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10 WordPress Plugins Using AI to Improve Your Website in 2020

Posted By wpnewsify 2 hours 37 minutes ago on all - There are a growing number of WordPress plugins using AI and machine learning to improve performance and also offer great services. Here are 10 WordPress plugins using AI that would help.

WPForms Giveaway – Win 3 WPForms Pro Licenses and Build Professional Forms

Posted By wpnewsify 2 days ago on all - WPForms Giveaway – Win 3 WPForms Pro Licenses. We have a new giveaway on WP Pluginsify and a chance for you all to win 3 Pro licenses by one of the best WordPress form builders out there, WPForms.

10+ Great Gutenberg Add-Ons to Bring Additional Blocks and More Functionality in WordPress

Posted By wpnewsify 9 days ago on all - In this article, Peter Nilsson has tested the most popular Gutenberg add-ons, which bring more functionality and boost the creation of your blog posts.

7 Mistakes That You Should Avoid While Setting Up a WordPress Site

Posted By wpnewsify 21 days ago on all - Sometimes you may forget to complete some critical tasks while constructing your site. In this article, we bring up some of the mistakes that you should avoid while setting up a WordPress site.

How to Speed up WordPress Development

Posted By wpnewsify 22 days ago on all - Developing and managing a website is a trying experience at best. No matter if you’re doing everything by yourself or are working on somebody else’s page, you’ll be looking to speed up the whole process any way you can.

What Are the Best Selling WordPress Themes 2019? (We Asked 47 Leading WordPress Theme Companies)

Posted By wpnewsify 24 days ago on all - What are the best-selling WordPress themes 2019? Peter Nilsson asked 47 leading WordPress theme companies. Check out the list at WP Newsify.