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Experience a Different Side of Florida in Jacksonville

Posted By iExplore 4 days ago on Travel - Located at the juncture of salt and fresh water in the northeastern part of the state, Jacksonville is more than just a beach town in Florida. Nestled along the St. John’s River, Jacksonville’s prefers instead to be described as a “river city by the sea.” It boasts more than 800 miles of excitement, including the largest park system in the country, top fishing, and — of course — beautiful beaches. The best part? Despite its size and the sheer amount of activities in the area, Jacksonville manages to remain relatively under the radar, giving new meaning to the term "oasis." Whether by land or by sea, here’s how to experience a different side of Florida this year.

A Week-Long Itinerary for an Epic Winter Park, Colorado Vacation

Posted By iExplore 10 days ago on Travel - When you first arrive in Winter Park, check into your accommodations and settle in before stopping by a ski shop to pick up any gear you will need so you don’t have to worry about it for the rest of your stay.

Your Guide to Cajun Cuisine in Southwest Louisiana

Posted By iExplore 11 days ago on Travel - Our team of editors put in some hard work and long hours sampling the fares of Lake Charles while they were in town, bravely telling us, "It's a tough job, but someone has to do it." Here are their top recommendations for when you visit this gem in southwest Louisiana.

5 Outdoor Adventures Everyone Should Experience in Louisiana

Posted By iExplore 11 days ago on Travel - Water is a way of life for Lake Charles, Louisiana. Located less than a 100 miles from the Gulf Coast and surrounded on all sides by gorgeous marshland and lakefront, this southwest Louisiana city is a playground for wildlife enthusiasts and explorers of all ages. Whether you’re dreaming of a morning out on the water watching the marsh come to life or a quiet afternoon biking the lakefront, there’s an adventure for you in Lake Charles.

7 Reasons to Visit Lake Charles, Louisiana This Year

Posted By iExplore 11 days ago on Travel - If you're looking for a place where you can truly immerse yourself in Louisiana culture and cuisine, we'd like to point you west of New Orleans to city called Lake Charles. Home to glitzy casinos and a smorgasbord of Cajun cuisine, this southwestern city is on the move — in more ways than one. With a booming hospitality business, a thriving arts and cultural scene, and a plethora of outdoor opportunities, we think you'll find Lake Charles is a destination the whole family can get behind. Ready to visit? Check out the photo gallery for more trip inspiration.

This Filipino Resort Was Made with Adventure Travel in Mind

Posted By iExplore 11 days ago on Travel - Located just an hour and half flight away from El Nido Island, Miniloc Island Resort lies along a white sand beach in between a series of limestone cliffs. Guests who stay in this quaint, 50-room resort can kayak to and from the Big and Small Lagoons and take in the natural beauty of the landscape at their leisure.

Find Your #FreeYourself Moment in Tucson, Arizona

Posted By iExplore 17 days ago on Travel - A city just off the beaten path with a history of welcoming free-spirited explorers, Arizona's second largest city encourages travelers to let go and let live — every day. With daytime temperatures rarely dipping below 65 and nearly 350 sunny days throughout the year, there’s no excuse not to free yourself in Tucson this year.

The Best Christmas Towns in America

Posted By iExplore 29 days ago on Travel - We've scanned the United States to find the cities that offer the best light displays, most amazing shows and grandest parades to herald in the yuletide season with great success. From Colorado ski towns to Pacific Northwest Bavarian villages, these destinations embrace the Christmas spirit so much they could give the North Pole a little competition.

48 Hours in Paris

Posted By iExplore 37 days ago on Travel - Known as the City Of Love and the City Of Lights, the French capital is like nowhere else in the world. From innovative chefs, artistic institutions and awe-inspiring sights, Paris is a dynamic cultural hub that offers something for every visitor. Then, add in oodles of historical sights, cafes to waste away the day and picture perfect views and you’re guaranteed an amazing 48 hours in Paris.

48 Hours in Philadelphia

Posted By iExplore 37 days ago on Travel - The birthplace of America, Philadelphia is home to many firsts in the nation, as well as a city celebrated for its diverse cuisine, rowdy sports fans, vibrant art scene, and unrivaled beer culture. Philadelphians have a true passion for their crafts, which is apparent everywhere you go. Explore the rich history and see what makes it a truly iconic US city.

48 Hours in Portland

Posted By iExplore 37 days ago on Travel - If you like it weird, Portland is the place for you. This offbeat Oregon city is getting more than its fair share of limelight lately, and with good reason. Gorgeous gardens, hip foodie hot spots, ample indie entertainment and trendy, tax-free shopping (yes, that's right) make Portland more than worthy of both its newfound pop culture presence and its selection as your next weekend getaway destination.