This month we celebrate 13 years of Blog Engage and it’s existence. We have been through many changes, updates, challenges and many growing pains. One thing is for certain, we are still here and blogging is stronger than ever! Our community of 13 years has grown to over 3500 members and tho it is quite, don’t be fooled Blog Engage has hundreds of active members.

Our syndication service provides an automated solution to social media marketing and for this reason, a visit to the community from our customers is rarely needed. This has presented it’s challenges in making the Blog Engage community an active community. Tho the community is full of exciting and new content daily we find ourselves in automation, and this is perfectly fine.

One of our latest and most exciting accompaniments was launching a version 1.0 of Blog Engage within the Android Market Place. I hope our Android users are enjoying this new feature, engaging with bloggers via mobile on your daily commute or office breaks. Unfortunately due to in app purchase conflicts we will not be launching within the IOS store within the near future and have no plans of rectifying this issue with Apple.

As we approach the end of 2020, a challenging year for all business. I want to have a fresh start with our community blog, explore new ideas for generating captivating content for our community audience. We will continue to offer guest blogging features to our community members while ensuring quality content is being enforced.

I look forward to meeting new bloggers as we approach the start a new year. I look forward to growing our community and your blog. Stay connected with our blog, visit the main site daily. Visit Blog Engage to find new and exciting blogs from all over the glove. Blog Engage has a huge selection of blog content ranging from various categories. We have something to meet everyone’s needs for reading material.

I want to send a special thanks to everyone who joined our community back in 2007. I know the majority of you are no longer blogging, however I do know several of you have been growing strong all these years. Let’s make Bog Engage the place to be for all bloggers in 2021. Blog Engage is the true home for all bloggers and all blog content!

Engage with Bloggers at Blog Engage.

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