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Citrix VS Microsoft RDP: Which One’s a Better Remote Desktop Technology?

Posted By RouterHosting on Technology - Many organizations are turning to the cloud to address their IT business challenges. Two desktop virtualization options commonly used for that purpose are Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) and Citrix XenDesktop. Which one is going to be the most fitting for your work? Key Takeaways The industry leaders for Thin Client applications are Citrix Systems … Citrix VS Microsoft RDP: Which One’s a Better Remote Desktop Technology? Read More »

Super Nintendo World Website Is Live, Giving You a Virtual Tour of Japan’s New Theme Park

Posted By Mdinich on Finance - The official Super Nintendo World website has just gone live, giving us a virtual tour of the new Universal Studios Japan theme park. Located in...

10 Things You Can’t Avoid for SEO

Posted By Webnus on Blogging - Getting top rank has become a big race and mission for businesses across the world, offering products and services on the web. Consequently, both the demand and value of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) have increased very rapidly. Professional marketers very well know what SEO is and its importance to boost up the business reach, customers, and ROI. The magical secrets of SEO help businesses to get higher ranking on different search results. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the technique of optimizing a website according to the standards set up by search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. There are lots of things we should consider while optimizing a website and make it search engine friendly. To better implement all the things you must connect with expert SEO professionals as

What Is Forex? What Are Forex Trading Bots? [And Role of VPS in Forex]

Posted By RouterHosting on Technology - Forex is a network of buyers and sellers, trading international currency. We explain some key terms of Forex, how it works, and why pro traders use VPS.

How to use Instagram Reels for Online Business

Posted By shathyan on Blogging - Instagram is a very popular social media platform for business users. They can promote their business and get a good response. More than 25 million companies use Instagram all over the world. This is a new hub for brands that ensure better engagement and loyal brand followers. In order to compete with TikTok Facebook is ... Read more
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MEC New Booking Feature: Calendar for Date Selection

Posted By Webnus on Blogging - In this article, we're going to introduce Modern Events Calendar new booking feature called Calendar for date selection. The Modern Events Calendar plugin is a robust tool that has drilled down into the expectations and requirements of WordPress users for online event management. The Lite version of this plugin now has above 70,000 active installations, proving the comprehensiveness and multi-functional capability of this tool compared to others. As you may know, you can use the booking module of MEC to allow users to make reservations for your paid events directly on the website. Activating this Pro feature of MEC enables your users to choose the number of tickets they need, select the available dates, and finalize their booking most easily. Depending on the option you choose from the pl