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Paracetamol To The Wall

Posted By Thunderella666 501 days ago on Fashion - In a typical turn of events, the day I decide to be productive (e.g. write silly stuff, take silly pictures and play silly metal), my body decides to go on strike, like a true French representative of the lazy derrière.I literally woke up feeling like Maiden's Eddie would feel after a night of tantric yoga with Vic Rattlehead.Stiff, dehydrated and wanting to run to the hills (and wondering why the hell I am sounding like I should belong in a band called Thunderus Goatus Throatus 666).I, Melly The Third (I got old cousins dammit), got a full blown cold during spring time in 22 degrees weather. Sigh. No, actually it should read "asthmatic sigh".Ugh. Some days I feel like there is a freaking twhost (twat ghost) following me around and sp

For Those About To Bollock...

Posted By Thunderella666 501 days ago on Fashion - I rebuke youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!Oh. I know what you may be thinking...."What a nice introduction eh?!" (alternatively you may also be singing along to the original tune, in which case I actually salute you).​​SMXLLYou see, I used to run a blog years ago ... A blog that was as shiny as Dave Mustaine's mane, and as funny as KISS' discography. However, through a combination of lack of self confidence and sloppy peer pressure, I put an end to it.I was too much Manson and not enough Marilyn. I let my own aspirations and creativity fall foul of people's opinions. I let my Sweet Dreams turn into Dream on. Because of what? "Friends" being critical and projecting their own inability to turn a passion into a reality? "Friends" sneakily snooping  on my site to screensho

Sad But (Sing) True

Posted By Thunderella666 502 days ago on Fashion - One of my latest objectives is to transition from the lyrical version of Jason Voorhees (massacres everything even in silence)  into the lyrical version of Hannibal Lecter (massacres everything with class, precision and a glass of Merlot).Basically, I have started taking singing lessons (and guitar lessons). This is happening after years of singing and playing guitar in Magneto mode - ie telepathically and with a metal helmet on (back in the day it was all about the scrollable adjustable metal circle of pain around your cranium).Admittedly, I have suffered from shyness and wasn't built with the strongest confidence in my abilities, so this is a massive step for me, especially considering the fact that my self criticism levels are higher than Simon Cowell's high waisted trousers on a

Rage Against The Meeting

Posted By Thunderella666 502 days ago on Fashion - UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGHHHHHHH. Meeting in the name of!Meeting in the name of!In a few days, I have to go back to what is deemed the "real" world, eg assume the crouching fatso hidden worker position behind my desk at home, and start hunting for more crouching fatso hidden worker positions via Linkedin and other job hunting websites. Rock.On.For what? Business Analyst roles.What is that? (i have been asking myself the same questions for the last 10 years).Well.....part of the role involves gathering a bunch of people together who hate being bunched together but who will whinge separately about never ever being bunched together to solve their bunch of issues. Yes, I am getting my panties in a bunch. I HATE meetings. I hate them with a passion stronger than Axl Rose's love of Hello K

Take Me Down to Greenwich City

Posted By Thunderella666 502 days ago on Fashion - Soooooooo I am going to pretend I am the Axl Rose of writing and come up with the excuse that I am late in submitting blog posts because I have been busy watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV : The Secret of the Booze ...  Eh, if Axl got away with it, then why not me? After all, we do share a love for not turning up to work on time and being dragged on our sha-na-na-na-na-na-neeees-eees!In reality, I have spent my "free from work" days (also free from gluten, methane and lame janes)  planning how to spend my free time, then actually using the free time to do more planning in front of the 66th cup of coffee (by the way, it's official, the Nero barista and I do not even need to communicate with each other anymore, it's shove coffee at first sight now)....Pro