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Swipe Files – A Marketing & Copywriting Library for Creative Writers

Posted By supermonitoring 6 days ago on all - Compose innovative content and learn from the best. Their collection of advertisements, content articles, emails, and social media posts can inspire you for years to come.

11 Useful Project Management Tools for Web Development

Posted By supermonitoring 11 days ago on all - These useful tools are aimed to target web designers, developers, and other creative types. Some have slick interfaces, while others are geared more on desktop applications.

20 Best Networks and Platforms for your Affiliate Program

Posted By supermonitoring 13 days ago on all - Affiliate networks and tracking platforms come in to automate and streamline processes. We hope our extensive list will help you scale your business better.

Hey – a Thoughtful Email Reinvention Tool from Basecamp

Posted By supermonitoring 32 days ago on all - Due to excessive spamming if emails have become a chore for you, it’s time to look beyond generic tools. One such solution is Hey from Basecamp, that aims to restore the old magic.