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10 Travel Tips to Plan Your Trip

Posted By acouple4theroad on Travel - In terms of preparedness, your fifth international trip is going to look a lot different from your first, and your fifteenth will look wildly different from your fifth. It was no different for us. The first time Tracy and I left the country we had a great time, but we made a lot of mistakes. […]

8 Hours in Paris: A Raw Review

Posted By acouple4theroad on Travel - It is no longer Hemingway’s Paris.

No longer that romanticized epoch of clinking champagne glasses and Can-Can Girls, backlit with the swirling of sweet cigars and bawdy revelry. Where the beauty drifted, we don’t know; perhaps to the fate of time and erosion, or perhaps to the city’s reliance on old paradigms that just don’t work with the present population

6 Things Traveling to Peru Taught Us About The World

Posted By acouple4theroad 539 days ago on Travel - As an American couple, traveling to Peru gave us an opportunity to experience something we hadn’t before. While Europe and various U.S. locations have provided travel opportunities that are different in many ways from what we’re accustomed to, in many other ways life on these trips is very similar to how it is back home. It’s a modern world, with all the conveniences of a first-world existence that are emblematic of society and the ever-present hum of technology around us.

5 Tips for the Traveler in Training

Posted By acouple4theroad 531 days ago on Travel - I’ve always felt there was a difference between a traveler and a vacationer, a person who simply yearns to see as much of the world as possible from a place of true wanderlust versus one who owns a shorter list of desirable locations that are typically more commercially acceptable to visit. Not that one is better than the other, in fact, I believe most travelers begin as vacationers who simply catch an insatiable fever to see all there is to see.