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Designer Turns Neymar’s Dramatic World Cup Falls Into A Free Font

Posted By fershid 3 days ago on Design

https://digitalsynopsis.com - Brazilian art director Luciano Jacob has turned Neymar’s dramatic World Cup falls into a free-to-download font called ‘Ney Type’. While others were busy mocking the Brazilian footballer’s dives on social media, Jacob was convinced Neymar was “just trying to send us a message”. He noticed the similarity between Neymar’s poses and letterforms of the alphabet, and created a custom font that you can download for free. Check it out here.

NVIDIA Develops AI That Can Remove Noise, Grain, And Even Watermarks From Photos

Posted By fershid 5 days ago on Photography

https://digitalsynopsis.com - Researchers from NVIDIA, Aalto University, and MIT have developed an AI that can remove noise from grainy photos and automatically enhance them. This technology can be beneficial in several real-world situations where it is difficult to obtain clear image data like MRI scans, astronomical imaging, and more.

Existing noise-reduction AI systems require both noisy and clean input images, but NVIDIA’s AI can restore images without being shown what the noise-free image looks like. It just needs to look at examples of corrupted images. The researchers trained the AI on 50,000 images and the deep-learning algorithm was able to produce impressive results. Check them out here.

Shutterstock Comes To The Rescue Of Creatives Everywhere In These Clever Ads

Posted By fershid 7 days ago on Advertising

https://digitalsynopsis.com - Stock photography site Shutterstock is used by designers, creatives, and agencies all over the world, everyday. To highlight how important and useful the site is for creatives, agency Cazar DDB in Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) has come up with a witty print campaign that plays on the idea of Shutterstock “rescuing” creatives when they need it most.

The three-ad series features sketches of a person stuck in life-threatening scenarios with Shutterstock images coming to his rescue. The first ad features a sketch of a person in a kayak that’s about to fall off a waterfall, but there’s an image of a chopper on the right that’s come to his rescue. The second ad features the sketch of a person lost in the desert, but there’s an image of an oasis nearby. The third ad shows a person...

This Simple Chart Explains What Common Terms In A Logo Design Brief Mean

Posted By fershid 7 days ago on Design

https://digitalsynopsis.com - What do clients mean when they say their logo needs to be modern, luxurious, or subtle? Dubai-based logo designer Jefferson Pascual has created a handy infographic that uses an illustration of a bird to explain common terms used in logo design briefs.

The chart features bird logos designed in different styles (eg. young, modern, feminine) with their visual opposites on the other side (mature, classic, masculine). Pascual admits that this is not the perfect interpretation for everyone, but his infographic still serves as a decent guide to understand different terms and descriptors used in logo design briefs. Check it out here.

Brilliant Ads By Stabilo Highlight The Unnoticed Women Who Made History

Posted By fershid 10 days ago on Advertising

https://digitalsynopsis.com - DDB Group Germany has come up with an exceptional print campaign for Stabilo Boss highlighter pens that honours extraordinary but overlooked women who helped change the course of history.

The ads feature old black-and-white photos of scientists, NASA engineers, and politicians. The women in the background are highlighted in fluorescent yellow by a Stabilo Boss highlighter. The tagline reads: “Highlight the remarkable“, followed by the names of the women and their contribution to science, astronomy, and politics.

The women featured in the ads are Lise Meitner (who discovered nuclear fission), Katherine Johnson (NASA mathematician whose calculations resulted in the safe return of Apollo 11), and Edith Wilson (former US First Lady who assumed her husband’s presidential role after he wa

This Brilliant Newspaper Ad Hides A 3D Kitchen In The Classifieds

Posted By fershid 16 days ago on Advertising

https://digitalsynopsis.com - Classified ads are usually boring and mundane but not for this creative duo. Colombia-based creative director Felipe Salazar and graphic designer Karen Castañeda came up with a brilliant optical illusion ad for their home kitchen client HiperCentro Corona.

The ad uses disproportionate blocks of text to create the indent of a 3D kitchen in the middle of the classified section. Check it out here.

10 Photoshop Commandments Every Designer Should Follow

Posted By fershid 20 days ago on Design

https://digitalsynopsis.com - When you’re working in a team and multiple designers and developers are working on the same Photoshop file, there are certain protocols you need to follow. You need to use an appropriate naming convention for PSD files, like ProjectName_Job_Version.psd instead of the default Untitled-1.psd. You should label your layers and organize them into groups. You should also save all assets relevant to the PSD, like fonts, logos, high-res images, etc.

