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The Absolute Guide to B2B Advertising on Quora

Posted By AdNgin 6 days ago on all

https://www.oktopost.com - Quora offers B2B sellers unique opportunities as a platform for advertising and organic marketing. Buyers want to feel informed about a product before they enter into discussions with salespeople, and Quora is a known quantity with a good reputation as a place to find accurate advice and information. By adding advertisements to user-generated content, you can maximize the success and reach of the campaign as well as its trustworthiness with the on-page assocciation with the topic.

8 Steps to Becoming a Better Online Affiliate

Posted By AdNgin 8 days ago on all

https://blog.pangeopro.com - Affiliate marketing success in 2020 requires a healthy appreciation for that ever-present chasm between expectations and reality. Too many affiliates hear the words “passive income” and get hung up on the “passive” part, thinking they’re setting up revenue streams that work like rainwater collectors — you might get a little more or less yield depending on external factors beyond your control, but basically you can set them and forget them.

7 Must-Have Python Plugins for IntelliJ IDEA

Posted By AdNgin 9 days ago on all

https://blog.codota.com - The main advantage of the Intellij IDEA Python plugin over PyCharm is its full range of Jython support features (cross-language navigation, completion and refactoring). PyCharm only supports Jython as the runtime for running applications. So if you’re using Java/Python integration in your project, PyCharm alone won’t get the job done.

Top 10 Social Listening Tools

Posted By AdNgin 15 days ago on all

https://www.oktopost.com - Social listening means monitoring feeds and platforms for references to your brand, products, competitors, and related keywords, and then taking the extra step to analyze and comprehend what’s being said, who’s saying it, and why, so that you can take action based on that information. That might mean proactively reaching out to convert a potential customer, or it might mean fixing an issue with your product or business operations that’s been pointed out to you.

How to Change Your VPN Location [with Pangeo]

Posted By AdNgin 47 days ago on all

https://blog.pangeopro.com - The ability to maintain a real presence in a foreign market does not always keep pace with the ability to sell in that market. Rather than cede these markets to competitors or launch campaigns without the ability to test and monitor them, global ecommerce companies can avail themselves of technologies like VPNs to perfectly mimic the user experience on the ground in these markets. This allows them to share the perspective of their audience and make any necessary changes or adjustments that will make their campaign more effective.

The Complete Guide to Ad Inventory Arbitrage

Posted By AdNgin 94 days ago on all

https://blog.pangeopro.com - What is ad inventory arbitrage? How is it different from traffic arbitrage and who benefits from it? Is it dying? And if so, what is killing the ad inventory arbitrage industry? But most importantly – how does all this influence you, the publisher.

5 Examples of Account Based Marketing Done Right

Posted By AdNgin 120 days ago on all

https://www.oktopost.com - What is the defining challenge of marketing in the current era of digital commerce? Cutting through the noise and confusion of an over saturated media landscape to deliver your message to the people who truly need to see it...

The Top 7 Flash & HTML5 Video Players for Ad Monetization

Posted By AdNgin 122 days ago on all

https://blog.pangeopro.com - If you run a website and you’re not using video, you could be missing out on a huge amount of traffic every month, not to mention on some pretty lucrative monetization options.

If we consider traffic volumes and engagement to be our metric of choice then video content is the new king of internetia. But like monarchs of past, it’s time for this king to develop a better business sense and provide his subjects with the spoils of war. Otherwise, he will see himself dethroned quickly.

The Top 14 Enterprise-Scale Digital Marketing Solutions

Posted By AdNgin 162 days ago on Marketing

https://www.oktopost.com - Keeping campaigns running smoothly at this scale requires access to the right tools and resources. This is especially important today, when so much marketing takes place on digital platforms. The stakes are high, attention spans are short, and there are limitless possibilities for leveraging technology to deliver the perfect message to your ideal audience.

7 Tips for a Successful Employer Branding Strategy

Posted By AdNgin 175 days ago on Employment

https://www.oktopost.com - There’s no turnkey solution for an EBS. It has to be built over time, in collaboration with your employees. Finding a “voice” that both represents your company and resonates with your audience may take some trial and error.

Companies that succeed in pulling it off, however, have an asset to branding, marketing, and recruiting that cannot be bought. You know your employees are bright, creative, awesome people — that’s why you hired them, after all. Don’t let their talents go to waste when they could be on social media making the best possible case for why your company is such a great place to work and shop.