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Best Sites for Real Estate Investing: Fundrise vs DiversyFund vs CrowdStreet

Posted By PlayLouderBlog on Business - Real estate investing is an amazing way to build wealth over the long term. There are nearly no other vehicles that allow you to use low-interest leverage for purchase, give you cash flow, AND appreciate on the full asset value over time. If there's one asset class that you can really bank on to help […]

8 Tips to Build a Shopify Landing Page That Converts

Posted By Linear on Marketing - Shopify makes it super easy to build landing pages. But what is a Shopify landing page? What are the different types of landing pages that Shopify offers? Heck — should you even use Shopify to build your landing pages? Those are the questions we’re going to answer in this article. We’re also going to: [...]
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VTSMX Vs. VTSAX: A Comparison Of Two Index Funds

Posted By theradicalfire on Finance - Need to grow your hard-earned money? In this article, we will compare VTSMX vs. VTSAX and which one you should buy. Continue reading to learn more and to find out which one suits your financial needs best. Investing is an excellent option for anyone with the desire to follow and fulfill their financial goals. If ... Read more

The 27 Best Traveling Jobs to Make Money While Traveling

Posted By wealthtender on Finance - Traveling is something that many of us would like to do, and getting paid while traveling is a dream come true. Now, obtaining traveling jobs is not as easy as you would expect. If it were easy, then everyone would have a traveling job, but as we may see, there are many different jobs out […]
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5 Effective Digital Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

Posted By Webnus on Blogging - You launched a small business. What's next? You need to attract customers and make your business recognizable. Here's marketing comes into play. Traditional marketing models have been known for a while and include, inter alia, market research, analysis of the product range, strategies of promotion, etc. In contrast, the explosion of the digital world requires marketers to pursue an integrated approach to promoting a company on all possible platforms, combining online and offline communication channels, using scientific methods, and the advantages of modern technologies. In this post, we'll describe 5 universal approaches to digital marketing for small businesses effective in the majority of niches.   Should Small Businesses Invest in Digital Marketing? As you will see later, the poss