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Women Call Psychics to Ask About Love

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I started my prophetic ministry back in 2004. As a child, I always felt called to the prophetic ministry.  I can remember praying to Jesus and asked him what his calling was on my life.  As a child, I would read the Holy Bible and ask God, “What is your will Lord?”  At first, I didn’t hear anything. All that the Lord told me was to continue to read his word and grow in my faith.  This happened to me between the ages of 13 and 15.
When I turned 16, I began hearing the Lord say to me that he wanted me to be a prophetic minister.  The idea of hearing prophetic words for people made me a believer that the prophetic word was powerful.  At first, I wasn’t much of a prophet.  Some of the words that I was hearing were not coming from the Lord.  However, many of them were.
I had to spend years discerning what was a true word from the Lord and what was not.  My prophetic training started at the age of 16.  When Jesus calls you into a ministry, he walks with you step by step.  At first, you may hear the calling.  However, it can take years before you see your training come into “full bloom”. 
Each day, I spent around 1 to 3 hours reading the Holy Bible, praying and asking God for his will to be done in my life.  I began to slowly walk out of my comfort zone of not telling anyone that I was a prophet.  I was afraid of rejection and fear of getting the prophetic word wrong.  I slowly learned that I could only learn if I step out of my comfort zone. 
If I felt like the Lord was putting something on my heart for someone, I would tell them what I was hearing. Often, the person would say to me, “Wow, I have been praying to God about that. Thanks for confirming!” 
My prophetic training lasted until I turned 31 years old.  In between that time, I had to take on odd jobs to support myself financially.  My mind ran around in circles asking God how I could support myself financially as a prophetic minister.  I was tired of cooking and restaurants and taking on odd jobs.  I had no worldly work skills. All my time was spent studying the word of God and praying. 
On my 30th birthday, a feeling rose inside of me.  I said, “I am going to find a way to work full time in the prophetic ministry.”  I began to pray to Jesus and ask him how I could support myself financially while giving people prophetic words. 
In the year, 2004, the internet was being born. I had only used the internet briefly to check my email.  I wasn’t familiar with the word website.  I remember someone asking me if I had a website for my prophetic ministry.   I told them no.  The man was a Christian pastor that I had received an email from.  It came to me randomly.  He said that he had a computer science background and could design one for me.   The best part of this is that he never charged me a dime for the website. He told me that he would do it for free. 
I knew that God was opening doors for me. However, I was still not making any money from my prophetic work.  When I gave prophetic words to people in church or outside of church, they would often say to me, “Thank you prophet for helping me.”  They would never give me payment for my work. I remember once receiving $1.00 for my prophetic work.  That only bought me a can of soda.  I also went to the church and asked them for a job as a prophet. They said that they only employ missionaries and pastors on the payroll.  I was disappointed.  I thought that I was hearing wrong from God. Perhaps the prophetic ministry was not my calling after all. 
As I prayed for answers, the Lord showed me a website called  I fell upon this website by doing a Yahoo search on expert websites in which you can offer prophetic advice. I could register for an account and give prophetic words to people for free. 
Over time, people thanked me for my prophetic words.  However, I was still not receiving any payment for my work. 
One morning as I logged into my account to check my email, a man by the name of Terry sent me an email. He said that I had given him a prophetic word a couple of weeks ago. He said that he had worked for a psychic company and was looking for talented spiritual advisers to join the network. He said that they pay their clairvoyants by the minute to talk with people over the phone about love, money, career and spirituality.  I was a bit skeptical since I was a born again Christian.  I didn’t want to associate with anything that was of the devil or associated with witchcraft. 
I decided to pray about this. As I was in prayer, I felt the Lord saying to me, “I am sending you out as a sheep amongst wolves.  Do not judge the company that you are working for.  Keep your obligation and faith in me.  Give the prophetic words in which I give you to people and don’t worry about what others think of you.” 
The word that I was hearing from the Lord was loud and clear. I realized that my main employer was going to be God himself. The Lord would open doors for me financially as his will allowed.  It was obvious that the Christian church was not paying money to prophets for prophetic words.  The church has never taken care of its prophets financially. Christians often say, “Thanks for the prophetic word” and walk away. They don’t understand or even know the time that it takes to put a prophetic word together.  The hours that a prophet must spend with the Lord each day to get the prophetic word right is unthinkable.
It was clear that my path in life would be nontraditional.  I would have to walk through life not knowing where my next dollar would come from.  My life would now have to be dependent on God and walk by faith alone.  It was clear that man did not have a job opening for me. 
