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A Visual Digital Marketing Strategy To Improve Your ROI [Infographic]

Posted By Cent 336 days ago on Social Media

http://www.digitalvidya.com - There was a time when Digital meant a room; a room full of publishing and printing equipment. Now Digital is a channel primed for marketing; it is in the palms of the modern consumer thanks to the internet and connected mobile devices.

Why Every Blogger Should Use Guest Blogging – INFOGRAPHIC

Posted By Cent 813 days ago on Blogging

http://yourescapefrom9to5.com - One of the most common link building tactics according to SEO super stars like Neil Patel, Rand Fishkin, Brian Dean et all is “GUEST BLOGGING”. There are plenty of other advantages of guest posting but let’s see how crowded the blogging world is and why you need to guest blog to be heard. Here are some WordPress Blog statistics...

The Ultimate Content Marketing Checklist

Posted By Cent 846 days ago on Blogging

http://yourescapefrom9to5.com - A few weeks back we published The Ultimate Content Publishing Checklist Infographic and wanted to take the next step and create a checklist for content marketing. Adam Connell from BloggingWizard has already done that beautifully. We like simple infographics that teach people something valuable. Infographics that are full of stats and figures are quite literally useless.

Best way to Invest Money in Real Estate – Residential or Commercial?

Posted By Cent 942 days ago on Real Estate

http://yourescapefrom9to5.com - Traditionally, new property investors start by investing in residential property as it is easy to understand. Investors also like the idea of getting in to a residential real estate deal with less money upfront compared to commercial property. But what… Continue Reading →

How to Make an Infographic and Avoid Common Mistakes

Posted By Cent 960 days ago on Blogging

http://yourescapefrom9to5.com - I have learned several lessons on my short Infographic journey and wanted to share my learning outcomes; hopefully these can help you be prepared and show you how to make an Infographic and avoid some common mistakes. Before we jump… Continue Reading →

What to Invest in: Property or Stocks?

Posted By Cent 967 days ago on Real Estate

http://yourescapefrom9to5.com - This blog post is based on the book “Real Estate Riches” by Dolf De Roos, where Dolf dives in to show us what to invest in: Property or Stocks using 4 simple yet powerful questions. These questions will help us… Continue Reading →

What is Cash Flow and Why it’s like Oxygen?

Posted By Cent 971 days ago on Finance

http://yourescapefrom9to5.com - What is Cash Flow? Cash Flow is the movement of cash from an investment, business or any other activity that produces cash. Positive cash flow is good and negative is bad. Why Cash Flow is like Oxygen? The moment we… Continue Reading →

What is Passive Income and Why You Should Crave for it?

Posted By Cent 971 days ago on Finance

http://yourescapefrom9to5.com - Passive Income is regular income where an individual is not actively involved in deriving the income or spends very little time to maintain the income. Wages and salary are not passive income; they stop when you stop going to work… Continue Reading →

Property Investment Strategies

Posted By Cent 971 days ago on Real Estate

http://yourescapefrom9to5.com - There are many Property Investment Strategies and I have tried to cover the most frequently used ones on this post below. Buy & Hold: Buy & Hold is probably the most popular strategy and most new real estate investors start… Continue Reading →