostly a rare thing. Normally, whatever your true calling is, you will find a niche opportunity around those topics.

2. Work on your Content: Before doing anything else, even registering a domain name, it is important that you know enough about your niche. Start writing some articles on your niche and don’t stop till you have about twenty very good articles ready. This will tell you if you can write enough on your niche and you will have a better understanding of your niche when you have completed your articles.

3. Start searching for a good domain name: Finding a good niche domain is like hitting a jackpot. An ideal niche domain is about two words long where one word is your keyword and the other makes it brandable. Both words can be a keyword as well and if you really want it then you can use a third word and that should be enough to chase your long tail keyword.

Do note that whatever your niche is, most good domains are already taken. If you can’t find anything worthwhile, it isn’t your fault as this race for finding good domains is being run for decades now. Simply choose the best option from the available ones and make it your own. As long as you have your keywords in your domain, you will get all the benefits, does not matter how it sounds.

4. Reserve all the social handles: The moment you register your domain, there will be some weird bots that will jump on the social media and start registering the social handles based on your domain. Do not let that happen and if possible, register those social accounts yourself. It is best to safeguard your brand on the social media, atleast on the bigger social sites, you should try to register your domain based terms.

5. Do your keyword research: While doing keyword research, look for all types of keywords. Two words main keywords, three to four word long tail keywords, every variation is important to cover. The keyword research itself can tell you how deep your niche can go. Additionally, which looking for keywords, make atleast a hundred questions based on the keyword phrases like, “How To”, “Where Does” and so on. Every question is worth writing an article and that is how more content can be created.

6. Hire Experts: This is the beauty of niche sites that you can always get an actual expert to write your content. You can be an expert yourself but when it comes to hiring staff, you can look for real experts to assist you with content writing. There are doctors for the medical field, there’s mechanics for the auto sector and so on.

7. Competitor research: Learning from own research is fine but learning from other people’s research is not a bad idea either. Whatever niche you select, someone else might have built an empire on that niche already. Look at their social accounts, signup to their newsletters and keep reading their content. All the hardwork is already served, start consuming it.

This step needs to be done carefully though, one does not need to copy other people’s work, but simply learn and understand more on how the niche works.

8. Check monetization options: This step isn’t rocket science and if you are on a niche that makes easy sense, like something on Health, Lifestyle etc. then you know that monetization isn’t a big issue. But the same can’t be said if your niche is very different and way too unique. This is where you need to be creative to figure out if you are on a good niche. Search on sites like Amazon to see if people are selling something that is strictly on the niche.

9. Events around your niche: Every niche has some events that fall directly in the niche or they are relevant somehow. As an example, if you are on the travel niche then the time when events like “La Tomatina” happens and say you have a great article on it, then your traffic will rise heavily during that event.

Such events are common in all niches and with a little research you will find something that is relevant to your niche.

10. If all else fails – research more: Sometimes, even after doing all the research, we fail to get a good niche blog. Something goes wrong, you can’t seem to locate a domain name to justify the niche you were targeting. All you need to do in such a condition is to do more research.

Look for forums and directories, tags from popular blogs and other such places, they all will give you more ideas on how to find a niche. Such niches can’t be understood by common-sense. One needs to stumbleupon such a niche to even know that such a niche exists.

Niche blogging is one of the easiest ways to grow a profitable business online. It can be scaled at any rate, which is a great way to boost your income in a safe way. It is a passive way to earn money online and the best part is that once such a blog starts to grow, it will even make you money when you are sleeping through the night.

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