When God calls you to a ministry, you often don’t have any control over where your next dollar will come from.  When the apostles of Jesus Christ stepped out to do spiritual work for God, they took nothing with them. God provided for their needs every step of the way.  Serving God requires faith. Without faith, you cannot survive in this world. 
Over time, the Lord allowed me to give prophetic words to people on the psychic networks.  I realized that people would often refer to me as a psychic and not a prophet. I realize that in the 21st century, most people refer to prophets as psychics and clairvoyants.  I have become comfortable with people calling me a psychic.
I decided to write this book because the #1 question that I am asked every day is, “Does he love me?”  Most psychics will tell you that 9 out of 10 calls a day are about love.  We are living in a day in age where love has grown cold.  This seems to be a worldwide problem since men and women call me from around the world. I would say about 90% of my phone calls come from women.
The ages of the women calling me are between 18 and 65. When someone calls me for a psychic reading, they are often in emotional pain.  Nobody ever calls me when they are happy.  The emotional pain that a prophet must go through is enormous.  You are often having a great day that is full of joy and then a client calls you in emotional pain and distress. You often feel the pain of the people that you are reading for.  It is never easy to give a prophetic word to someone that is in emotional distress.  They often don’t want to hear a prophetic world. They are often calling because they want someone to listen to their problems and to dump on them.  However, once you have gone through listening to their cries and emotional pain, they start asking you questions about how you can fix the problem.  They are not looking for counseling. They want to know what will happen in the future if they stay with the person that they are interested in. 
Most of the men and women that call me come from a Christian or have an Agnostic background.  No matter what my caller’s faith is in, they seem to all have problems with love. 
I have already given over 30,000 psychic readings to men and women from different walks of life, on a day to day basis, I give around 8 to 20 psychic readings via telephone and chat.  You can say that I am busy. 
It is clear to me that love has grown cold in the 21st century.  A great majority of my callers are single, getting divorced, cheating on their spouse or with a married individual.  I can say that only about 1% of my callers are living the way that the Holy Bible tells them to live to have a loving relationship.  Around 99% of the men and women that call me are living according to their own rules and standards.  They have abandoned the way in which God has instructed them to live with a person of the opposite sex.  I believe that society has lost its way and is trying to re-invent how love should work. 
In my experiences as a prophetic minister, I have found that America is the #1 problem for rebellion against God’s ways of living.  America is the leader of the free world and all other nations look to it as an example of freedom.  There was once a time in history when marriage was respected. Sex before marriage was almost unheard of.  Women and men understood that having random sex with someone was not a good idea for several reasons.

Why isn’t random sex okay?  For starters, human beings have feelings that are emotional.  Sex is not just sex.  Many men and women that have one night stands often want to tell their friends that it was just sex.  However, is it? 
When women call me on the psychic hotline, they often tell me that they want to know if the man that they had sex with wants to be with them in a relationship?  They want to know why he is not calling them or why he doesn’t seem interested?  On a small scale, men call me for the same reasons. It is clear to me that feelings do get attached to a person that you are having random sex with. If a man or woman must many one night stands, they will often feel like a used piece of meat.  I hear women crying on the telephone saying that they are sick and tired of being used by a man for sex.  They asked, “What is wrong with me?  Am I cursed or something?  I am smart, beautiful and yet he doesn’t call me. What is going on here? “
The cries of women today are great. I wrote this book specifically for women because I want to help you to see what you are doing wrong and how to make it right.  , women must take back their sexual power in society.  Women have lost their sexual power for several different reasons that we will go into in this book. 
If you are a woman that is in your 60’s, you may recall your parents staying married for 25+ years.  Divorce was almost unheard of when you were a child.  Women often didn’t date a man unless he was planning on marrying her.  Sex outside of marriage was looked down upon and almost unheard of. If a woman was caught having sex with a man outside of marriage, she was often looked down upon by her friends, neighbors, church and family. It was shameful.  Women were scared to death to have sex with a man outside of marriage.  Her reputation meant everything to her.  Women back then kept it simple.  I won’t have sex with you unless you marry me. 
Men married rather quickly because they couldn’t find a woman to have sex with them unless they were married.  Of course, they could turn to prostitutes and that one girl in town that had a reputation. However, most men wanted to not be shunned by society.  He wanted to please his parents by saying that he had a wife and children. Men understood that their role was to provide for the women financially and to take care of the children.  Women knew that their role was to take care of the household and to watch over the children when daddy went out to work. 
