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Best 3 Virtual Tour Applications / Operators in India

Posted By ravikumarnama 10 days ago on all

https://www.myinvestmentspub.com - The entire world is facing severe panic with Covid-19 pandemic virus. Tourism is one of the worst-hit industry because of the Corona virus. The impact of the Covid-19 Corona Virus on world tourism is unquestionable, and the authorities' forecasts are based on previous experiences with similar cases such as that of SARS or H1N1. The very bad part of this virus is the exponential rate of spreading. Hence, tourists are not making any dare steps to go for tours around the Globe. Hotels, airlines, and cruise operators are just a few of the hardest hit travel industries that suffer the most immediate repercussions. People are now looking around virtual tours and these virtual tours are becoming buzz now-a-days.

4 Best Financial Lessons To Be Learnt From Corona or Covid-19

Posted By ravikumarnama 24 days ago on all

https://www.myinvestmentspub.com - Every crisis is a great lesson for us. We have to accept that the crisis are part of our life and should learn many lessons from them. The current Corona or Covid-19 is an Universal pandemic and it is eating many lives around the Globe. Many countries including India are in the race of finding the vaccine for Covid-19 virus. Every one eagerly expecting that the vaccine would be in the market by this year-end. Though we are still in early stage in fighting with Covid-19, the current economic turbulences caused by the virus teaching us many financial lessons. We will see what are all these lessons in this post.

Important Things That Every One Should Know About Personal Accident Insurance Policy

Posted By ravikumarnama 26 days ago on all

https://www.myinvestmentspub.com - Life is full of uncertainties and one never knows how and where an accident may take place causing a bodily injury that may have financial implications. Hence every one should know the importance of having a Personal Accident Insurance Policy along with the existing Term Policy and Health Insurance Policy.

Some Important Points to Remember While Investing in Gold in 2020

Posted By ravikumarnama 26 days ago on Finance

https://www.myinvestmentspub.com - Gold investments are traditionally considered as a hedge against inflation. investors tend to hold on their money in the form of gold investments because the value of the currency tends to drop during inflationary conditions. Though inflation is coming down at present, gold is still considered a good investment, and it is advised to allocate a certain portion of your portfolio to protect against volatility. However, one should not put their entire investments into Gold and need to diversify their portfolio by including Gold investment, which is not more than 10% of total investment. Also, accumulation of Gold should be systematic and not as a lump sum.

Axis Long Term Mutual Fund - A Best ELSS / Tax Saving Mutual Fund for 2020

Posted By ravikumarnama 142 days ago on all

https://www.myinvestmentspub.com - New Year has come with lots of hopes and promises for the investors. As every one is now searching for tax saving products to reduce their tax burdens, this post will give you some insights about Axis Long Term Mutual fund, which is a best ELSS / Tax Saving Mutual fund. Many of us already investing in PPF, ULIPs, Insurance policies, FDs etc. for tax saving purposes. With so many tax savings options in India, ELSS or Tax Saving Mutual funds stand out the best because they offer benefits beyond tax savings. What are the additional benefits we will get in ELSS / Tax Saving Mutual funds? Why Axis Long Term Mutual fund is a best among other ELSS / Tax Saving Mutual funds?

5 Best Super Top-up Health Insurance Policies in India for 2020

Posted By ravikumarnama 198 days ago on all

https://www.myinvestmentspub.com - Super Top Up Health Insurance Plan works exactly like Top Up Health Insurance but with only one difference. In Top Up Health Insurance Plan, there is a limit for a claim in a year i.e. single claim in a year. However, in case of Super Top Up Health Insurance Plan, there is no such limit.

5 Tips to Follow While Investing in Public Provident Fund / PPF

Posted By ravikumarnama 199 days ago on all

https://www.myinvestmentspub.com - PPF Investment is undoubtedly a safe and risk-free investment. Though it has few limitations, one has to keep PPF investment in his / her portfolio for its unique features and benefits. To diversify the investment portfolio, PPF is the top most option to choose.

Good Ways to Clean-up Your Investment Portfolio

Posted By ravikumarnama 209 days ago on all

https://www.myinvestmentspub.com - Our Prime Minister talking about Swachch Bharat Abhiyan program to clean-up India. Narendra Modiji has launched 5-year mission on the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi to make India clean and Hygiene. Similarly every person should have a mission to clean-up their Investment Portfolio. All the unnecessary stuff needs to be thrown out to make place for the new. It is likely that it has gone out of shape over time. Experts say that one should review the portfolio at least once a year, and the start of this festival season is the right time to clean-up your portfolio.