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5 Ways To Spring Clean Your Social Media Process

Posted By divahound 859 days ago on Social Media

https://divahound.com - We’re well into a new year, and it can feel like winter may never end. But spring is officially here, and there is no bad time to review the way your social media marketing efforts are going. Whether you like to ‘set it and forget it’ or are constantly working on how you market, these tips will help you freshen up your process and tactics to get the most out of social media this spring.

Finding Time – 5 Ways To Stay Productive In 2018

Posted By divahound 873 days ago on Business

https://divahound.com - More than 1 in 5 small business owners think that the hardest part about marketing their business is finding time and resources to do so. With smaller budgets and fewer staff than large companies, small businesses find themselves in the unique position of needing to find and cultivate leads in addition to being responsible for all other facets of the business. You can stay on top of your marketing efforts – in addition to all the other things you do – by making the most of your time each day with these hacks.

Using Social Scheduling Tools For Your Small Business – Pros And Cons

Posted By divahound 887 days ago on Social Media

https://divahound.com - There are lots of tools out there today that claim to save time and make the social media marketing process simple and easy. The truth is that while some tools have great features that could potentially offer a benefit to your small business, nothing can replace good old-fashioned personal effort and screen time engaging with your audiences. That said, social scheduling tools like Hootsuite, Buffer, CoSchedule, Edgar, and SproutSocial could offer you as a small business owner the opportunity to gain back some valuable time and keep your social pages fresh.

Why Your Small Business Should Invest In Stock Photography

Posted By divahound 901 days ago on Social Media

https://divahound.com - When it comes to garnering attention online, your first step is an eye-catching image. We’ve posted blogs before about why an engaging image will gain better reach for your content, but this post will help you figure out where and how to source great images.

Small Businesses: Three Social Post Mistakes To Avoid

Posted By divahound 915 days ago on Social Media

https://divahound.com - There is more content online now than ever before, and it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that ANY content is good content. But there are definite posts that anyone should avoid, especially a small business. These kinds of posts aren’t good for your business, your brand and won’t add any value to your social media fans and followers.

Twitter 2.0: What Expanded Character Counts Mean For Small Businesses

Posted By divahound 929 days ago on Social Media

https://divahound.com - Twitter has always been about brevity. Until now.

Since its inception in 2006, the social media platform has only allowed messages that were 140 characters in length. In late 2017, Twitter bucked tradition and doubled the limit to allow 280 characters. This expansion made some users mad (wasn’t the whole point of Twitter was that the messages were short!?), and elated others (Finally! We can send out more info in one Tweet!). Whether your small business is just starting to utilize the platform or are adjusting to the new character limit as a veteran, these tips and benefits can help you make the most of your 280 characters.

5 Ways To Be Effective Using Social Media In 2018

Posted By divahound 943 days ago on Social Media

https://divahound.com - Another year has come to a close, and now it a great time to both look back and aspire to a better new year. When it comes to social media marketing for your small business, it’s easy to feel like keeping up with the fast-paced changes is impossible. But here’s the good news: you CAN keep up. You can market your small business using tools and tricks of the hottest social media platforms and reach your target audience for less investment than more traditional advertising methods. And with an experienced guide like Divahound, your results can be even better! If you want to see just how effective social media marketing can be for you in 2018, read our tips below for making it a great year – then contact us with questions.

5 Easy Holiday Marketing Ideas For Food Trucks

Posted By divahound 971 days ago on Marketing

https://divahound.com - Food trucks typically know how to “do” social media. But it’s easy to let marketing go by the wayside, especially during busy times of year (i.e. the holidays). Another challenge for food trucks in colder months is just that – the cold! People are less likely to stand outside to wait for their food if the wind chill is less than zero. Here are five ways to keep your customers coming during the holidays and bring a little seasonal cheer to your social media channels!

Natural Disasters – A Small Business Social Media Response Plan

Posted By divahound 978 days ago on Social Media

https://divahound.com - In light of the recent hurricanes, earthquakes, and fires that wreaked havoc on our planet, having a plan in place for how to respond to such disasters via social channels is a good idea for all small businesses. From a local emergency to a national news-making event, communicating with your public during a disaster can make or break the days, weeks, months and years that follow. Here are some best practice guidelines for small businesses to consider when facing a disaster.

Social Media Calendar 2018 Planning – It’s Time To Start!

Posted By divahound 999 days ago on Social Media

https://divahound.com - Sure, there is plenty of 2017 left. But there’s never been a more perfect time to get a kick start on next year’s social media calendar. By having a plan set in place well before the new year, there’s no mad scramble to get something less than spectacular in place, and you’ll be better prepared to reach your goals. Here is our top-down approach to creating a calendar that will help your small business achieve your marketing goals and have a productive year.