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⚡Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil⚡

Posted By Thunderella666 on Personal - … Oops I did it again! I fell into that world famous hole … thathole which is darker than Alice Cooper’s eyeliner and Marilyn Manson’s y-fronts !! [sorry but hygiene doesn’t seem to be his forte] The hole of … CORPORATE DOOM!! Nope, I am not referring to a new genre of metal (although I am […]

⚡The Crazy Bear Hotel Beaconsfield ⚡

Posted By Thunderella666 on Personal - *George Michael Voice* “Laaast weekend, I gave you my credit card, but the very next day, you broke it away” True story, on Friday 25th May 2018, I was mopping about at home – because that is what I do sometimes – and decided last minute to book a weekend getaway at the Crazy Bear […]

⚡Lookbook : Lady of the Ranting Rings⚡

Posted By Thunderella666 on Personal - The below picture is a perfect illustration of what one looks like when they really really really want to do an impromptu fashion blog photoshoot, but have been beaten up mercilessly by the insidious corporate machine during the day : I look tired and defeated [but my outfit is poppin’, right?

⚡Run to the Hills, Strut for Your Life⚡

Posted By Thunderella666 on Personal - … As many times as I have played this song, I can never tire of it ! It is especially appropriate for the treadmill : just play that song and picture yourself running after the meal of your choice … ta-dah : the calorie counter is hitting the roof ! Aaaanyway today’s blog post is […]

⚡Letting Go of Social Anxiety ⚡

Posted By Thunderella666 on Personal - Thankfully for you guys, I am not going to sing the heavy metal version of ‘Let It Go’ today – this dude is pretty much nailing the metal version – but I would like to broach the topic of social anxiety, and my tips to let it go and watch it squirm! I have always […]

⚡Lookbook: Lady Fancy Goth Metal⚡

Posted By Thunderella666 on Personal - For anyone who has been surfing this me(n)tal blog, you may have noticed that I am not your textbook Goth /Alternative/Metal chick. I have never been into textbook looks or behaviours – and as such have always felt a bit alternative to the alternative. [This sounds like a political party, right? “Vote for me and you […]

⚡Lookbook: Whitby Goth Weekend 2018⚡

Posted By Thunderella666 on Personal - … So this is part two of my blog series about the epic event known as Whitby Goth Weekend. For those of you who may have missed part one, please jump here and embrace your inner Morticia / Gomez ! During my stay in Whitby, I had to immortalise myself in the surroundings (isn’t this […]

⚡Whitby Goth Weekend 2018⚡

Posted By Thunderella666 on Personal - … Sorry folks, but it took me nearly a week to reacclimatise to the “normal” world of bureaucracy, bullshit neatly typed in Office 365 and other assorted ghastly corporate crap. After a wonderful 3 days at the Whitby Goth Weekend Festival – and as many outfits for me (lookbook post incoming!), going back to the office […]

⚡Lookbook : Greenwich Witch⚡

Posted By Thunderella666 on Personal - Did you know that in the UK Summer lasts one week? We had ours last week actually. Seriously, the entire country was socks and inhibitions free for a few days, but is now back to Chewbacca levels of clothing layers. Classic British Summer. On this note : #RIPSummer2018. I have however made the most of that […]

⚡Isle of Wight Trip : Part Two⚡

Posted By Thunderella666 on Personal - I wish I could say I am late posting because I won the lottery and I am enjoying a private Corey Taylor gig whilst drunk on Veuve Cliquot bellinis, but the reality is that my day job is currently kidnapping my soul even after 5:30pm. Satan, you suck, I never signed up for overtime when […]

⚡Blogging Photography : Black & White Rescue⚡

Posted By Thunderella666 on Personal - Nope, this is not the most egotistical post on the bloggosphere, whereby I litter the internet with yet another blog post full of myself shrouded in #ffffff &#000000 (black and white for the non geeks). I am actually going to give some tips on rescuing pictures by using the artsy fartsy art of black and […]

⚡The Isle of Wight Gothic Circus 2018 Part I⚡

Posted By Thunderella666 on Personal - Alright dudes and dudettes, for once, we are not going to talk about my own personal circus (with my neighbours as the freaks and me as the knife thrower), but about the first Isle of Wight Gothic Circus ! I have indeed gone to the Isle of Wight (IOW) for the weekend and will be publishing […]

⚡Lookbook: Casual Metal by the Canal⚡

Posted By Thunderella666 on Personal - I am having a bit of a backlog issue with blog posts as so much stuff is happening at the same time … and actually I am one island behind, as I am writing this from the Isle of Wight, where I decided to go to attend the first Gothic Circus (next blog post!). In […]

⚡Lookbook : The Casual Spring Witch⚡

Posted By Thunderella666 on Personal - Have you ever wondered what an urban witch looks like? Most definitely not, but I am actually one! (nb: good vibes only – the only things I sacrifice are actually Kinder Buenos and my credit card).  I was out and about in the City during the Easter weekend, in a casual outfit which I tend to […]