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Fierce Friday Feelings

Posted By Thunderella666 15 hours ago on Personal - This week has been full on yet rather interesting! Hence my Power Pics. Work-wise, I have had agreement to do a four day week, which I am very pleased about as I have exciting projects to set in motion. Personally, I value time more than money but do realise we are constrained in a debt […]

The Dark Arts Fayre, a Bizarre Sunday

Posted By Thunderella666 21 hours ago on Personal - Fact: This past Sunday, I have been more productive than I usually am. Not only did I do something lady-like on the day of the Lord (appointment booked for radical hair change yay), but I also did my best to actually show up and support someone I know who was exhibiting her art at a […]

A Gal in Portugal

Posted By Thunderella666 1 day 3 hours ago on Personal - Quick post to say hello from Portugal! Yes I have gone Full Metal Mermaid for the week – I like color coordination don’t you know? [matching the chlorinated pool innit] I am currently in the Algarve, taking a break from London. I will be doing proper blog posts shortly, until then enjoy the view from […]

Alvor Por Favor; A Marv’ Time in the Algarve (I)

Posted By Thunderella666 1 day 9 hours ago on Personal - Disclaimer : At the time of writing this post, I am on the “48 hours post-holiday clock” and my soul is not only seriously trying to brexit again, but it is also rather upset with the cheesy title of this post … Why yes, it has been a while since I had inflicted a carefully […]

Purple Hair Hustle : Manic Panic Violet Night

Posted By Thunderella666 1 day 15 hours ago on Personal - Can you believe that as soon as I landed in the UK from Portugal, I caught a cold AND a non-stop thumping headache? Catch’em all my arse, I really could have done without this combination on top of my return to corporate land. UGH! As a result I have been feeling extremely rundown and have […]

Curiology Coven Club: August

Posted By Thunderella666 1 day 22 hours ago on Personal - I have been wanting to join a monthly subscription box for a while, not only to get regular goodies but also to break out from my current box routine … of Ferrero Rocher. So I took the plunge before my holiday to Portugal and joined the Curiology Coven Club. Why did I pick this one? […]

London Edge Autumn 2018 : The Alt Fashion Pledge

Posted By Thunderella666 2 days ago on Personal - …. Yes, it is that time of the year where I bust your (eye)balls with one of the main events in the alternative fashion world : London Edge !! Whilst primarily targeted at buyers looking to pimp up their shops with the latest in the alternative trends, us bloggers are also regular visitors to the […]

A Living Dead Girl in Highgate Cemetary

Posted By Thunderella666 2 days ago on Personal - These last two weeks have been more mental than a Donald Trump rally. Honestly, this is actually possible. I have been: ill, multiple times – because … just to make sure? dragged into ooooone more neighbour incident which triggered the ‘here’s my notice of termination of inferno residency’ event [yes, I am breaking free a […]

When Life Doesn’t Go As Planned

Posted By Thunderella666 2 days ago on Personal - … Put on your comfy shoes, go down your local thrift store and meet a really sweet shop worker who will bring not only a smile to your face but a top and a skirt for your totally random ‘shoot myself on my terrace‘ photoshoot ! Sponsored by : Never Eat Pizza before taking fashion […]

Boohoo Halloween Haul

Posted By Thunderella666 2 days ago on Personal - If you type ‘Halloween‘ in Boohoo’s search bar, you will get a plethora of halloween themed goodies … however, I present to you my wee selection – most of which I have placed an order for whilst coming back from a disappointing Gothic Circus Die Show in the Isle of Wight! But this will be a separate […]

Bow Down Witches : Outfit & Mood

Posted By Thunderella666 3 days ago on Personal - These pictures were taken in my soon to be ex-jail, ie Satan’s secondary residence. Honestly, this flat has caused me so much hassle, and not to mention burned holes deeper than the Grand Canyon in my bank account. I have not had a decent night of sleep, nor been practicing guitar or creating things – […]

A Tart for Tartan

Posted By Thunderella666 3 days ago on Personal - I hesitated posting this as it actually is a complete failure of a blog shoot : I forgot to take the head that holds the camera onto the tripod, so in effect the camera is either propped on a tomb (i went to a really tiny graveyard and I did ask permission!) or freestanding on the […]

My London Estate Agents Nightmare

Posted By Thunderella666 3 days ago on Personal - Folks, I have a confession to make. I think I am trans-turtle. Yes, trans-turtle. How so? Well, lovely readers, please know that up until recently, I have never felt such a longing to experience the life of the gothic turtle, portable black-clad housing and all.  Between the current (yet soon to be ex) living arrangement, and the […]

My Gothic Last Days of Summer

Posted By Thunderella666 3 days ago on Personal - A few weeks back, I went to the Kat Von D counter at Debenhams to use a gift card I got given for my birthday (thanks George!) and redeem a complimentary make up session … Oh My Goth, not only did I absolutely adore what Raluca came up with, but I also ended up meeting […]