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Submitted Stories

The Best Types of Electric Bikes: How are They Different from Each Other?

Posted By ERideSolutions on Technology -  Ever since its debut in the cycling industry, electric bikes have shown nothing but improvement and growth. While traditional bicycles may report a drastic fall in sales, e-bikes are completely on the opposite side. The industry’s sales are thriving and see a double to triple-digit growth every year.
With this increasing popularity, more and more people are getting curious about the remarkable electric ride. Its user-friendly features and adrenaline-inducing performance are drawing more patrons, hence the surge in its revenue.  

E-Bike manufacturers took advantage of this and saw it as an opportunity to develop designs that are fit for every individual. This is how the simple e-bike branched out with different types, each boasting features according to its uses.
If you are reading this

Electric Rideables: The New, Better Way To Travel

Posted By ERideSolutions on Technology -
200 years ago, no one ever even considered the possibility of automatically moving vehicles or transport. Everything was done manually, and the transport was via horseback, walking, or riding a bicycle.
Today, we have numerous ways of getting around with little difficulty. Cars, trains, planes, buses, motorbikes, trams, boats, and now we even have electric bikes, scooters, skateboards, and motorbikes.
What is the point of inventing such impressive transportation? Well, it's not all fun and games (although that's obviously a huge factor), but there are various benefits associated with choosing an electric rideable as opposed to regular automobile travel that you should definitely consider!

What Types Of Electric Travel Are There?
There are various types of electric travel, each with thei

The Best Electric Trike Bikes For Adults And Seniors

Posted By ERideSolutions on Technology - With their speed, ease of use and fantastic convenience, Electric Trikes are rising in popularity for adults and seniors as a mode of transportation.
The numerous advantages they offer, including their environmentally friendly approach to transport, cost-effectiveness, and electric operation, encourage people to choose them over traditional bicycles and tricycles.
In this article, we'll discuss the best electric trikes for both adults and seniors and what you need to consider when choosing one.
What Exactly Is An Electric Tricycle?
A traditional tricycle consists of two rear wheels and one front wheel.
They make balancing easier compared to a bicycle, they usually offer a basket on the back to make travel convenience easier, and they are a prime choice for children, adults and seniors as

The Ultimate Buyer's Guide To Electric Rideables Australia

Posted By ERideSolutions on Technology - ABOUT E-RIDE SOLUTIONS

Our company, E-Ride Solutions, is an online retailer offering the most competitive prices on all-electric scooters, skateboards, and bike products.
We have a strong focus on helping people get out and enjoy life in the most sustainable way possible.
We are based on the Gold Coast with branches nationwide, and we distribute Australia-wide.
E-Ride Solutions has been operating since 2018 and are a reasonably new company, but our goals and visions are clear.
In such a short time, we have managed to build up a reputable establishment online. To date, we have helped many commuters, thrill-seekers, seniors, people with disabilities,  and even those who have lost their licenses.
We believe electric transport is the future, and we aim to deliver exceptional service with the

Top Ten Tips On How To Find The Best Electric Bikes in Australia

Posted By ERideSolutions on Technology - Dubbed to be one of the fastest-growing categories in the cycling niche across the globe, the rising fame of electric bikes or e-bikes is so significant to be ignored. This is largely attributed to the many advantages of using an electronic bicycle on a daily basis. This alternative means of transportation has been a favorite by a lot of individuals who are cycling enthusiasts who are looking for sustainable means of transportation and sustainable leisure activity.

Australians’ buying habits of electric bikes have a sudden shift in paradigm.  The import of which grew triple times over the past three years according to Peter Bourke (general manager of Bicycle Industries Australia). The growing interest of Aussies for e-bikes is undeniable. Thus, investing in a brand of e-bike must be take

Top Ten Tips In Buying Electric Mobility Rides

Posted By ERideSolutions on Technology - Once you are experiencing deterioration and limitation in your ability to move around, you may consider investing in getting an electric mobility ride. The use of mobility rides (like electric scooters and electric wheelchair attachment) has shown improvement in a person’s social participation, personal abilities and overall satisfaction in life. However, before you buy an electric scooter, for example, you should put some effort into thinking if it will surely add value to your life.
Your electric mobility scooter is known to be hand-operated by nature. It has a steering column which permits the rider to move forward or turn in various directions as well as of go on reverse. This is best recommended for people with walking difficulties and disabilities.
The number of people with limited

Top Ten Tips When Buying An E-Scooter

Posted By ERideSolutions on Technology - The popularity of electric scooters has reached superstardom during the past couple of years. There are a growing number of patronizers (ranging from kids, teens, and adults) who are into using e-rideables. One of which is the use of e-scooter as an alternative way of moving around. While e-scooters are a fun way to commute, there are specific rules and etiquette to observe. 

Right off our site, you will see several types of electric scooters. We can provide a specific model from the following brands in the market:
E-glide, Kaabo, Epic, Inokim, Mercane, Otto, Unagi, Scooter Project, Xiaomi, and Zero. We thought of building a help-guide that will be a useful reference for buyers of e-scooters
To help you find the best deal for your e-scooter, we have gathered a few practical tips when buy

The Ultimate Guide To Safe Riding of Electric Unicycles

With the rising popularity of electric rideables across Australia it is a must that we should be knowledgeable on how use it safely. Electric unicycles are one of the most popular e-rideables these days. It is very important that we all should set the examples in promoting safety riding. The way unicycle riders like you ride will affect the perception of the riding public, but the legal standing of this alternative means of transportation in various private and public spaces.
The Basics of Electric Unicycle Safety
So, the question lies on how we can make that our chosen alternative means of transportation is protected legally? How can we keep ourselves busy while riding electric unicycles for a car-free lifestyle? Let us talk abou

Vintage Electric Bikes on Review

Posted By ERideSolutions on Technology - VINTAGE ELECTRIC BIKES ON REVIEW
Electric bicycles are really a thing nowadays. There are various e-bikes found in the market ranging from unicycles to even mountain bikes. However, if you are more inclined into the vintage, retro and blast from the past cars, there is not much that combines old charm with the technology of the modern days. You can definitely find a vintage electric bike that will satisfy your interest riding an electric vintage bike during your leisure hours.
Vintage style electric bikes are so popular among biking enthusiasts. There is a significant growth in the number of people who are so interested with retro -style electric bikes. The charms of the good old days are really impressive and it encompasses the styles of the bikes back then. With classic and vintage desi

Top Electric Scooters On Review for 2020

Posted By ERideSolutions on Technology - When we say electric scooters, we mean the family-friendly choice for micro-mobility revolution. This is one of the most significant and growing solutions to urban traffic, congestion, and pollution. An e-scooter will definitely bring you to the next step of free movement, cleaner future, and fun-filled cruising around the metro. I came across this article discussing the major benefits of investing in an electric scooter.
E-Scooters for Sale in Australia
During recent years, the interest in electronic scooters has been on the rise. It was cited in an article on The Guardian that e-scooters are getting popular across the country. Although the use of electronic scooters is really growing significantly in number, we have to practice responsible riding and learn more about the laws being ob