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Fonts Used In Famous Logos (With Download Links)

Posted By fershid 973 days ago on Design - Ever wanted to know the names of the fonts used in the logos of famous brands like Adidas, Calvin Klein, FedEx, Gillette, Jaguar, Lufthansa, Omega, Rolls-Royce, Visa, etc.? We’ve compiled an alphabetical list of 60 well-known logos with their corresponding fonts and download links.

In some cases, the fonts have been tweaked or edited from their original form to create a customized wordmark. In those cases, we’ve listed the closest possible font that matches the logo. Check out the list here.

Use This Unique List of Sites To Overcome The Fear of Public Speaking

Posted By AceyG 973 days ago on Business - This page contains hand-picked resources we have put together to help you overcome the common fear of public speaking. Have a look & start improving your speaking skills today
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Add high quality video effects like explosions, blood, fire, and other things like transitions & backgrounds to your video production

Posted By michael.aulia 503 days ago on Technology - Shutterstock is a pretty well known company offering high quality images that you can use on your website and publications. With the addition to their new Shutterstock Elements, you now have access to over 3,000 video elements that you can use in your videos. Don’t get me wrong. These elements are of very high quality, […]