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Voted News

How to find your startup's first 100 customers

Posted By DannySchaffer 1052 days ago on Business

http://bit.ly - This article details a few great ways to get early customers on board when you've just started a new business. While you may already know a few of these strategies, going through the list you should find one or two plays you can implement today for growth.

Why $0/hr work is the most profitable work there is

Posted By DannySchaffer 1048 days ago on Make Money

http://bit.ly - The game of business doesn’t have to be hard. Most people try to overcomplicate it which is where they run into issues. Here is business in a nutshell:

Step 1: find a problem someone has

Step 2: solve that problem for them

Step 3: collect money

The issue is, solving a problem doesn’t just pay you money. At least not right away. It’s often hard work, and takes time, and involves some thinking. This article shows you the value of upfront $0/hr work and how to adjust your mindset so you're able to push through the tough times where others will usually quit.

Do work that matters - Arnold Schwarzenegger's Infrastructures of Wealth

Posted By DannySchaffer 1046 days ago on Business

http://bit.ly - Will the work you're doing today matter in 10 year's time?

An important message for anyone who runs their own business. In this post Billy Murphy riffs on the importance of focusing our careers around building infrastructures of wealth, investing our earnings in things that create long-lasting value as opposed to temporary value.

11 powerful big brand strategies for small business growth

Posted By DannySchaffer 1046 days ago on Marketing

http://bit.ly - This article details 11 big brand strategies that small businesses can implement to generate sustainable growth. First five strategies are:

1. Take a position – Establish your character through aligned communications across all touchpoints
2. Stick to strong brand standards – Create a strong brand identity by clearly defining brand look and feel
3. Develop an authentic voice - Being genuine is more important than being professional (especially when you're a startup)
4. Reward customer loyalty - The first few customers are everything, do whatever it takes to help, surprise, delight and astonish them. Also coupons and points
5. Get users involved - Incentivize users to mention you on social media

18 Tips That Will Help You Go From Part-Time Selling Hobbyist to Full-Time Business Owner

Posted By DannySchaffer 1041 days ago on Business

http://bit.ly - It’s every aspiring ecommerce entrepreneur’s dream: to go from 9-5 with a side hustle to full-time business owner. The question is, how do you get there? The road to becoming a successful, sustainable business owner is not a simple one. There are hundreds of turns, forks, and detours you could take on your journey, and each could lead you on the right path and closer to your goal. There is no true blueprint that can be followed that will absolutely ensure your success. There are, however, a number of tips and best practices that you can implement along the way that can help push you in the right direction.

These are the 18 tips you can use to go from part-time selling hobbyist to full-time ecommerce business owner

How to improve your audience engagement with these 10 visual content tactics

Posted By DannySchaffer 1032 days ago on WebSites

https://about.easil.com - Creating great visual content isn’t about creating unique designs or media but rather creating content that furthers the story and brand identity of your business.

To help you with creating and using visual content for business growth consider adding one or more of the following simple to implement visual content tactics to your playbook.

How to tell a magnetic visual story on social media

Posted By DannySchaffer 998 days ago on Social Media

https://about.easil.com - Stories are always part of any successful marketing including social media. At the heart of all social media best practices lies the customer experience. In particular stories around their experience. So in producing social media content for your business, you need to look out for:

What matters to your customers?
Why do you matter to them?
What is it that you do or sell that fascinates them?

The Ultimate Guide To Mobile Pop Traffic for Affiliate Marketers

Posted By DannySchaffer 997 days ago on Marketing

https://charlesngo.com - Mobile pop traffic is the source where a lot of newer affiliates got their start and created their first $1k a day campaign. This article details everything you need to know to get started with mobile pop traffic.

9 proven social media content types that will enchant your audience

Posted By DannySchaffer 984 days ago on Social Media

https://about.easil.com - Do you want to see an increase in engagement that comes with posting social media content?

If so the question is what kind of social media content types evokes that kind of reaction from your audience? What kind of content gives you the most return on investment and engagement?

How Catavolt has used account based selling to dominate their target industries

Posted By DannySchaffer 758 days ago on Marketing

http://predictablerevenue.com - Even at the world’s most progressive enterprises we still seeing a rift between sales and marketing teams. Most leaders inevitably accept that sales and marketing are two different breeds that can’t co-exist in the same space. But this one of the most damaging beliefs any organization can adopt. This article explores a few of the ways marketing teams can create content that empowers sales teams.