In the 21st century, times, ideas and lifestyles have changed. We no longer live in a world where traditional roles are accepted.  Most men and women today have become their own God. This means that they are making up their own rules as they walk through life.  You would think that this would be a good way to live. After all, you are being who you are and following your own rules. However, as a psychic, I can tell you that this way of living is not working. 
Today, millions and millions of men and women in the world today are hurting because they don’t have a romantic partner in their life that loves them.  We are living in a world that feels angry because of dishonest living and people doing whatever they feel like. 
The psychic industry has turned into a billion-dollar industry in the 21st century. It was not like this before the 20th century. Since the invention of the internet, the world has access to calling psychics like never in history.  Psychic websites often build networks that allow people to call 24 hours a day when they have a problem. Before the psychic industry boomed, people would often turn to their pastors, counselors, parents and friends for advice. Today, there is a large percentage of people trying to live a secret double life. They feel safe talking to someone about their problems on a psychic network because its private.  There is nobody to judge you.  There is only someone on the phone willing to hear your problems and to give you some advice on how to deal with your troubles. 
Society has moved into a mindset that every person must think for themselves and create their own set of rules.  They have decided to abandon God’s laws and instead live for themselves.  The Holy Bible is clear on how to have a happy marriage and a good love life.  Even if you are not a Christian believer, I hope that you can read this book with an open mindset. My goal is to allow you to see that love a work in your life if you choose to do it God’s way. 
I will give you real life stories and situations on how women are taking back their power and learning how to have one romantic partner for life. 
Ebony’s Story
Ebony called me on January 18, 2006.  She described herself to be a beautiful African American woman with a rock-hard body.  She was 25 years old and had been dating since she was 14 years old.  She told me that she had already slept with around 50 men and had lost track after that. She said that every guy seemed like he was going to be the right one from the very beginning.  Each guy that she was intimate with said that she was sexy, hot in bed and easy to talk to.  However, she would often date these guys for a couple of weeks and then slowly watch them disappear from her life.  She told me that she never planned on sleeping with that many people.  However, she said that it just happened that way.  She told me that she regretted having made those decisions and now felt ashamed at her life choices. She also said that most of her friends won’t admit it, but they have had around that many lovers as well. She said that when you start having sex early in life, you just go through partners over time. 
I asked her, “Did you ever try dating God’s way?” She told me no because the world today has changed and she doesn’t think that the Bible is relevant to her life.   Ebony felt that the Holy Bible was outdated and needed to be changed.  It was clear that she was not living the way that God instructed her to live.
Her main concern was to find a man that would stay with her for life. She said that most guys today just want sex and short-term relationships. She said, she doubts if a man will truly give her their heart.  She gave up on love and decide to call a psychic as a last resort. She wanted to see if I saw anyone coming into her life that would give her marriage.  I started to consider the spiritual world for Ebony and all that I could see was her continuously having multiple sex partners throughout the course of her life. I saw that she would marry, but the divorce multiple times if she kept on making the same life choices that she was making.  I saw no end in sight for her.  When I told Ebony this, she knew that I was right. She said, “I know that you are right, but I don’t want to believe it because I don’t want to be alone.”  I told her that she didn’t have to choose this fate for her life if she would only change some aspects in what she was doing. 
She was open to what I had to say since everything else in her life had failed. I started talking to her about God and how God showed mankind how to have a proper relationship that would work.  I said that if you turn to 1 Corinthians 6:18, you will see that it says to “Turn away from sexual immorality.”  I said, “God doesn’t want you to sleep around with anyone.”  I asked her to turn to 1 Corinthians 7:1-40.  I said that the Bible verse tells you to get married because of the temptation of sexual immorality. 
I was starting to get Ebony’s attention. She said, “Well, guys today won’t stay with you unless you give them sex.” She said that she had her own needs as well.  She said that she needs to have sex on a regular basis or else she feels unwanted.
Many young women today feel like they must give into a man sexually because she will lose him if she doesn’t.
Most, Many American parents today think that it’s okay for their children to be dating in their teen years. It is often taught that dating is healthy and a normal part of growing up.  Parents often turn a blind eye to their children having sex outside of marriage and see it as just a normal part of growing up. What a parent often doesn’t see is the “hell” that their children are facing emotionally when multiple sex partners are coming in and out of their lives.   Most young adults between the ages of 18 and 25 say that they have slept with at least 10 or more people. 
