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Raleigh real estate: ‘If we are in a recession, it’s hard to tell’

Posted By MediaFeed on Blogging -   If Raleigh had a report card showing the strength of its housing market, job prospects, quality of life, educational opportunities, and amenities, it would be …

6 Best WordPress Caching Plugins in 2022

Posted By Webnus on Blogging - Today, we are going to look at the best WordPress caching plugins in 2022. According to most of the developers, WordPress caching is a complicated process which can sometimes become boring too. Some even call it the “evil of the website”. But why is that? If we try to go through the details of why caching is complex, it may take a full book, so we should simplify it a little bit.   What Does Caching Do in The Website Loading Process? Long story short, whenever you visit a webpage, you are actually sending a request to the server. Your request is processed there and then the result will be displayed for you from the server. That result is your website, with all of its components, files and elements. As the server needs to load all the data stored on your website, naturally it takes some time in order for it to display you the result. So the bigger your website is, the longer it takes to load. But don’t worry! Caching plugins are those tools that will help you facilitate the process. Using a WordPress plugin to speed up your website is the solution; a solution that not only is time-saving, but also simple and user-friendly.   What Is a WordPress Caching Plugin? What caching plugins do is that they tell the server to store some of your website’s files onto your disk or RAM. The distinction depends on your caching configuration. Most probably your website is viewed many times each month. So, don’t you think it’s better if the server could remember some of your files before loading them each time? This is what caching plugins do. This way, whenever your website is loaded, some of the files are to be read from your disk or RAM, helping your...
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5 Best WordPress Dark Mode Plugins in 2022

Posted By Webnus on Blogging - If you have browsed websites at night, in a dark room, you definitely know that doing so makes your eyes numb. Many websites have an alternative mode called the dark mode. This has become a popular trend in the tech industry and many developers apply this mode on the websites they create. You might have noticed that many of famous websites such as YouTube use this feature too. So it should not be something trivial to pass by easily. Besides, researches have shown that watching bright colors on a desktop or mobile screen in dark may raise the chance of hurting your eyes. So dark mode is not just something about looking more luxurious or anything. It has to do with your comfort. Although many users do not prefer to use dark mode, it can make your website look more appealing to the eye, bringing comfort for you website users. It will also help them read your content with much more comfort. If you go to your WordPress dashboard and search for dark mode plugins, you will face so many results you don’t know which one to go for. But don’t worry.   Best WordPress Dark Mode Plugins List In this article, we want to take a look at 5 of the best WordPress dark mode plugins so to narrow down your options.   WP Dark Mode Maybe the most popular plugin for Dark mode websites, WP Dark Mode plugin is a free plugin that will make you do without any further search. Easy to setup and work with, this plugin includes some amazing features in itself that is too much for a free plugin. An important fact about it is that is fully compatible with all browsers and can be run on all operating systems. Besides, not only can...
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How to Deliver Personalized Content to Your Potential Customers in 2022

Posted By Webnus on Blogging - Customers get savvier every year. Crowded content marketing makes it harder to catch your audience’s attention with the generic material. How do you engage with customers effectively and position your business as their best option? Delivering personalized content is an excellent way to engage your targeted customers and stay ahead of competitors. A staggering 99% of marketers report a strong impact of exclusively tailored digital experiences and notice a significant improvement in advancing customer relationships. Another study marks a 300%  increase in ROI among 51% of respondents who shifted towards personalization in all possible touchpoints. So, providing a personalized and customized user experience on your website is essential.   What is Content Personalization? Content personalization aims at delivering exclusive experiences to the target audience. It uses specific customer information to provide a unique experience between your business and an individual. Content Personalization allows establishing your brand affinity, driving engagement, and gaining insights into customers’ preferences, needs, and expectations you can use for future campaigns. In other words, it enhances the connection between a brand and a customer, which results in more conversions and revenue. According to this resource, around 91% of customers want to shop with companies that show them personalized offers and recommendations. We can say that customers feel frustrated when web content doesn’t target their interests and needs.   How to Deliver Personalized Content Now you know what personalized content is. Let’s find out how you can put this information into practice to deliver customized experiences from your brand and convert their browsing into dollars.   Know Your Target Audience Your target audience centers around a particular group of people who are likely to care about your product or service. These customers share similar interests, preferences, needs, and pain points, and they can also be united based on...
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Here’s what Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan could look like

Posted By MediaFeed on Blogging -   Ahead of the 2020 election, President Joe Biden made student loan forgiveness a focus of his campaign. On Wednesday, his administration moved forward with plans …