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Why Are Nuclear Weapons Still Controlled By Floppy Disks?

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    Probably the most advanced weapons to have ever been built, nuclear weapons are definitely the most deadliest weapons of warfare on earth. Able to erase a whole city with one blast, while wiping out millions of people off the face of the planet, nuclear weapons are every governments worst fear. Popular HBO comedian John Oliver asks one important question that many of us have never wondered. Why are the most dangerous weapons on earth still being controlled by floppy disks? Yes that’s right, those archaic storage devices, I haven’t used since I was a little boy, playing backgammon and Q-Bert on my dads computer. With over 4,000 nuclear warheads in its arsenal, which is enough to destroy planet earth many times over, one would expect that, the U.S military would be using up to the times software to protect its most deadliest weapon. These weapons are monitored 24/7 and have to ready at any moment the U.S presidents decides to give the order to use them. Countries are in such fear of the use of these weapons by other countries, that constant government spying takes place 24/7 to no end in sight. With countries around the world armed with nukes, one thing is clear. There are no winners in a nuclear war. Even a small nuclear exchange between two countries, will affect everyone on planet earth, while crippling the to warring nations.  A larger scale war, will block the sun from reaching the earth causing what scientist describe as nuclear winter. John Oliver does raise some serious concerns in a joking way, that should make the U.S government re-evaluate its nuclear weapons protocols.
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