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Some Sports Ideas for Fundraising

Posted By myefunder 1750 days ago on Crowdfunding - Sports can draw the attention of young and old alike. Sports are events which can pump adrenaline into the arteries and generate excitement and enthusiasm unlike any other event. Ideas for fundraising involving sports thus can attract a big participation. Fundraising for a cause can certainly benefit a lot from ideas for fundraising involving sports as […]The post Some Sports Ideas for Fundraising appeared first on MyeFunder.

Crowdfunder – Raising money efficiently for everyone

Posted By myefunder 1743 days ago on Crowdfunding - Fundraisers are events aimed at raising funds for supporting a cause. But launching a fundraiser can sometimes be challenging enough. But platforms like Crowdfunder, more often than not help overcome these challenging times. Crowdfunder is an online fundraising platform which helps raise substantial amounts for a cause. Crowdfunder, by its sheer expertise in helping fundraisers […]The post Crowdfunder – Raising money efficiently for everyone appeared first on MyeFunder.

How to Find a Great Web Designer?

Posted By adogandesign 1722 days ago on Blogging - You have the best website idea (there isn’t a bad website idea, there are bad designers) and start telling about it to everyone you know and they love it.  So you get excited more and decide to bring your idea to life (followed by a dream you flipping off your boss and quit). But how […]

Shocking: These Small Town Businesses Can Pay Zero-Tax Like Big Corporations Do

Posted By ivanpw 1680 days ago on Business - Facebook only pays 4 percent tax on global profits. How much do you pay for your taxes? I’m sure it’s…The post Shocking: These Small Town Businesses Can Pay Zero-Tax Like Big Corporations Do appeared first on Biz Epic.

What Famous Logos Would Look Like If They Used The Products They Represent

Posted By fershid 1680 days ago on Design - What would brand logos look like if they used or consumed the products they represent? Italian industrial product designer Marco Schembri answers the question in this amusing project here.

Launching your company with the help of crowdfunding companies

Posted By myefunder 1659 days ago on Crowdfunding - The next big start-up phenomena might be grooming inside your mind waiting for you to unleash it in reality, but in soothe only an idea cannot make the flesh and bones of a company. The finance part in an obvious backbone of any project and it is for this part crowdfunding companies come in the picture. […]The post Launching your company with the help of crowdfunding companies appeared first on MyeFunder.

How to Develop Your Small Business and Attract Global Customers

Posted By ivanpw 1610 days ago on Blogging - No matter how small your business, you can enable it to grow and develop massively thanks to the internet. With the right strategies for growth and good online marketing skills,… Read more »(c)

Social Media Marketing Vs. Traditional Advertising – Where To Begin

Posted By divahound 1596 days ago on Social Media - Marketing messages are all around us, all the time. We are barraged with images, text, and sounds that are all meant to raise our awareness about an issue or sell us a product or service. Knowing how BIG the marketing world is, it can be hard to get your small business message out there to the right audience. For many small business owners, social media is a great way to market their organization for a cheaper price, but many traditional marketing tactics have their own unique value. How should you balance your marketing efforts in both the traditional and digital spaces?

How Women Interact With Brands On Social Media

Posted By divahound 1519 days ago on Social Media - Small business owners know the power of personal connections. And connecting online via social media has never been easier or a better way to market to potential customers. With more than 78% of people with a social media profile in the US alone, now is the time to reach your audience via various social networking platforms. If women are an important part of your target market, it’s time to pay attention to where they are spending their time online. In a recent study, 9 out of 10 women interact with brands via social media. These demographics may give you a peek into how your small business can reach women on various platforms.