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Reasons Why Your Content Won’t Rank Even If It’s Optimized

Posted By Mack85 on Marketing - There could be several reasons why your content didn’t show up well on the search engine. As an initial consideration, your content may have poor formatting, less searched keywords, wrong grammar, and its overall structure might be unattractive. But are these the only problems that is affecting your content raking or there are some other reasons to bother. Let’s find out!
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Top 5 Important Social Media Tools

Posted By Mack85 856 days ago on all - You want your Social Media Agency to be competitive and always be able to come out on top? In order to do that, unless you count on luck, you MUST be able to sustain your presence in Social Media channels! You MUST always be up-to-date with your audience, trends, content and overall just being able to micromanage every single aspect of your business.

Schema Markup, Types & Why is It Important for SEO?

Posted By Mack85 on all - Schema markup is a semantic vocabulary of tags or microdata or code you can use to enhance your descriptions and improve the representation of your page by adding it to your HTML. These pre-defined tags help search engines better read and understand your website’s content better and represent your page in the search engine result pages (SERPs). This microdata clears up and explains the context of a page to bots, so later, when a query is searched, they can easily find the most relevant results among thousands of websites and links.