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Upcoming News

5 Best Super Top-up Health Insurance Policies in India for 2020

Posted By ravikumarnama 2 days ago on all

https://www.myinvestmentspub.com - Super Top Up Health Insurance Plan works exactly like Top Up Health Insurance but with only one difference. In Top Up Health Insurance Plan, there is a limit for a claim in a year i.e. single claim in a year. However, in case of Super Top Up Health Insurance Plan, there is no such limit.

5 Tips to Follow While Investing in Public Provident Fund / PPF

Posted By ravikumarnama 3 days ago on all

https://www.myinvestmentspub.com - PPF Investment is undoubtedly a safe and risk-free investment. Though it has few limitations, one has to keep PPF investment in his / her portfolio for its unique features and benefits. To diversify the investment portfolio, PPF is the top most option to choose.

Good Ways to Clean-up Your Investment Portfolio

Posted By ravikumarnama 13 days ago on all

https://www.myinvestmentspub.com - Our Prime Minister talking about Swachch Bharat Abhiyan program to clean-up India. Narendra Modiji has launched 5-year mission on the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi to make India clean and Hygiene. Similarly every person should have a mission to clean-up their Investment Portfolio. All the unnecessary stuff needs to be thrown out to make place for the new. It is likely that it has gone out of shape over time. Experts say that one should review the portfolio at least once a year, and the start of this festival season is the right time to clean-up your portfolio.

Good Ways to Automate Your Investments For Better Returns

Posted By ravikumarnama 63 days ago on all

https://www.myinvestmentspub.com - Today we are running with the time and many of us don't have time to think about investments and savings and simply keep all your surplus money in savings bank account which yields just 4% interest. Lack of time resulting our hard earned money sitting idle in the low earning savings bank account. For those people who are reporting have no time for savings, I am suggesting some ways to automate investments and savings which not only offer better returns but also save your time. We will see the what are the ways which can automate your savings and investments

3 Best Remote Job Websites To Earn Extra Income From Home

Posted By ravikumarnama 138 days ago on Make Money

https://www.myinvestmentspub.com - Due to some various personal reasons or to earn extra income, many students, retired employees or house wives are searching for jobs to work from homes. However, it is difficult for them to find out the genuine and right websites for the information about work-from-home jobs. Because of the reasons like long commutations to offices, maintaining strict office timings, some health issues or yearning to earn extra income, every one is searching for remote / work-from-home jobs. However, there are many fake websites mush-rooming which are luring the innocent job-seekers with fake advertisements on their websites. One should be careful in choosing the right website for right info. I have done some research on these websites and found the following 3 websites which are giving the genuine info ab

4 Fundamentally Strong Stocks to Invest for Long Term Through Systematic Equity Plan / SEP in 2019

Posted By ravikumarnama 144 days ago on Finance

https://www.myinvestmentspub.com - Like Mutual Funds, we can invest into stocks through SEP or Systematic Equity Plan for long term. Many major Demat service providers are offering SEP facility to their customers. Selection of strong stocks is the major key factor in winning your portfolio. Certain points you need to consider for selection of strong stocks for SEP or Systematic Investment Plan. The following 4 stocks are fundamentally strong stocks to invest for long term through SEP or Systematic Investment Plan for 2019

Top 4 Best Applications To Buy the Scrap / Waste At Your Doorstep

Posted By ravikumarnama 151 days ago on Finance

https://www.myinvestmentspub.com - Recycling is divine and responsible to save the earth from the pollution and making clean environment to our future generations. Use these online solutions to sell out your scraps and waste and save the earth with commitment to the environment.

5 Unique Features Introduced in New Version of Sharezy.in

Posted By ravikumarnama 154 days ago on Technology

https://blog.sharezy.in - The latest release for Sharezy has loaded with many unique and exciting features to help ensure your content is shared only with the people you want to share it with, and in the way you would like them to access it.

'Scan QR Code' Option in Sharezy.in for Secure and Faster Downloading

Posted By ravikumarnama 157 days ago on Technology

https://blog.sharezy.in - Sharezy has gear up with one more exciting feature for secure and faster downloading of your files / images. Sharezy introducing Download using 'Scan QR Code' option.

Best Practices for Turning your Hobby into a successful Business

Posted By ravikumarnama 159 days ago on Finance

https://www.myinvestmentspub.com - Pursuing a Hobby becomes stress-buster and it is very important for those who engage in busy careers. We develop our personality and the ambiance around us, which changes the world. A hobby cannot always be pursued alone, it requires sharing and team work which allows knowledge enhancement.People on the softer side choose music, dance or painting as a hobby. People with an adventurous instinct choose wild hobbies like mountaineering, underwater diving and so on. Similarly people enjoying heritage or who like exchanging and networking involve in collectibles.

6 Ultimate Tips to Select Best Mutual Funds for Beginners

Posted By ravikumarnama 168 days ago on Finance

https://www.myinvestmentspub.com - Investing in Mutual funds is undoubtedly a best long term investment approach. Investing into Mutual funds through SIP approach is a well known proved concept, however selection of Mutual funds is a tough decision. Many young investors facing problems in selecting the right mutual funds to cater their financial goals. Because of the current lifestyle and lack of awareness, investors are unable to identify the right Mutual funds for their investment portfolio. This mistake results not only the precious time loss but also end up with insufficient corpus to your financial goals. I am suggesting the following tips to choose the right and best performing Mutual funds that would give you the best returns to your investments.

5 Best Super Top up Health Plans That Should be Considered

Posted By ravikumarnama 170 days ago on Finance

https://www.myinvestmentspub.com - Many of us not aware of the importance of having Health Insurance Policy. We may think that the Health Insurance policy is not at this stage but at the later stage like after 60 + years and having Health Insurance policy at younger stage is just waste of money in paying the premiums. However nobody knows when the life turns into fatal moments. Because any unpredictable situation may occur at any of point of time in our life. Medical emergency is one such situation. If you are not prepared well in advance to face such Medical emergency situation, it would lead to a huge loss to you and your family. But what about the premium cost? Is it affordable to meet the sky-rocketing medical costs? What are the options to get higher Health Insurance at affordable price?

5 Ultimate Factors Impacting Your Asset Allocation

Posted By ravikumarnama 171 days ago on Finance

https://www.myinvestmentspub.com - Many of us have certain financial goals such as Buying a Home/car, Children Education/Marriage, Taking Vacation, Retirement Planning etc. To achieve these financial goals generally we invest into various investment products over a period of time to create wealth as per our risk profile. Most of the Investors are conservative and do not want to take risk and invest into safe investment products like FDs, Gold etc. because of fearing of losing their hard earned money. Few of us are aggressive and invest into risky asset classes such as Stocks, Mutual funds etc. to generate higher returns. But which one is correct approach for investing? Safe Asset allocation or Risky Asset allocation? what are the factors impact your Asset allocation?

Previous History - A New Option Added in Sharezy.in

Posted By ravikumarnama 174 days ago on Technology

https://blog.sharezy.in - Sending and Receiving files with Sharezy just became an even more secure and streamlined experience.
In the latest update, Sharezy introducing new feature, 'Previous History' to help you to show your previous uploaded files history.

By allowing you to view the Previous uploaded file records, you can cherry-pick the file records (link) and can re-send it to the receipients again, if required or you can send it to the new receipients which you have to share the same file. This option eliminates uploading the same file(s) again to creat link and thus saving your valuable time