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Your Business Plan Isn’t Working Anymore

Posted By infinitehoroscopes 412 days ago on Religion - When a door closes for us, another window opens.  As Christians, we are taught to obey the word of God and to follow God’s plan for our lives. It’s hard to change direction if we have been doing something for so long.  If you have been running your business a certain way for years, you […]

What Signs Did Jesus Give for His Return?

Posted By infinitehoroscopes 423 days ago on Religion - It’s Been 2,000 Years Many Christians are awaiting the return of Jesus Christ.  It’s been nearly 2,000 years since Jesus Christ left earth.  When Jesus left, he promised that he would return. We will look at some scripture verses about the return of Jesus and what to look out for when he comes back.  In […]

How to Offer Same Day Flower Delivery

Posted By infinitehoroscopes 423 days ago on Shopping - If you own a florist, then having same day delivery service is a must.  You will find that most customers today want flowers on demand.  Long gone are the days in which a customer would ask you to send flowers to their loved on a week in advance. If their birthday is coming up, people […]

Are Jews Still God’s Chosen People?

Posted By infinitehoroscopes 423 days ago on Religion - Did Christians Become the New Chosen People? If you read the New Testament and are a Christian, you will come to see that Christians are now God’s chosen people.  Read 1 Peter 2:9. The Bible tells us that Christians are a chosen generation.  A royal priesthood.  You can’t be saved just because you are a […]

What is a Lily Flower?

Posted By infinitehoroscopes 423 days ago on Shopping - The traditional name for a lily is Lilium.  Lilies come from a bulb. The Lily flower is an herbaceous flowering plant.  They are plants that you can water.  The lily flower grows in the northern hemisphere. This plant can live more than 2 years.  It often grows for more than thee years.  They are known […]

Are You Gifted to Prophecy Prophetic Words?

Posted By infinitehoroscopes 423 days ago on Religion - When you receive salvation, the Lord may call you to give prophetic words to people that are in need.  You may not know what your spiritual gifts are at first. However, the Holy Spirit will lay it on your heart to give prophecy. When I first received my prophetic anointing, I didn’t know how to […]

What Are Considered Hawaiian Flowers?

Posted By infinitehoroscopes 423 days ago on Shopping - Flowers Popular in Hawaii: #1 The Bird of Paradise flower is a tropical flower.  It has a beautiful blue crest that reminds you of the blue bird.  It looks like it has a beak on the tip.  This comes from the plant family of the Strelitzia.  These plants originally come from South Africa.  This flower […]

Why Do You Feel Far Away From God?

Posted By infinitehoroscopes 423 days ago on Religion - When you first get saved by the precious blood of Jesus, you are ambitious to read the Holy Bible.  You feel like you are on “fire” for him.  You feel his grace and know that reading the Holy Bible gives you strength, wisdom and direction.  However, after a while, you may start to wander away […]

Why Should You Send Flowers to Someone?

Posted By infinitehoroscopes 424 days ago on Shopping - Sending flowers to someone is one of the best decisions that you will make when forming a bond with someone. Flowers say that you thought about someone enough to surprise them.  There are many florists today that do same day delivery.  Even companies like will make ordering flowers simple.  I prefer to send my […]

What Are the Signs of the End Times?

Posted By infinitehoroscopes 424 days ago on Religion - The thought of the world coming to an end as we know it is scary.  Is it possible that the earth will see an end time day?  According to the Holy Bible, the world as we know it will come to an end.  Many Christians and non-Christians alike have been talking about the end times […]