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Sitejet: 6 Easy Steps to Building a Business Website

Posted By erikemanuelli 149 days ago on Business

https://www.webhostingsecretrevealed.net - Not all companies will be able to plan, design and build a website on their own. It often takes time, resources and experience to be able to produce something from scratch. Think about this – to a programmer, it’s laughable at how easy it is to write and run a “Hello World” program but to a layman, they wouldn’t even know where to start.

To simplify matters to the masses, companies like Sitejet have come up with a building block system that lets you make use of available tools to build your own website. Think of it as making use of pre-fabricated construction materials and then going wild with design using them.

It’s fast, it’s easy and requires close to zero technical skills. Let’s look at how simple it would be to build a business site with Sitejet .

Who Is The Most Popular Website Hosting Service?

Posted By erikemanuelli 176 days ago on Hosting

https://www.webhostingsecretrevealed.net - Popularity has always been the shorthand for people to help make decisions.

Want to get new sports shoes? Go for Nike or Adidas.

Buying a new phone? It’s either an iPhone or a Samsung.

While popularity can be a good barometer in some instances, it doesn’t necessarily tell the whole story about the company’s quality of its products and services.

To make an informed decision when signing up for a hosting plan – you’ll need to first understand your hosting needs, look up and compare, and select the host that is the best for your websites.

Best Blogging Practices For Nonprofit Blogs

Posted By erikemanuelli 185 days ago on Blogging

https://www.webhostingsecretrevealed.net - A blog is more than just a way to post stats and press releases about your company. In fact, used properly, blogging for nonprofit can be an indispensable tool to further strengthen the brand of your business and inject a bit of humanity as well.

If you want to try blogging for charity, then there are a couple of practices that you need to adopt in order to make it the best blog it can be.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that a lot of the non-profit blog ideas are similar for blogs in general. That’s because, ultimately, whether you’re trying to be one of the nonprofit blogs or not, it’s all about creating content that resonates with your readers.

So, let’s get started!

Neuromarketing: Use These 3 Brain-Targeting Hacks to Sell More

Posted By erikemanuelli 201 days ago on Marketing

https://postfunnel.com - Top-performing marketers don’t achieve success by chance!

They understand how to tap into the brains of customers for powerful.

The following ‘neuro’ tips and tricks are based on years of comprehensive research.

All you need to do is run, measure and refine these data-backed mind hacks for your particular business.

Be prepared to metaphorically zap some customer brains into motion!

Your marketing and sales efforts depend on it!

Keep Your Customers! Use These 3 Engaging Loyalty Boosters

Posted By erikemanuelli 229 days ago on Marketing

https://postfunnel.com - Any purchase is your opportunity to shine. Don’t waste your chance.

Treat every customer like gold, platinum or diamonds, and the majority of them will treat you the same way.

Show people you appreciate their custom in ways they can’t forget.

Discover how to convert otherwise passive customers into devoted fans.

Is Mandrill Done? 5 Alternatives for Your Transactional Email

Posted By erikemanuelli 233 days ago on Marketing

https://www.codeinwp.com - If you want to keep using Mandrill, you need to move to a paid MailChimp account, and then buy the add-on access.

Here are some Mandrill alternatives.

Best SMTP Providers Compared – Amazon SES vs SendinBlue vs SendGrid vs Mandrill

Posted By erikemanuelli 247 days ago on Marketing

https://www.codeinwp.com - Do you use email as one of the puzzle pieces in your overall online business strategy? If the answer is yes, and it probably indeed is yes, then you should look into what some of the best SMTP providers can do for you – and that’s both in terms of giving you new tools to make your existing tasks easier, as well as revealing totally new possibilities.

Mobile Marketing: 3 Impactful Concepts to Action Now (2019+)

Posted By erikemanuelli 264 days ago on Marketing

https://postfunnel.com - Mobile devices have completely evolved the way customers search, engage and buy.

It’s indisputable that every business in existence must bake ‘Mobile’ into all aspects of marketing in our touchscreen-obsessed era.

So, if your potential customers are glued to their mobile devices, be sure to use these techniques to memorably connect with these people on the move, at any time.

How to Start A Shopify Drop Shipping Online Store

Posted By erikemanuelli 285 days ago on Make Money

https://www.buildthis.io - When you start a dropshipping store with Shopify, you will never need to worry about the delivery process and stocking problems. All you need to do is pass on customer orders to suppliers.

You can choose products to sell from the popular marketplaces such as Oberlo and AliExpress then quickly add them to your store.

By successfully building a dropshipping store, you won’t be forced to keep stock of inventory since that will be managed by your supplier – an ideal scenario for selling stuff online!

In this guide, you will learn how to apply the retail fulfillment method by creating a dropshipping store with Shopify.

6 Best Email Marketing Services & Tools Compared (Updated for 2019)

Posted By erikemanuelli 289 days ago on Marketing

https://www.codeinwp.com - The following is an in-depth comparison of the best email marketing service providers money can buy. The aim is to help you choose the perfect solution for your individual needs. This factors in things like pricing, ease of use, overall functionality, email designs and templates, and what type of user can benefit the most from using a particular tool over the other.

3 Super-Persuasive Emotions You Haven’t Used (To Influence Sales)

Posted By erikemanuelli 299 days ago on Marketing

https://postfunnel.com - Even this title uses one of them!

Read on to discover which potent emotional traits your business is overlooking — before keen competitors beat you to it.