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8 Best Websites for Used Books to Buy, Sell or Rent

Posted By ravikumarnama 1526 days ago on Education

http://www.myinvestmentspub.com - When new academic year starts, apart from the school/college fees, purchasing of text books is also a major expenditure to students. Many of us don't know that there are many websites available with a huge library of used books. They not only buy but also sell your old books which saves a lot of money and time. Many portals providing services to all kind of subjects. From KG to PG, Medicine, Engineering, IIT, IIM, Law, CA, IAS, IPS entrance exam books, different state board books etc. can
be available for buying, renting and selling from these websites. Based on the popularity and the availability of books, the following are the best portals for used books to buy, rent and/or sell.

Top 9 ways of Making Money Online without Ads

Posted By ravikumarnama 1605 days ago on Make Money

http://www.myinvestmentspub.com - To most individuals, Making Money online is generally about publicizing Advertisements on your website or Blog. Advertisements might be of different types, including Direct ads, Affiliate ads, Sponsored ads, etc. While promoting remains one of the most popular form of Making Money online, there are other ways of Earning money online. In case you don't want to jumble up your site with all these Ads, and like to keep things moderate, then you can consider the following different methods for Making money with your site.

The Three Best Ways to Finance Your Business

Posted By ivanpw 1583 days ago on Business

http://www.bizpenguin.com - As a successful business owner and entrepreneur, we understand how important it is for you to keep your business afloat. In a recovering economy, the challenges you face are numerous, and you need every ounce of skill and tenacity to keep your head above the water.However, the chances are that you, like many other entrepreneurs, have encountered one of the worst hidden menaces about: cash flow problems. All too ready to drag you down, combating this age old problem is no easy feat, but thanks to financing solutions, you needn’t be pulled under.…The post The Three Best Ways to Finance Your Business appeared first on Biz Penguin.

How to Promote Your Website on Reddit

Posted By mattzatus 1525 days ago on Make Money

http://sellmysite.com - The Front Page of the Internet sure sounds like an amazing place to get your site in front of people’s eyes, doesn’t it? And, with Reddit, it’s now possible to do this with a healthy dose of social media marketing. But how exactly do you achieve this? Well, as luck would have it, I’m here […]The post How to Promote Your Website on Reddit appeared first on .

Make More Money With Google AdSense – The One Metric You Have To Optimize

Posted By AdNgin 1521 days ago on Make Money

http://www.adngin.com - If you clicked the link to land here, we predict you’re using Google AdSense to monetize your blog. Duh! Thank you Captain Obvious! You’ve also read many blog posts describing how to increase revenue with AdSense. Strategies, best practices, and tricks a through z. You’ve read it all until your iPad batteries ran out and your eyeballs throbbed with pain.

7 Reasons Why Loan Against Property is a Great Option for You!

Posted By ravikumarnama 424 days ago on Finance

http://www.myinvestmentspub.com - If you ever need emergency funds, consider unlocking the potential of your property. Lenders offer loans against commercial, residential, and industrial properties. There are several reasons why Loan Against Property (LAP) are beneficial. We are posting 7 top reasons why the LAP is beneficial to the lendees.

My Strong Mutual Fund Recommendations to Invest in India - 2018

Posted By ravikumarnama 420 days ago on Finance

http://www.myinvestmentspub.com - Investing in Mutual funds is a proved and best Investment option in India. Irrespective of Market turbulence, investing in Mutual funds through SIP approach for long-term, will nevel left you in losses but with good yieldings better than any other Investments. If your tenure is 7-10 years, there is almost an implicit assurance that you will do well if you put money in good mutual funds with a good track-record and consistency in performance across market cycles.

Sharezy - An Amazing Online File Sharing / File Transfer Platform

Posted By ravikumarnama 231 days ago on Technology

https://blog.sharezy.in - Sharezy, developed by Ivory Innovations Private Ltd. (IIPL), is a simple and secure way of sharing your files to your friends and colleagues. This is absolutely a free service and can share your files up to 1 GB around the Globe. The unique feature of Sharezy is downloading of CLI Link, which is very much useful to Linux developers. The download link is available to the Recipients for up to 10 days and expires after that. You can upload multiple files and share to multiple users at a time with easy and minimal navigations. You no need to register or sign-up to access all these features of Sharezy. However, for Corporate users, we will provide Registration to ensure more secured way of Sharing files with many more useful features.

