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10 Good Infographic Examples that You Can Replicate on Your Blog

Posted By ZacJohnson on Blogging - In today’s digital world, it’s easy to drift afloat in the never-ending sea of information. Data is literally everywhere, and that’s what makes it difficult to absorb all of them at once. That’s where infographics come to play. According to a recent survey by Hubspot, it’s found out that the number of infographic searches in Google has increased by more than 800%. That’s around a 1% increase in infographic creation every day. The reason behind its exponential popularity increase is due to the ever-growing need for a better way to market content across the web. Infographics have proven to be more The post 10 Good Infographic Examples that You Can Replicate on Your Blog appeared first on Blogging Tips.

The Pro’s And Con’s Of Cloud Hosting

Posted By adamjc 386 days ago on Blogging - Does it make sense upgrading your WordPress sites to cloud hosting? The answer to this question is not a simple and straightforward yes or no. There are many factors that need to be taken into account. The soundness of the […]The post The Pro’s And Con’s Of Cloud Hosting appeared first on WP Superstars.


Posted By g2crowd 386 days ago on Technology - The Switch is a genius little system with a ton of potential, a bright future — and a limited set of recognizable game properties found when surfing around the e-shop. Among the small pile of familiar faces, a large chunk of currently available Switch games are from less well-known, independent studios.


Posted By g2crowd 385 days ago on Technology - Conferences like Microsoft Ignite 2017 allow tech professionals of all kinds to come together and share knowledge. From enterprise IT solutions to artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning breakthroughs, Ignite has provided an excellent opportunity for someone like me, a software and technology researcher and writer, to learn more about the world of chatbots and of neural networks, and even experience a little VR


Posted By g2crowd 385 days ago on Business - Fake news has a distinct garbage-like quality. It emphasizes fear over facts, and is more jarring than it is journalistic. It’s the grainy, clickbait magazine that jumps out at you in the grocery store line. It is an industry determined to profit off of the vulnerability of those who struggle to determine fact from fiction.


Posted By g2crowd 383 days ago on Business - Categories of ranked features of sales intelligence software include Data Availability and Data Accuracy. Of these two feature categories, users rated Company Data Availability highest, with an average 86 percent satisfaction.

Why Turning Employees Into Brand Ambassadors Matters

Posted By g2crowd 383 days ago on Technology - The relationships your employees have with their networks – which likely include potential customers, prospects, and hires – are stronger than any relationship the people in their networks may have with your brand.

The Journey to 250 K Reviews

Posted By g2crowd 364 days ago on Technology - This past year, G2 Crowd has been doing a lot of celebrating. We expanded beyond the world of software into business services and received a series B round of funding from Accel, with participation by LinkedIn. Our team has nearly doubled and we are sharing multiple new report types. We welcomed back one of our co-founders, Godard Abel, as executive chairman and launched our philanthropic branch, G2 Gives (with the first million of our series B funding designated for charitable giving). And while these were very exciting achievements, nothing speaks to our original mission quite like the milestone we achieved today.

We are very excited to announce that we have surpassed more than 250,000 verified-user reviews.

Four Leadership Lessons Learned From My Cross Country Coach

Posted By g2crowd 363 days ago on Technology - As a cross country runner form a small town in Iowa, we didn’t consistently win state titles, but we were consistently strong. I benefited from some wonderful coaching. Here are four lessons I learned from my coach that have been applied at G2 Crowd:

G2 Crowd Ranked Number 20 in LinkeIn's Best Companies | Startups List

Posted By g2crowd 356 days ago on Technology - We founded G2 Crowd just over five years ago to bring transparency to B2B buying. With our more than 1 million monthly visitors, using our more than 250,000 verified, user-reviews, B2B reviews are influencing more buying decisions every day.

To further validate our mission, we are excited to have been named number 20 on LinkedIn’s Top Companies | Startups list!