Young adults often don’t feel the pain of their actions until they start to feel like a used piece of meat that people are only using for sexual gratification.  Most men and women that call me on the psychic hotline today tell me that they are fed up with the dating scene and just want true love. However, most call me back years later complaining that they still haven’t found true love. They also failed to change their way of having sex outside of marriage.  They have chosen to live a life of randomly having sex with someone because they are horny. 
Human beings were never created to have random sex with anyone.  It is because the spiritual and physical connection is deep.  Once a person has sex with someone, they become tied to that person.  Their spirits become locked in together. If either person should leave the relationship, there is the feeling of tearing apart of two souls from within. This is often brought out by tears, anger and frustration or feeling that you don’t want to live anymore. You have lost a part of yourself. 
Ebony asked me, “What do I do if a guy wants to have sex with me?”  I told her that you must do what God asks of you. I said that you need to obtain from sexual immorality.  Instead, have discipline.  I said that if it gets too hard for you to remain celibate, then you must get married. 
I told her to begin changing her thinking and start doing things God’s way.  I told her that she must take a deep look inside of her heart.  I said, “Do you really want to get married right now?” She said no because I am in school and working on career. She said, “Marriage is around two years away for me.”  I just want to date for now.
I said that the problem in your love life is not the men that you are seeing. I said that it’s the fact that you want to just date for now.  I said, “What does dating mean to you.”  She said that it means holding hands, having sex and possibly looking at marriage for the future.”  I said so you are willfully dishonoring God by knowing that you are not seriously thinking about marriage.  I said that you are instead wanting to just do whatever you feel like.  I also said that you are then feeling angry when a man leaves you. I said, “Why should a man stick around if you are not married to him?”  I said, you never took a marriage vow and never committed to one another for life. I said, “That is not God’s way.” 
Ebony sat and thought about what I said for a moment. She said, “So you are trying to tell me that I need to stay celibate until I marry and not date?” I said, “That is exactly right”.  I said, “Do you think that God wants you to date and have sex with someone outside of marriage?”  She said, according to the Bible verses that you just showed me, “No!”  I said, you are correct. 
I also reminded Ebony that when we do things according to our own standards, we reap what we have sewn. When two people don’t follow God’s laws, nobody knows what the outcome is going to be.  I said because human beings are unpredictable.  When everyone obeys the same Biblical law, everyone knows what the outcome is going to be. 
I also told her that if a man really loves you as he says, he will marry you if he has a respect for God.  A true man of God will not have sex with you outside of marriage because he knows that its sinful.  Yes, a man may mess up and repent.  However, he will choose not to live in sin if he truly wants to live for God.  Therefore, he cannot live with himself knowing that he is disobeying God and practicing sexual immorality at the same time.   
I said, “Do you want to live by your own will or God’s.” She said, “I want to live according to my own will. “I said, then you cannot expect God to help you.” I said, “You are in pain right now because of your rebellion against God and choosing to live the way that you want.” I also said that, “The person that you are sleeping with and dating has the same belief as you do.  They also want to do whatever they feel like.  Neither one of you know the outcome.”  A man that has no obligation to a higher power is a God unto himself.  Therefore, he sees no consequences for his actions. If he cheats on you, it doesn’t bother his conscience since he says that I can get away with this.  He may see no reason to stay faithful to you since he sees sex as being fun with multiple women.  Whatever he feels is right in his heart, he does.  I said, he is not doing anything different than you are doing. 
When Ebony looked at the whole picture, she said, “I don’t know if I want to do it my way anymore.” I said, then it’s important to do it God’s way and to only date someone that does it God’s way.  Otherwise, you will be unequally yoked.  She finally understood that she could take her dating life back and repent of her sins. She told me that she sees the whole picture. She never looked at it like that before. 
Ebony decided to dedicate her life to Jesus.  She said, “For the next two years, I will not date anyone.  I will only work on my career and remain disciplined.” When I am ready to marry, I will ask God to send me a real-life partner that will be a Christian and love me forever. 
Ebony realized that it was time for her to commit to a new lifestyle. I said to ask God for strengthen during this difficult time of celibacy. I said that you will be happy that you waited. 
Ebony is now married with two children.  She waited for the right moment and chose to do things God’s way.  She found her husband in church and he believed in waiting for marriage as well before having sex. When they met, they both said, “I feel attracted to you.  I would like to learn more about you.” They went out on a few dates in a restraint. They never kissed or fornicated in any way.  This man asked her to marry him only after 4 weeks of dating.  They both agreed to stay with one another through sickness and in health. 
Ebony’s story remains a true testament on doing things God’s way. When we fail to do things God’s way, we cannot expect God to make things work in our favor. 

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