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Up Your Game with 14 Website Optimization Techniques

Posted By erikemanuelli on Technology - The Website Performance Bootcamp includes quiz materials on the following beginner and advanced topics.

For beginners:

- Protocol
- Website performance features
- Configuration topics
- Stale content
- Load balancing
- File compression
- System communication

For advanced learners:

- Domains
- HTTP protocol
- Forming connections
- Advanced caching
- Authentication
- HTTP codes

Check out new Incapsula online training portal: the Website Performance Bootcamp.

Some Sports Ideas for Fundraising

Posted By myefunder 1504 days ago on Crowdfunding - Sports can draw the attention of young and old alike. Sports are events which can pump adrenaline into the arteries and generate excitement and enthusiasm unlike any other event. Ideas for fundraising involving sports thus can attract a big participation. Fundraising for a cause can certainly benefit a lot from ideas for fundraising involving sports as […]The post Some Sports Ideas for Fundraising appeared first on MyeFunder.

Top 10 Ways To Speed Up Your WordPress Blog

Posted By erikemanuelli on Blog Tips - With unlimited information becoming available with the click of a mouse, internet users have lost their patience, when it comes to waiting for a WordPress blog to load. If a page is taking too long to become legible, most internet users will move on to the next page that offers similar information, news, views, images or whatever else they are seeking. Therefore, if you want to capture your audience long enough for them to read what you have to say, you need to not only make sure that your blog is attractive to look at but that it loads quickly, before you lose a prospective reader.

The good news is that there are some easy tips and tricks that you can use to maximize the speed of your WordPress blog. Let me take you through a tour of the 10 best ways to speed up your blog. Some of thes
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e tricks are so simple that they might seem obvious to some of you but all of them work brilliantly when it comes to reducing the page load time.

Anatomy Of A Perfect Sales Pitch

Posted By insidesalesbox 1504 days ago on Business - Pitching your product and selling it is a humongous task. Where do you start? How do you approach? What are the first things to be said? A few of the things that creeps up in the minds of most salesperson. By carefully crafting the sales pitch to the right audience you can have a successful sale and build a healthy relationship with your client. It is also important to know that a sales pitch is a two way path between the customer and the seller, where the seller listens to the buyer, asks questions and provides them with the solutions for the problems they are facing.

Crowdfunder – Raising money efficiently for everyone

Posted By myefunder 1497 days ago on Crowdfunding - Fundraisers are events aimed at raising funds for supporting a cause. But launching a fundraiser can sometimes be challenging enough. But platforms like Crowdfunder, more often than not help overcome these challenging times. Crowdfunder is an online fundraising platform which helps raise substantial amounts for a cause. Crowdfunder, by its sheer expertise in helping fundraisers […]The post Crowdfunder – Raising money efficiently for everyone appeared first on MyeFunder.

How to Find a Great Web Designer?

Posted By adogandesign 1476 days ago on Blogging - You have the best website idea (there isn’t a bad website idea, there are bad designers) and start telling about it to everyone you know and they love it.  So you get excited more and decide to bring your idea to life (followed by a dream you flipping off your boss and quit). But how […]

Shocking: These Small Town Businesses Can Pay Zero-Tax Like Big Corporations Do

Posted By ivanpw 1434 days ago on Business - Facebook only pays 4 percent tax on global profits. How much do you pay for your taxes? I’m sure it’s…The post Shocking: These Small Town Businesses Can Pay Zero-Tax Like Big Corporations Do appeared first on Biz Epic.

What Famous Logos Would Look Like If They Used The Products They Represent

Posted By fershid 1434 days ago on Design - What would brand logos look like if they used or consumed the products they represent? Italian industrial product designer Marco Schembri answers the question in this amusing project here.

Launching your company with the help of crowdfunding companies

Posted By myefunder 1413 days ago on Crowdfunding - The next big start-up phenomena might be grooming inside your mind waiting for you to unleash it in reality, but in soothe only an idea cannot make the flesh and bones of a company. The finance part in an obvious backbone of any project and it is for this part crowdfunding companies come in the picture. […]The post Launching your company with the help of crowdfunding companies appeared first on MyeFunder.

How to Develop Your Small Business and Attract Global Customers

Posted By ivanpw 1364 days ago on Blogging - No matter how small your business, you can enable it to grow and develop massively thanks to the internet. With the right strategies for growth and good online marketing skills,… Read more »(c)

Social Media Marketing Vs. Traditional Advertising – Where To Begin

Posted By divahound 1350 days ago on Social Media - Marketing messages are all around us, all the time. We are barraged with images, text, and sounds that are all meant to raise our awareness about an issue or sell us a product or service. Knowing how BIG the marketing world is, it can be hard to get your small business message out there to the right audience. For many small business owners, social media is a great way to market their organization for a cheaper price, but many traditional marketing tactics have their own unique value. How should you balance your marketing efforts in both the traditional and digital spaces?