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5 True Stories Behind Famous Hollywood Studio Logos

Posted By fershid 12 hours ago on Movies

https://digitalsynopsis.com - Before the opening credits of a film, there is usually a short animation of the logo of the film studio (also known as production logo). Some famous examples include DreamWorks, Paramount, Columbia, MGM, and Disney. You must have seen the logos of these major film studios many times, but have you ever wondered about the story behind them?

For example, why does the DreamWorks logo show a boy fishing from a crescent moon? Which castle is that in the Walt Disney logo? Why does the Paramount Pictures logo show a mountain with stars around it?

Mind Warehouse has come up with an interesting video that takes you behind-the-scenes of the creation and evolution of these famous logos. Watch here.

What Your Font Choices Say About You

Posted By fershid 1 day 13 minutes ago on Design

https://digitalsynopsis.com - Every designer has a set of favourite fonts that they prefer to use in a majority of projects. These are the first fonts that come to your mind every time you start a new project. In our previous posts, we’ve explained how every font has a unique personality, a purpose, and an emotion. But did you know that the font you choose says a lot about you as well?

GetVOIP has come up with a tongue-in-cheek infographic that shares what popular font choices like Helvetica, Futura, Bodoni, Montserrat, etc. say about the designers who use them. Check it out here.

27 Beautiful Color Gradients For Your Next Design Project

Posted By fershid 4 days ago on Design

https://digitalsynopsis.com - Looking for beautiful gradients for your graphic, web, or UI design? UVdesk has created a useful online tool called coolHue – a free collection of over 60 gradients that you can use for design and code. You can browse through the swatches, copy their CSS codes and even download a .PNG version of each one. Here are some of our favourites from the collection.

Famous Logos Get Transformed Into Female Versions To Honour Women

Posted By fershid 6 days ago on Design

https://digitalsynopsis.com - Creative Equals, an organisation dedicated to diversity in the creative industries, decided to replace male characters of famous brand logos with female versions for Women’s Day this year. The objective was to raise awareness about the lack of female mascots in branding.

According to the organization’s founder and CEO Ali Hanan, 89.5% of design directors are male, which could be one of the reasons why brand identities mostly consist of male characters. Ali also stated that their objective was not to attack any of these brands personally but to get people talking about the need for more women in the creative industries and to celebrate Women’s Day. Check out the logo makeovers here.

Top Logo Design Trends For 2018

Posted By fershid 7 days ago on Design

https://digitalsynopsis.com - Previously, we featured the top graphic design and typography trends for 2018. Today, we focus on emerging trends in logo design with the help of this handy infographic designed by stock vector site Vexels for web design resource InstantShift.

The infographic features 7 key logo design trends to look out for in 2018. These include form simplification and responsive logos, experimental typography, geometric shapes, monograms, layered logos, and more. Check it out here.

Volkswagen Hires Photographer To Shoot Their Classic Beetle, He Uses A Toy Car Instead

Posted By fershid 8 days ago on Design

https://digitalsynopsis.com - Volkswagen and agency DDB Hamburg commissioned Mexican photographer Felix Hernandez to shoot a series of photos of their 1968 Classic Beetle. Felix, known for his realistic miniature photography, used his signature technique and came up with some stunning shots using a scale model of the Beetle.

The shoot took place at Felix’s studio. He used a Canon camera, miniature props, clever lighting and angles to capture these images. Felix also used in-camera effects, a Wacom Cintiq pen tablet, and Adobe Photoshop for some minor retouching. Check out the photos here.

Graphic Designer’s Interesting Experiment Shows How The Placement Of An Element Affects It’s Meaning

Posted By fershid 11 days ago on Design

https://digitalsynopsis.com - Brazilian designer Nei Valente has come up with an intriguing design experiment titled ‘Thoughts on Position’ that studies the relationship between the placement of an element and it’s meaning. The objective was to find out if the same element can communicate different messages when placed in different positions.

New Oscar Envelopes Have Huge Fonts To Avoid Last Year’s Design Fail

Posted By fershid 11 days ago on Design

https://digitalsynopsis.com - The most cringeworthy part of last year’s Academy Awards was when Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway announced the wrong winner for Best Picture.

It wasn’t their fault, someone backstage gave Beatty the envelope for Best Actress in a Leading Role (Emma Stone, La La Land) instead of the envelope for Best Picture (Moonlight).

Design and typography experts were quick to point out that the layout and tiny fonts on last year’s envelopes could have caused the goof up. This year, to avoid any kind of confusion, the Academy ensured that the envelopes were labeled with huge fonts.

Designer Creates Clever Brand Logos By Combining Two Different Objects Into One

Posted By fershid 13 days ago on Design

https://digitalsynopsis.com - Kochi-based designer Shibu PG has come up with an interesting project in which he combines icons of two different objects into one unique logo based on the brand name. The logo in each case is a visual representation of the brand name.

For example, the logo for Bird Vision is an aesthetically designed symbol of a bird and an eye. The logo for Owl Rider is a clever combination of an owl and a cyclist. The logo for EleWine shows a wine bottle in the negative space between two elephants. Check out the project here.

Brilliantly Art-Directed Coca-Cola Ads Make You Look Closer To See What Their Bubbles Are Made Of

Posted By fershid 14 days ago on Advertising

https://digitalsynopsis.com - Coca-Cola's advertising has always been about bringing people together. In this campaign from Coca-Cola Middle East, agency Memac Ogilvy Dubai came up with a series of print and outdoor ads that show Coke cups, glasses, and bottles filled with crowds of people that look like they’re at a concert. The photography, art direction, and post production makes them look like bubbles.

The idea was to equate the feeling of drinking a Coke to the feeling of being at a sold out concert, cheering alongside a stadium of fans. Coca-Cola's global tagline "Taste the Feeling" appears in small letters in each ad. Check out the campaign here.

Testing Photoshop’s New ‘Select Subject’ Tool That Lets You Select Objects In Just One Click

Posted By fershid 14 days ago on Design

https://digitalsynopsis.com - To make selections in an image in Photoshop, designers use either the Pen Tool, the Lasso tool, the Quick Select tool, or the Magic Wand. All of these require a certain level of effort.

To make life easier for Photoshop users, Adobe has released a new feature called ‘Select Subject’ that lets you select objects from plain and complex backgrounds, in just one click. The feature is powered by Adobe Sensei, the company’s artificial intelligence platform.

In this tutorial, Mumbai-based Photoshop expert Unmesh Dinda tests the ‘Select Subject’ tool with different types of images. He shows you how to use the feature efficiently in your workflow and make the selection process much faster. Watch here.

31 Useful Design Techniques For Creative Two-Letter Logos

Posted By fershid 18 days ago on Design

https://digitalsynopsis.com - Two-letter logos are one of the most popular logo styles in the world. They’re memorable because they use the brand’s initials to form a unique symbol. When executed properly, a two-letter logo conveys power, luxury, style, and exclusivity. Some of the world’s most well-known brands like General Motors, Volkswagen, Hewlett-Packard, General Electric, LG, Warner Bros., Louis Vuitton, and Calvin Klein use two-letter logos.

If you’re looking to create a two-letter logo, Company Folders has compiled a handy infographic that shares 31 useful design techniques. These include vertical strokes, horizontal crossbars, negative space, mirroring letters, and more. Check it out here.