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How AI Impacts Reshaping of E-Commerce Marketing

Posted By itechiesnet on Blogging - AI, Artificial intelligence, is nothing new to discuss.But everyone is keen to learn how Artificial intelligence and deep learning are reshaping the modern marketing of today.In conventional days, these technological advancements were confined to direct or email marketing.But, with the passage of time, things have broadened in different ways, from reporting to decision-making, task performance to data analytics and now intelligence to prediction.This is when AI comes into existence.You might be aware that AI is the process of mimicking the human brain where machines can perform the human-like tasks.Like other sectors, eCommerce has also adopted AI largely to get closer to its consumers.And the result comes as a different kind of business environment by implementing intelligence externally

5 Additional Income Sources for Bloggers – Make Money Online in 2018

Posted By itechiesnet on Blogging - So, you have a knack for writing and you really know your way around words?Then, blogging might be the profession of your dreams – you can ditch the exhausting and uninspiring 9-to-5 routine and escape a dreadful Groundhog Day scenario of counting days till the next weekend and agonizing over the impending Monday looming up on the horizon.Flextime, working from the comfort of your living room, a nearby coffee shop, or a park, and writing about the things you’re genuinely interested in, are some of the perks of this job.However, while a handful of pro-bloggers managed to rake in average $138,046, not-yet-pros earned $9,497 in 2017 according to a survey.So, don’t expect six-figure salary right from the start as the success in this field requires a great deal of hard work, persistence, and d

 5 tips to Become An Instagram Influencer

Posted By itechiesnet on Blogging - One of the most used photo sharing platforms on the internet is Instagram.Almost the entire youth has an account on it and they have managed to persuade many elderly people to connect with others on Instagram. Instagram allows us to connect with our friends and family in the form of pictures which is one the best reasons to be on Instagram.One can get very innovative with pictures. They can be funny, informative, contain emotion and they spread happiness. One of the most fascinating features of Instagram is that we get to know everything about the lives of our favorite celebrities.Concept of Instagram influencersSince people are so invested in the lives of their favorite celebrities, therefore they have millions and millions of followers. Understanding the reach and potential of Instagram

What is a Chatbot? 5 Best Chatbots You Should Know

Posted By itechiesnet on Blogging - As buyers move towards becoming assaulted with more marketing and endorsement techniques over both the web and in reality, the challenge of straightforwardly engaging clients is a test confronting organization both substantial and little.What is a Chatbot?Combining the knowledge of machine learning and AI frameworks with the individual touch of innovation platforms, for example, texting applications or cell phones, chatbots could soon be the most ideal route for organizations to specifically contact their individual clients.

How to Go Viral on Your Social Media Marketing for 2018 and Beyond

Posted By itechiesnet on Blogging - Social media marketing is a constant in modern-day marketing.Businesses from all industries, and from all corners of the world understand the power of social media as a marketing platform, and that is why it is tapped and utilized strategically.Being viral is what’s hot when it comes to social media marketing.Being viral means that your campaign has reached far and wide, and had engaged a lot of users. Being viral, in a sense, means that your social media marketing campaign is effective.

How to debug WordPress Error  “Error establishing a database connection”

Posted By itechiesnet on Software - As a newbie, the ‘Error establishing a database connection’ in WordPress can be a big headache for you, especially if it happens on its own without you change anything.If you have recently encountered this error in your WordPress, don’t panic at all. All you need to do is read this article until the end. I will provide you some exceptionally easy options to resolve this error.But before that let’s see what this error actually is.The ‘Error establishing a database connection means your site has no longer access to your database and for that reason, your website has gone down. It usually happens when a PHP code is unable to connect to your MySQL database.

SEO Tricks to Improve the Local Search Rankings of Your WordPress Site

Posted By itechiesnet on Blogging - Ranking higher in your local area requires you to let search engines know more about what you do.Search engines take into account everything, ranging from the type of business you provide for the physical location and hours of your business.Just try going to a search engine, such as Google, and type in whatever product you like. You will be amazed to know that most of the results delivered on the first page are located within or around your city.It happens because Google knows the different businesses in your location, and fetches them when searched from a particular location.Getting on the local search engine list requires more than just SEO. Your search engine optimization needs to be localized.Here are a couple of tips to get your website on the local search engines: 1) Google My Busin

9 Tools for Assessing a Website’s Optimum Value

Posted By itechiesnet on Blogging - Buying a website can be a fantastic decision.It’s a great way to expand the scope of yours, or if you know what you are doing, it can be a profitable investment.However, for you to be successful when buying a website, you need to know how to assess its value.The first step in this process would be to familiarize yourself with what makes an online business valuable.Then, you may want to consider doing some research to do your own assessment and valuation.Take a look and see how these resources can help you determine a website’s value.Verifying the situationThe first thing you’ll want to do is accurately assess the value of a site is verify a few things.You’ll want to make sure that the site being sold to you isn’t owned by someone else or to make sure that the person selling you the websit

Effective Ways to Create Instagram Marketing Strategy

Posted By itechiesnet on Blogging - Today, the social network Instagram is experiencing a genuine flourishing of popularity on a global scale. Instagram postings get more user attention than posts on Facebook; they get a lot more photos, comments, and sharing, but also video reviews.On the other hand, a large number of companies are continually casual when it comes to Instagram’s promotion potential, leaving a vast advertising resource completely unused.What does that mean for you?  » Read more about: Effective Ways to Create Instagram Marketing Strategy  »

Google RankBrain in 2018 (SEO)

Posted By itechiesnet on Blogging - Every SEO expert knows about RankBrain and even though it is revealed in 2015, people are still debating about it.How to define RankBrain, is it really that important and would it affect the current SEO?Before we can answer those questions, let’s move back few steps.What is RankBrain and what is its purpose?RankBrain is neither an update nor algorithm.The best way to describe RankBrain is to define it as an artificial intelligence program which has one purpose and that is to define Google search queries better than before.RankBrain is helping Google by turning those queries into vectors. That is pretty important because that transformation helps the computer understand what people are looking for on Google and it defines the best solution for old and new keywords.I am sure you have all en

Boost Email Conversions using these smart Plugins

Posted By itechiesnet on Blogging - Irrespective of the fact which niche you are working in, one thing on which you need to pay attention is creating an email list.This will assist you in not only getting more targeted traffic but also create loyalty with your audience. If you are planning to run a business online, creating an email list is a long way to go.

A Quick Competitive Analysis of ReactJS and AngularJS

Posted By itechiesnet on Blogging - This era is all about being updated and to always inject the best-in-class features to your business, from the recent technologies, is the key to success. ReactJS and AngularJS are two big names as the front-end technologies to give out the best to your business in terms of the app development environment. Angular is a structural web application framework while React is an open-source JavaScript library.AngularJS can be termed advantageous as being shareable and with less code writing, whereas ReactJS can handle all the UI updates automatically and use JavaScript to create components with easy implementation of JSX.  » Read more about: A Quick Competitive Analysis of ReactJS and AngularJS  »