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How to Grow & Care for Scindapsus Treubii Moonlight – Full Guide

Posted By planetnatural on Home - Treubii Moonlight is a really trendy plant right now, and it’s no wonder why. Its unique silvery heart-shaped leaves have made the scindapsus treubii one of the most desirable houseplants for beginners to cultivate. Besides being an excellent addition to your indoor garden, treubii moonlight is a low-maintenance plant that needs minimal care to thrive. So what are you waiting for? Step up your houseplant game with this unique plant and learn everything you need to know in this complete guide. Botanical Name: Scindapsus Treubii Moonlight Common Name: Moonlight scindapsus, Sterling Silver scindapsus, Dark Form scindapsus Family: Araceae Plant Type: Vine Hardiness Zones: 10 USDA Sun Exposure: Bright indirect sunlight Soil Type: Porous, quick-draining Soil pH: 5-8 pH Height: 6-8 feet Bloom Time: Rarely in summer Flower Color: Green Native Area: Southeast Asia What is a Treubii Moonlight? Scindapsus treubii moonlight is a vining perennial native to the Southeast Asia jungles and the Western Pacific, now grown as a tropical houseplant for its unique foliage. This plant has long heart-shaped leaves with a thick glossy texture that is dark, silvery, or mottled green. This plant is part of the Scindapsus genus and the Araceae family. Although native to Southeast Asia rainforests, it can also be found in... Read more
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Engaging Whiteboard Games For the Elderly: Fun And Stimulating Activities

Posted By grayingwithgrace on Personal - Seniors deserve stimulating activities to keep their minds active and engaged. Whiteboard games are stimulating ways to provide seniors with cognitive challenges that don't require much physical effort while also promoting creativity. These are our favorites.

Best Investing Apps: Top 20 You Should Know About in 2023

Posted By hashtaginvesting on Finance - What’s the best stock trading or investing app out there? It depends. On what? Whether the platform understands your goals and needs. Investing and trading in stock markets is not a one-size-fits-all kind of deal. Investors and traders come in all shapes and sizes and risk profiles, and so do these platforms.

10 Hot Garbage Films People Love Anyways

Posted By financequickfix on Finance - What movies make you go, “Yeah, this is an objectively bad movie, but man, I love this hot garbage”? After recently polling the internet, here are the top-voted films. 1. Rock-A-Doodle (1991) “Mine is Rock-a-Doodle, a much lesser known (for good reason) animated movie from Don Bluth about a Rooster who leaves a farm and becomes ... Read more

10 Clever Movies That Are Guaranteed To Blow Your Mind

Posted By myworkfromhomemoney on Finance - Everyone enjoys a good film that makes you think throughout watching it. But the real prize is getting a movie that melts your brain well after the film ends and possibly even for years to come. After polling the internet, people voted these films the most likely to blow your mind. 1. Jacob's Ladder (1990) ... Read more

10 Playable Video Game Bad Guys for When You’re Feeling Evil

Posted By BossLevelGamer on Gaming - Villains are always an interesting and entertaining bunch to play as. Understandably, some people might turn red at the idea of playing as the bad guy, but it’s honestly a great way to shift perspective. There’s no harm in turning to the dark side once in a while, right? No seriously, we’re asking, we just […]
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The 16 Friendliest Countries in the World to Visit

Posted By Thefrugalexpat on Finance - Traveling requires many different things, but when you arrive in a new country, there can be some culture shock. It is a good feeling when you arrive, and people are friendly and willing to help you. As you travel, this ... Read More

Ultimate List of Podcasts for Christian Moms

Posted By motherhoodtruth on Creative Lifestyle - Podcasts are a great way to bring more faith-based content to your day, immersing your mind in God's Word. They help inspire, uplift, and remind you who you are as a Child of God. On this page, we'll uncover the ultimate list of podcasts for Christian moms. Why Do Christians Listen to Podcasts? Or you … Ultimate List of Podcasts for Christian Moms Read More »

Scale on Pothos Plants: 6 Ways to Eliminate & How to Prevent

Posted By Davin on Home - Pothos plants (Epipremnum aureum) are popular houseplants, well-known for their hardiness, fast growth, and attractive foliage. However, like all plants, they can be susceptible to pests, particularly scale insects. We will explore the world of scale insects, why Pothos are so attractive to them, and effective methods for eliminating them if you find scale on ... Read more

R Kelly Net Worth – How He Lost His Fortune

Posted By PlayLouderBlog on Business - R Kelly was one of the U.S.A.'s most popular and prominent artists. He is an American songwriter, singer, and record producer. His work has won him much praise from critics throughout his career.  R Kelly is a controversial figure, and opinions about him will likely be divided. He has achieved significant commercial success but has […]

Baked Liver for Dogs

Posted By lisalightner on Pets - Baked Liver for Dogs Baked liver for dogs is an easy homemade treat you can spoil your dog with! This budget-friendly dog treat is easy to create and your dog will love you for it! This recipe only requires one ingredient: raw beef liver! I suggest you use frozen beef liver so it’s easier to...

14 Famous Fiction Authors

Posted By BKania on Writing - From complex yet well-developed characters to riveting plotlines, these famous fiction authors are behind some of the best-selling books that have engulfed generations of bibliophiles. And in this article, you’ll learn more about these most exceptional fiction writers in history. Stephen King With over 50 years in his writing career and countless books landing on […]
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She Won’t Let the Teenager Checkout in the Store, “Someone Has to Parent This Kid if No One Else Will”

Posted By adimesaved on Finance - So, OP (original poster) was shopping in a higher-end department store when she ended up around two teenage girls also doing their shopping. OP noticed that one of the girls picked up an expensive pair of boots. The second girl ... Read More

Hygiene Horror: She Told Her Friend He Needs to Step Up His Game

Posted By Mdinich on Finance - Dealing with friends, even when you're trying to help, can be difficult. Reddit user @California098 found out the hard way that sometimes, no matter what ... Read More

Writing Your First Thank You Note Ever

Posted By ThankYouLady on Self Improvement - If your family did not have the tradition of writing thank-you notes when you were growing up, you might have never written one. My husband’s family did not grow up writing them. Mine did. I ...
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