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Mila & Maddie Bake Cookies For Santa and One Gets Away

Posted By JohnPaul 715 days ago on all

https://youtu.be - Mila & Maddie are trying to bake the perfect cookies for Santa, but daddy keeps trying to eat some.

Daddy gets tricky finds his way to steal a cookie inspired by Gingerbread book.

Guess who is going on the naughty list :)

Mila & Maddie Find The Perfect Christmas Tree

Posted By JohnPaul 723 days ago on all

https://www.milaandmaddie.com - For Mila finding the perfect Christmas tree is an art which requires careful consideration and even some help from a Snowman.

But no tree is complete without something special at the top. When the family comes up empty, Maddie saves the day by finding a lucky star.

Your Guide to Sexier, Toned Arms

Posted By JohnPaul 1386 days ago on Health

https://www.bodybysandy.com - When you see a picture of yourself, do your eyes go right to your arms?

Whether in pictures or in person, “bat wings” are hard to hide, especially if you want to rock a sleeveless top for a fun night out. We all want sexy, toned arms, and this guide will help you get your arms ready for their close up.

5 Benefits To Combining Yoga & Strength Training

Posted By JohnPaul 1392 days ago on Health

https://www.bodybysandy.com - While you may be hitting the gym regularly to strengthen and tone your body, you should really think about adding yoga to your fitness plan.

It’s been around forever and for good reason. Yoga boasts a ton of very real, very powerful benefits for both your body and mind.

Fitness Expert Sandy Hancock - Helping Women Over 40 Look & Feel Great

Posted By JohnPaul 1396 days ago on Self Improvement

https://youtu.be - Utah's best Personal Trainer Sandy Hancock specializes in helping women over 40 transform the way they look and feel. If you are in need of help from a fitness expert for guidance and support that will take your fitness to the next level.

Utah Medicaid Expansion - Senators Defy Voters, Roll Back Voter Passed Program

Posted By JohnPaul 1399 days ago on News

https://youtu.be - Utah natives voted to have Medicaid expanded under the Affordable Care Act in November, but the Senate in a 22-7 vote passed a bill to reverse the expansion. With the new Senate bill, the voter-approved Medicaid expansion will be limited to a smaller number of people.