We’ve created a list of 10 commandments of Photoshop workflow that every designer should take into consideration when working on group projects. Check them out here.

JBL Shows How Effective Their Headphones Are With These Brilliantly Art-Directed Ads

Posted By fershid 23 days ago on Advertising

https://digitalsynopsis.com - Last year, JBL China came up with an award-winning print/outdoor campaign that used 3D illustrations and negative space to show how effective their noise-cancelling headphones are. The campaign, titled “Block Out The Chaos“, was created by Cheil Worldwide Hong Kong and the illustrations were created by Bangkok-based CGI studio Illusion.

Now, JBL has released two new ads in the same style featuring (1) Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un and (2) Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola. Check them out here.

The Font On Adidas’ Football World Cup Jerseys Is Causing A Lot Of Confusion

Posted By fershid 28 days ago on Design

https://digitalsynopsis.com - The official Adidas’ font, used on its FIFA World Cup jerseys, is causing confusion due to its square, Cyrillic-style letters and numbers. Inspired by traditional Soviet imagery, the font uses sharp 90-degree strokes which causes confusion between letters like ‘A’ and ‘R’, ‘X’ and ‘K’, ‘Z’ and ‘2’, etc.

FIFA’s equipment regulations state that the font used on all apparels must be legible and distinguishable by all players, match officials, spectators and the media. Adidas’ font is neither clearly legible or distinguishable as pointed out by Twitter users over the past one week.

Top Web Design Trends In 2018

Posted By fershid 30 days ago on Design

https://digitalsynopsis.com - Previously, we featured the top trends in 2018 for graphic design, logo design, typography, and images. In today’s post, we focus on the latest web design trends with the help of this handy infographic by Template Monster.

2018 is all about an immersive user experience. AI and machine learning continue to be big this year. Progressive web apps are a must-have tool. Other popular web design trends include virtual reality (VR), chatbots with natural language processing, scroll-triggered animations, vibrant text-based designs, and interactive cinemagraphs. Check out the complete list here.

FIFA World Cup Logos From 1930 – 2018, Which One’s The Best?

Posted By fershid 33 days ago on Design

https://digitalsynopsis.com - The FIFA World Cup is the most widely viewed and followed sporting event in the world. The 21st World Cup in Russia is currently underway and we decided to do a round-up of all the World Cup logos from 1930 – 2018.

During the first four World Cups from 1930 – 50 (there were no tournaments in ’42 and ’46 due to World War II), the organizers created posters instead of logos. From 1954 – 66, the host countries had complete control over their tournament’s visual identity. From 1970, FIFA started adopting an official logo for its tournaments. Check them all out here.

8 Beautiful Flat Color Palettes For Your Next Design Project

Posted By fershid 36 days ago on Design

https://digitalsynopsis.com - UI/UX designer Ebtihaj Khan has created a series of minimalist flat color palettes for graphic, web, and UI projects. Each palette consists of five colors with their hex codes mentioned alongside. Khan has included both linear and contrasting color schemes. The beautiful presentation of these palettes, with the blurred vignette effect in the background, was inspired by the minimalist palettes created by Duminda Perera sometime back.

Clever Logos Of Letters A To Z Based On Common Words That Start With Them

Posted By fershid 41 days ago on Design

https://digitalsynopsis.com - UK-based graphic designers Liam + Jord undertook a 36-day typography challenge to create logos for every letter of the alphabet based on common words that start with them. For example, the letter ‘b’ has been designed to look like a book, the letter ‘f’ looks like a flag, ‘w’ looks like a whip, and so on.

The objective was to use the shapes of the letters to visually represent the meanings of the words. The logos were created in Adobe Illustrator. Check them out here.

Clever Ads For In-Flight Entertainment Use Parts Of An Airplane To Represent Famous Movies

Posted By fershid 42 days ago on Design

https://digitalsynopsis.com - McCann Lima has come up with an excellent print + outdoor campaign to promote LATAM Airlines’ inflight entertainment system. The 6-ad series shows illustrations of different parts of an airplane cleverly designed to represent a famous film.

For example, the first ad features a black and grey illustration of an airplane turbofan engine that resembles the famous gun barrel sequence from James Bond movies.

The second ad features a top view illustration of the exterior of a cockpit against a blue background, which makes it look like the movie poster for Jaws. The third ad is a yellow illustration of a plane window with a black horizontal line running across, which resembles a one-eyed Minion. The tagline in all 6 ads reads, “More than 100 movies on board with LATAM entertainment.” Check