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The 6 Best Ways to Get Students Engaged in Online Learning

Posted By MasonHipp on Technology - Whether you're a remote tutor, your class isn't all the way back in person yet, or you've moved all the way online officially — Zoom teaching is hard. Here are 6 excellent ways to make it easier on you, and more interesting for your students.

18 Conference Energizers That Will Get Your Audience Amped

Posted By MasonHipp on Technology - How do you make your conference talk or keynote speech something that truly *grabs* your audience? You energize them first! Get them excited to participate and attend to your talk by using these fun and interactive energizer ideas.

The 60+ Best Virtual Icebreaker Questions and How to Use Them

Posted By MasonHipp on Technology - The best icebreakers can really open up a meeting and get your audience in the right mood. Learn how and when to use icebreakers, the different types, and a list of some all-star questions.

10 Ways to Make a Presentation More Fun & Interactive [How-to Guide]

Posted By MasonHipp on Technology - Modern audiences want fun, interactive presentations. Delivering that requires you to implement creative, unique ideas—but there are ten specific ones that work best and are super easy to use!

60 Fun Q&A Questions for Getting to Know Someone

Posted By MasonHipp on Technology - Whether it's for warming up before a meeting, unwinding at a company happy hour, or just throwing an event for friends, here are the best questions to ask your team to get to know them better.

The Best 10 Virtual Beer Tastings (with Host and Beer provided)

Posted By MasonHipp on Technology - These virtual beer tastings offer a unique and educational experience perfect for groups wanting to learn more about the many different types of beer available. With our top virtual beer tastings, you’ll get to try them all from home, from stouts and porters to IPAs and Belgian beers.

The 6 Best Live Polling Tools to Engage your Audience

Posted By MasonHipp on Technology - Want to poll your people in real time? These are the best tools online, both free and paid, you can use to get live feedback and poll responses from large groups. These all work remote (eg on a video call) or in person in a conference hall, as long as you can share your screen.

5+ Audience Interaction Tools for Huge Engagement

Posted By MasonHipp on Technology - Make your audience engrossed in your event by letting them join in. Here are the best methods to let people interact with you during a large event, whether it's in a Zoom call or a conference hall (or a mix of both)

Learning Games: Blooket vs Kahoot vs Gimkit vs Quizizz

Posted By MasonHipp on Technology - There are so many interactive tech options that are great for the classroom — but how do you choose? We've reviewed (and determined which option is the best out of) Blooket, Kahoot, Gimkit, Quizizz, and Slides With Friends.