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5 Simple Yet Effective Ways to Promote Your Blog

Posted By erikemanuelli on Marketing - Blogging, at first sight, is a very independent and sometimes lonely task.

You can feel that. You are alone on one side of your computer, screaming into the blogosphere and social networks trying to be seen.

One of the most organic and genuine ways to promote your blog is to get others involved.

Email A/B Testing Best Practices & Ideas- Not to MISS OUT!

Posted By emailmonks on Marketing - You cherished email marketing campaigns that drove great engagement with your subscribers and even conversion. But, do you find the tables turned today? The same email campaign might not be even earning a single conversion for your business. So, what is the reason behind it? Maybe, your subscribers have started losing interest from your lame […]The post Email A/B Testing Best Practices & Ideas- Not to MISS OUT! appeared first on Email Monks Blog: Email Marketing Tips & Best Practices.

5 Content Marketing Tips to Help You Beat Your Competition

Posted By erikemanuelli on Marketing - If you want to not only connect but to also get something out of the connections you’ve made (retweets, shares, comments, etc.), these five content marketing tips are for you.

Facebook Retargeting: Fishing For Conversions With Daniel Daines-Hutt

Posted By contentchampion on Marketing - In episode 48 of the Content Champion podcast, I’m excited to be speaking with Facebook retargeting expert and long time friend of the show, Daniel Daines-Hutt, about how his Facebook Fishing Formula can literally skyrocket your conversions.

CMS Commander: How To Manage All Your Sites Under One Powerful Dashboard

Posted By erikemanuelli on Blogging - When I started blogging, back in 2010, I created my first website with WordPress and I had lots of things to learn. It was fun and instructive and while I made many mistakes, with time I achieved the first successes. This gave me the confidence and motivation to create new projects and open new blogs. Today, […]

3 Great Ways To Get Traffic To Your Small Business Website

Posted By erikemanuelli on Web Traffic - Let’s see how you can turn your website into your gate for clients to walk through and how to get targeted traffic to it that will be easily turned into buying customers.

An Exhaustive Guide To Marketing Your Business In 2016

Posted By erikemanuelli on Marketing - The best businesses are the ones that learn to break through the thousands of startups around them. The best companies are the ones that learn to market their business and product from day one.

Today, we’ll walk you through the process step-by-step. Don’t let your dream crash because of poor marketing.

Four Game-Changing Approaches to Mobile Marketing

Posted By erikemanuelli on Marketing - Mobile marketing has been around for a while, but now even small businesses are waking up to the reality that an optimized mobile marketing strategy isn’t a luxury — it’s a necessity.

According to Kenshoo’s latest quarterly report on mobile app advertising, over the past year, app developers have increased their spending on Facebook ads alone by 293 percent.

A game-changing approach to mobile marketing is all about covering four key areas, explained in this post.

Online Marketing Versus Traditional Marketing – What Should You Choose?

Posted By ivanpw 1003 days ago on Business - Marketing a product or a service is a necessity for every single business out there. If nobody knows about a product, sales will not be generated and profit does not exist. Marketing is vital but few business owners actually have the necessary knowledge to make correct choices.The biggest debate that normally appears is using online marketing or traditional marketing. We can say that online marketing is rather new, although it has been used for some years now. It practically refers to using the tools that are offered by the internet in order to promote the services or products of a company.…The post Online Marketing Versus Traditional Marketing – What Should You Choose? appeared first on Biz Penguin.

An Introduction To Affiliate Marketing

Posted By erikemanuelli 1003 days ago on Blogging - If you have anything to do with blogging, you’ve probably heard the term before. “Affiliate marketing” is a highly effective promotion strategy, though many aren’t aware of it. This marketing niche is pretty important for many online businesses, and yet a lot of new business owners have no idea what the term means. Here’s a […]

How to Get More Traffic to Your Website with Content Marketing

Posted By livechat 1008 days ago on Blogging - What’s the secret to getting a top ranking these days?That’s a tough question.You probably look at the Google rankings and wonder - how does my competitor get such a good ranking? How do they get all that traffic?You’re probably thinking they’ve got some secret weapon.Well, maybe they have. It’s called Content Marketing and in this post you’re about to learn exactly how to do it the right way.Of course, you need to make sure you’ve got all of the basics in place first. You know the type of thing – keywords, metatags, keyword rich URLs and anchor text, lots of content, a fast loading website, mobile ready, etc.. The basic ‘On Page’ techniques.You’ll also need to make sure that you’ve got some external links pointing to your website. Things like Authority Directories, your social medi