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Outfit : Unchained In The Forest

Posted By Thunderella666 26 days ago on Fashion - So… whilst I have just come back from Newcastle (yours truly attended the Alternative Modelling Competition – full details incoming at the weekend !) … I am still gonna spam you with Scotland pics … Och! Aye! Of course, I had to take advantage of the glorious scenery and do a little bit of Wild Wild Witchin’… […]

Outfit : Lace Me Up, Imma Witch!

Posted By Thunderella666 27 days ago on Fashion - As a passionate anti-capitalist, yet pro wardrobe-fulfillist (this means I like to buy stylish shit and have an affinity with likeminded individuals), I always make sure that I buy things on promotion, never or rarely full price. It is very easy these days to keep up to date with promotions, and Lord Lemmy knows that […]

Subscription Box: Occult Box

Posted By Thunderella666 28 days ago on Fashion - Did you really think that I was going to wait for Christmas before opening boxes full of goodies?! Hell naw, by now, you should know that my debit card runs faster than the Road Runner being chased by Wile E. Coyote. C’mon! In the spirit of #rebeltothecore and also because I was bored at work […]

Trendy To Be Trashy … RIP Classy?

Posted By Thunderella666 28 days ago on Fashion - I can still distinctly remember that warm and all encompassing feeling of control, power and serenity that rushed through me as a 16 year old finally able to afford her first proper goth outfit. I had been living under strict conditions at home, and had finally started making my own money to pave my way […]

WordPress Issues : Will I Survive Without Archive?!

Posted By Thunderella666 29 days ago on Fashion - Folks, I am having massive issues with WordPress at the moment, my pictures from June to December seem to have vanished. I am really annoyed and upset, so here is a post to share my grievances in style. I believe in not taking oneself seriously and being outthere, so here I am ![rocking like a […]

Goth Corset Belts On A Budget

Posted By Thunderella666 30 days ago on Fashion - Apologies for the delay in between posts, I am still battling my vitamin D and folic acid deficiencies. These things are really draining me, but I got da drugz so I hope to be on the mend soon. drops folic acid In the meantime, please check out these selection of corset belts for under £20! […]

Whitby Goth Weekend 2018

Posted By Thunderella666 30 days ago on Fashion - … Sorry folks, but it took me nearly a week to reacclimatise to the “normal” world of bureaucracy, bullshit neatly typed in Office 365 and other assorted ghastly corporate crap. After a wonderful 3 days at the Whitby Goth Weekend Festival – and as many outfits for me (lookbook post incoming!), going back to the office […]

Lookbook: Whitby Goth Weekend 2018

Posted By Thunderella666 31 days ago on Fashion - … So this is part two of my blog series about the epic event known as Whitby Goth Weekend. For those of you who may have missed part one, please jump here and embrace your inner Morticia / Gomez ! During my stay in Whitby, I had to immortalise myself in the surroundings (isn’t this […]

Lookbook: Lady Fancy Goth Metal

Posted By Thunderella666 31 days ago on Fashion - For anyone who has been surfing this me(n)tal blog, you may have noticed that I am not your textbook Goth /Alternative/Metal chick. I have never been into textbook looks or behaviours – and as such have always felt a bit alternative to the alternative. [This sounds like a political party, right? “Vote for me and you […]

Letting Go of Social Anxiety

Posted By Thunderella666 32 days ago on Fashion - Thankfully for you guys, I am not going to sing the heavy metal version of ‘Let It Go’ today – this dude is pretty much nailing the metal version – but I would like to broach the topic of social anxiety, and my tips to let it go and watch it squirm! I have always […]

Run to the Hills, Strut for Your Life

Posted By Thunderella666 32 days ago on Fashion - … As many times as I have played this song, I can never tire of it ! It is especially appropriate for the treadmill : just play that song and picture yourself running after the meal of your choice … ta-dah : the calorie counter is hitting the roof ! Aaaanyway today’s blog post is […]