Complete List of Documents / Things you must check for buying a Property/Flat/Plot

Posted By ravikumarnama 179 days ago on Finance

https://www.myinvestmentspub.com - Now-a-days the first thing that every young person who started earning money thinks to buy / purchase a property. Various reasons like Home loans availability, Real estate opportunities and Tax benefits are luring the buyers to purchase a property. During recent Budget 2014 is also very positive about Infrastructure developments in the country which is boosting again to purchase a Property. However, most of the youngsters do not know what aspects need to be looked before purchasing a property. And, this is causing a lot of cheating and resulting in purchasing an Un-authorized property or rejecting a Home loan which is heavy damage to your financial status.

The New Version of Sharezy has Arrived!

Posted By ravikumarnama 176 days ago on Technology

https://blog.sharezy.in - With rich GUI, more user-friendly and all new features, this new version is both simpler and more well-rounded than before, to meet the the feedback comments and needs of our esteemed users on sharing and transfer of collaborative documents.

6 Best Re-Commerce Websites to Sell out Your Used Items

Posted By ravikumarnama 161 days ago on Business

https://www.myinvestmentspub.com - After e-commerce, the Re-commerce or Reverse Commerce getting popular business model of online. The Re-commerce is an activity that promotes the re-marketing of used goods by organizing the resale of these goods to merchants by the owners. Many new start-ups are chasing in this big Re-commerce opportunity. To gain new customers and lure people away from online classified as well as offline stores, these re-commerce companies offering product specialization, a more scientific price discovery mechanism and higher convenience to bring the second-hand goods market online. What are these Re-commerce websites? How these are different from Olx, Quickr or eBay? What are the benefits from Re-commerce websites? What are the best Re-commerce websites available? We will see in this article...

Financing Your Home in an Urban Area is now Feasible with a Home loan

Posted By ravikumarnama 156 days ago on Finance

https://www.myinvestmentspub.com - For want of better job opportunities and better education, families are increasingly shifting to bigger cities. However, living on rent forever cannot be a feasible option in the long run. The next best alternative is to own a house. But house prices are sky-rocketing, leading to a shortage of housing in urban areas for quite some time now. Not everyone is able to afford a house of their own. To tackle the housing shortage in urban areas, especially among the lower and middle-income segments, credit availability on feasible terms and affordable rates is important. The government and financial institutions have been trying to implement that from time to time.

Best Ways to Save Your Capital Gain Tax

Posted By ravikumarnama 151 days ago on Finance

https://www.myinvestmentspub.com - Generally the real estate investments are long term investments. People buy a property and sell at higher prices later. Most of the investors sell their property at a profit. Profits or gains arising from selling of these properties or assets are called “Capital Gains” and are charged to tax under the head “Capital Gains”. However, the amount involved in sale / purchase of a property is usually very high and the Capital Gains Tax is also very high. Many of us do not know how to reduce these Capital Gain Taxes and unnecessarily loosing huge money in the form of taxes. We will see what are all the options available to reduce the Capital Gain Tax and to maximize the savings.

5 Best Sectors and Stocks for Investing in 2019 and after BJP Massive Victory

Posted By ravikumarnama 147 days ago on Finance

https://www.myinvestmentspub.com - Results announced. BJP led NDA Government coming back to power with massive victory. During first period of Modi's Government, the benchmark indices Sensex and Nifty rallied over 50%. It means, Markets will continue this momentum in the coming 5 years. However, analysts warning that the Markets have already factored the victory of BJP led NDA's victory in the last 2 days. Hence a prudent approach is required to invest in the Markets. Analysts saying investors with moderate-to-high risk appetite should continue to invest in the Market. A systematic approach is also a good approach to invest in the Market. We will see what are the Top sectors and stocks that are going to benefit from BJP's landslide victory consecutively.